Sunday, 2 September 2012

Silent Sunday


klahanie said...

"Please prove you're not a robot"
Okay, I'm an android!
Now then, is that a spider or a crab? And if it's a spider, does it have its own website?
There you go, Jaye. Your starstruck fan has left you an eagerly sought after, much loved comment! :)
Enjoy your Sunday.

Anonymous said...

A teeny tiny crab. My hubby once coached a crab that size out of our hotel room. By talking to it, he was too scared to pick him up!

Jaye said...

Hiya Gary, you're a very humanoid android! Thanks for hopping over to see me again :)
That little crab was slippery little fellow, we must've dropped him about 10 times, so your hubby had the right idea TL :)