Sunday, 8 March 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing On Ice: Week Nine

The Leap of Faith! The unassisted jump is this weeks required element, this could end in tears …unless you’re Zoe or Coleen, in which case we start with them! T&D are dancing to who I’m pretty sure is The Buble! Save the Last Dance for Me - or was it a rolo? Sublime, both ice dancing and singing. Did Tony just call Donal Donald?
Pavica and perennial reality show song ‘Mercy’ and I liked that very much! The jumps were there and some excellent skating and lifts and very together musically. Blimey - even Jason and Ruthie are finally convinced! Score: 26. Floral have a stress rehearsal with some wheel balancing issues in ‘The Car’! C’mon Donal, Let’s Stick Together. The choreography seemed a bit bitty, Florentine always seems to be having a ball though, lots of intricate footwork, bit clumsy into the lift but the jump a good effort. Score: 22

Zomatt and Zoe loves ‘Run’ but oh, dear, the tears are back. She delivers though, that was beautiful, not sure if the serious face was an attempt at emotion or if she was petrified; missed the jump. I wasn't paying attention to the score: 23 or 23.5? Colart are carrying a wrist injury but it’s not fractured. Diamonds are Forever the song and they’ve dropped a bunch on her costume. An assisted jump to protect the wrist, some good lines and a very good final lift. Her most confident and best to date. Score: 18

Maray: The Russian Splits Jump *Yikes* The song ‘Somebody’ incidental, we’re just waiting and there’s the build up and WOW - there it is! Performance dropped a bit because of the concentration but there’s no denying that move. Maria had a little stumble; I think she’s in shock! Score: 28

And we’re back after Wild at Heart - did you see the loved up giraffes at the end? Awwww. Safe and skating next week: Maray! Floral! Back after the break, will Colart survive again? Yes! I figured it’d be Pavica and Zomatt. The Ice X-factor, whittling down to four. The little Grease couple, Hannah and Daniel; Nick, the shirtless wonder; The Oxford Freestylers; and the girl band, Elody??!! I mean, ok, we didn’t see all the auditions and I should trust Chris and Jayne but …

Pavica back first, better second jump, didn’t hold the big lift as long but still such good skating. Zomatt jump just not good enough, not as clean overall. I thought it was a worse performance than the first one? But Chris said there's nothing between them. Now I’m worried, as I prefer Pavica to Zomatt. Yep, 4-1 Pavica; Ruthie went for Zoe, surprise, surprise - she really is the most obviously biased judge I’ve seen in any reality show. At least Jason is equally brutal to everyone at some point!

The question for next week is: How safe is Ray? Clearly Donal and Coleen must be top two with the public - but the public can’t save both, if Ray is more popular with Jessica, unless he has a nightmare and isn’t top of the board and ooh, where’s me calculator …


foxy said...

I think Collart and Maray are the top two personally. Mathematically speaking Ray could be top and if Pavica and Zomatt got 1 and 2 from the public respectively then Collart and Floral would still be saved. I leapt off the sofa and squealed with delight when Floral were announced! Lol :o) Had resigned myself to thinking he was a gonner, so it was a nice surprise :o)

Hoping Colleen will follow the same pattern as David Seaman, Emily Symons and Greg Ruesedski and go out in the semi next week. So far in DOI history no "bad" skater has made the final.

The three people I've mentioned were in the same position as Colleen of being technically behind, bottom each week, but saved by huge popularity (one in each series of DOI so far), but all went out in the semi final. I think it's because with all contestants like that there comes a point when people say 'as much as we like you we've got to vote on skating now'. All I can say is COME ON FLORAL AND MARAY! WOOHOO! :o)

Jaye said...

I hope you're right!

foxy said...

Me too!! In a really vindictive way I was quite amused that Ruthie's favourite got voted off. So tired of her obvious bias! I'm not a horrid person, really I'm not, but her face last night did make me laugh :o)

I actually think Ruthie is partly what did for Zoe. Viewers hate obvious favouritism as shown in all reality shows, the voting piblic will fight back against what seem to be unfair marks etc

foxy said...

That should say public not piblic - my proof reading skills have gone downhill!