Thursday, 1 December 2011

X-Factor - I know, I know ...

.. but I somehow managed to catch a bit of it on Sunday and have to say I was impressed with the clip I saw of two of the acts. Marcus singing Stevie Wonder's Lately, the first half a bit dodgy I thought, but from around 1.30, excellent. Think he was holding back a bit at the beginning to maintain control but once he let himself go, wonderful.

And I know one contestant doesn't appear to be very popular, but if Mary J Blige were to do Movie Week *coughs*, this is how it would sound: Misha B with Out Here On My Own from Fame. I'll overlook the wobble at the end, it was the sing off.

And the charity single is out - the final 16, plus JLS and One Direction - and their version of Wishing on a Star. Which is newsworthy because of the charity - Together For Short Lives. The accompanying story was totally heartbreaking: imagine having three children and living with the fact that you may lose all of them within a short time of each other? You can't, can you, it's too awful to contemplate. Donate here to help families make the most of their precious time together.

On a ranty note, Dermot - when a judge has two acts in the sing off, wouldn't it be fairer to leave that one till last? They may not need to make a decision then. It's not rocket science is it?

One final note, if only to self - Beyonce, 9pm ITV Sunday.