Sunday, 30 September 2012

Silent Sunday


Dixie said...

Hi Jaye. I'd like to feature your interview on my blog. I've listened to it and hope you get some great response from it. Let me know if it would be a problem. Okay? Thanks.

P.S. You're a very attractive person. And your voice was very clear and pleasing, in the interview. In fact you're one of the few English speaking people I can understand. I speak American slang!

Jaye said...

I'm honoured Dixie, thank you, please feel free to feature the interview :)

Strangely, I have been mistaken for Australian before, so it's nice to know I do sound English (not that I've anything against Aussies!)

Dixie said...

Thanks Jaye. Wow, one of my best friends lives in Australia... but born and raised in England. The two of you have similar sounds.
Okay, time to go post!