Thursday, 1 December 2011

X-Factor - I know, I know ...

.. but I somehow managed to catch a bit of it on Sunday and have to say I was impressed with the clip I saw of two of the acts. Marcus singing Stevie Wonder's Lately, the first half a bit dodgy I thought, but from around 1.30, excellent. Think he was holding back a bit at the beginning to maintain control but once he let himself go, wonderful.

And I know one contestant doesn't appear to be very popular, but if Mary J Blige were to do Movie Week *coughs*, this is how it would sound: Misha B with Out Here On My Own from Fame. I'll overlook the wobble at the end, it was the sing off.

And the charity single is out - the final 16, plus JLS and One Direction - and their version of Wishing on a Star. Which is newsworthy because of the charity - Together For Short Lives. The accompanying story was totally heartbreaking: imagine having three children and living with the fact that you may lose all of them within a short time of each other? You can't, can you, it's too awful to contemplate. Donate here to help families make the most of their precious time together.

On a ranty note, Dermot - when a judge has two acts in the sing off, wouldn't it be fairer to leave that one till last? They may not need to make a decision then. It's not rocket science is it?

One final note, if only to self - Beyonce, 9pm ITV Sunday.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Calling all composers!

Kent Arts are looking to commission an exciting musician/composer to create a 20 minute work celebrating Maidstone's part in the Cultural Olympiad next year.

With £5000 up for grabs, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

Maidstone is one of only two locations in Kent that will see the Olympic torch passing through it and the musical piece will premiere at the Olympic Torch event on 19th July at Leeds Castle.

'Maidstone' should be the theme and whilst the Olympics Games themselves need not influence this, the Olympic priorities should. The Arts development team are keen that the piece should be as eclectic as possible to appeal to as large an audience as possible.

Interested applicants should submit a CV, a recent piece of work both on CD/MP3 and scored and a short description of the kind of work they would like to produce for this project. Please bear in mind that this work should be accessible for a large number of performers.

The team will be shortlisting and interviewing in December 2011 and a final decision on the successful applicant will be made in January 2012.
For an informal discussion please call Mandy Hare on 01622 602178. For a full brief on this project please contact –

Sunday, 2 October 2011

3BT: Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle, and the campaign to restore it, have a busy month planned!

First up, there's a Haunted Tour of the Castle on Wednesday, 26th October. Tickets are priced £7 and the event takes place between 4.15pm and 7pm (leaving you time to check out Late'n'Local in the high street till 8pm!) Only 20 spaces available though, you'll have to beat me to it!

The following evening, it's the Knight of the Living Dead, as Oliver's Wine Bar hands itself over to the Restore campaign for a Halloween party, fancy dress optional but let's make the effort - any excuse to dress up! Tickets for that are just £7.50 in advance, or £10 on the door (£8 if in costume) see more details here.

Finally, on Saturday morning 5th November, there's a sponsored walk in the grounds of the castle - if you would like to take part in the event itself, or help out in some other way, please do contact the group via email or Facebook.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Flower

The trouble with meandering through your own picture galleries - finding one you like and wondering what to do with it!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

3BT: I know what it is! Don’t tell me ...

You know when you hear a song and you can’t quite place what it’s called or who it’s by? That.

Paul Anka swings rock ...

Alexander Stewart turns blonde ...

re:jazz keep things movin' ...

I know, it's been awhile since I posted here and as you can see the blog has had another re-design! I actually really like this template and background, wishing I'd found them sooner now. Lots of stuff's been happening, England are number one cricketing test team in the world, the McLarens are keeping up in F1 - but it's moving to Sky next year, boo, so we'll forget all about it. C'est La Vie Bernie - you wanna be the biggest spectator sport in the world you gotta be on the station most of us watch - BBC. But then, you're probably veiwing on the way to the bank, so whatever.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Ashes Win for England, Whoop Whoop!

Not just retaining, mind, but a proper outright win in Australia for the first time in twenty-four years! That makes it three out of the last four series I believe - and Captain Andrew Strauss reckons they've yet to hit their peak!

The 3-1 victory was sealed in the final test by an innings and 83 runs slaughter; read all about it courtesy of those nice sports people at the BBC!