Saturday, 22 September 2012

3BT: The Hobbit; writing; new job

The release of another trailer for The Hobbit this week coincided with the publication of The Hobbit 75 years ago. To celebrate, LOTR fans across the globe held The Hobbit's Second Breakfast at 11am yesterday. An hour's indulgent chat later and I'm gagging to see the film - loving the trailer and thankful I'll enjoy it for the adventure it is rather than constantly harking back to the book.

The local website I was writing for changed their editorial policy so I lost my job. So, because writing is what I do - and writing about my local community in particular - I was asked to populate the new website by James (Become Known), which it was my pleasure to do - see Going On In Medway for local stuff happening, with not a 'hard news' story in sight.

Apart from exciting freelance things in the offing, I'm starting work in an indoor bowls club, as barmaid. I can't wait - I panicked a bit on losing the other job and went mad applying for jobs I had no interest in doing:  data input and telephone centres, which I knew would do my head in. I wanted something where I'd be up on my feet and engaging with people who wanted to be there. I loved working in the leisure industry before and now it feels like I'm coming home - with enough time left over to pursue the writing projects.