Wednesday, 4 January 2012

3BT: Palladium memories are made of this ...

Having spent a thoroughly enjoyable two hours in front of the telly last night, watching The Story of Musicals and 100 Years of the Palladium on BBC4, I remembered ...

That the first full blown musical I ever saw was 42nd Street.

Seeing Clodagh Rodgers as the eponymous heroine, with Ronnie Corbett as Buttons, in Cinderella, the Palladium Panto in 1971. Ok, my mum helped me remember that one.

That the first time I visited the Palladium on my own was to buy tickets for my parents to see The Two Ronnies. No credit card back then, so I hopped on the Tube, living, as we did, in the East End. I'd emptied my piggy bank, dumped the assorted loose change into a bag and set off. For Argyll Place, King's Cross. The Palladium, as you may know, is in Argyll Street, off Oxford Circus. Anyhoo, so I get out at King's Cross and ask a nice policeman very nicely, where Argyll Place is "you know, where the Palladium is." He looked me all up and down and then said, in a very fatherly way: "I don't think that's the Argyll place you want, love, get back on the tube to Oxford Circus."

I thanked him, as you do. It wasn't till I got home that I found out what kind of show I might have seen in Argyll Place, King's Cross!