Sunday, 30 May 2010

McLaren Watch

Yee-Haa! Another one-two for the boys in Turkey, this time Lewis taking his first win of the season – not that Jenson let him have it easy!

Even with the Red Bulls coming out ahead of the McLarens after the pit-stop, the speed of the silver cars continued to pile on the pressure until Vettel, overtaking his team-mate Webber, appeared to misjudge how far ahead he was and pulled across, banging his right rear tyre into Webber’s chassis. Or Webber didn’t move across like the team would have preferred. Or Vettel is an over-excited idiot. Or Webber is nuts. Only Christian Horner will ever know for sure!

Anyhoo, it meant that the McLaren boys went steaming ahead and would maintain position to the flag. Or not, as they resorted to giving the fans a real treat of actual racing, as in, wheel to wheel, swapping the lead-type racing – McLaren told them they needed to conserve fuel so they backed off, leaving Lewis ahead. Which seems fair, he qualified higher and stayed ahead in the race – perhaps they need prior agreement that the highest place qualifier or quickest on the day takes it, so we’re spared the anguish of them doing a Red Bull!

Leaderboard then: Webber on 93, Jenson back up to second on 88, Lewis a huge leap to third on 84. Alonso is in fourth on 79, as Vettel slips to fifth on 78. In the constructors, McLaren leapfrog Red Bull by a massive, one point! 172 plays 171, with Ferrari in third on 146.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

I just bought a loaf from Sainsburys ...

... but it is no ordinary loaf: One half is sliced, one half isn’t. One half is brown, one half is white. One half is thick sliced, one half is thin sliced. And another half is medium sliced. Which is strange in itself.

It is a very peculiar loaf. And all I want is my lunch.

I begin to think that maybe I’m dreaming, that, maybe, I haven’t really been shopping at all. But the crumbs are all over the worktop, there’s American mustard staining my top, Branston pickle has dribbled down my jeans and the ham has just taken off out the back door after next door’s b*****d cat, who’s now being subjected to death by breadcrumbed, honey mustard glazing suffocation.

“Good” says the Devil in me.

Ok, so now you’re all thinking I’ve completely lost it, I’ll let you know the reason for such randomness: Sally Walker – it’s her fault, she started it! But the proof is in the **bread pudding - #loaf trended on Twitter!

** See what I did there?

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: The Final

Wizard of Oz medley to begin, full production job with all the former Dorothys, the Lion, the witch and the ward ... oops, I mean the Lion, theTin Man and the Scarecrow, a lovely bright start to the show.

Andrew has chosen their opening songs, so we can blame him if our favourite has a duff'un. He says all three are fantastic, he'd be proud to present any of them at the Palladium and he reminds us what we're looking for.

Sophie sings Tomorrow, from Annie, it's touching, emotive (John's getting quite carried away - I thought it's a thing for Sophie, but he's like it all night, with all of them) Sophie has really come through this last couple of weeks. Mentor Ruthie Henshall so proud, watched her blossom. Sheila says she delivered, has true glamour, an old fashioned allure as opposed to the WAG type, amazing transformation, lived that song beautifully; John calls her charismatic, has an open and honest quality, he's very proud, Wales has a winner in her; Charlotte tells her she's taken the biggest journey, always want to believe in her. Andrew agrees she did it beautifully, Wales proud - will have to work at dance (my one concern with Sophie).

Lauren and I Could Have Danced All Night, from My Fair Lady, a lovely performance, as always, very slick, personally I thought there was a teensy slight little wobble on that top note but since I'm not an expert, I'll shut up. Mentor Sheridan Smith is excited for her, you have star quality, knock 'em dead. John tells her she's a leading lady, a producer's dream, sensational. Charlotte says she's undoubtedly flawless, top note gorgeous, unbelievable. Sheila admits that she thought Lauren was eyes, tits and teeth at first "the show's finished now, they can't sack me" LOL but she showed she as better than that, the last note pure joy. Andrew says it's the first top B flat we've ever heard on a reality show, proved he was right with the song, fantastic.

Danielle - liking her attitude but ...76 Trombones? Really? Interesting choice, I can see what Andrew wants to do, showing off her skills but I think it's risky. She delivers though, no doubt. Mentor Tamsin Outhwaite is excited and proud, always thought she'd make the perfect Dorothy. John tells her she never disappoints, was sensational and is a star; Sheila says she's wonderful, great skill, revelation at the workshop, grateful the public has seen what they've seen. Andrew says she conveyed the wittiness even while dancing, a worthy follower of the greats, Minnelli and Garland. I've voted for her twice, because she's worth it.

Side by side with the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow for If I Only Had A Heart, all are great. Sheila says Lauren fantastic, related beautifully; Charlotte tells Danielle she's one of the most remarkable performers to come out of these shows; John reminds Sophie how unsure of herself she was at first, struggling in those shoes, now dancing around, did really great. Andrew is purring away - all three are extraordinary and could be Dorothy.

Toto is ... all have impressed, Andrew made the call ... oh, come on, who is it? Enter Jodie with ...Dangerous Dave! Why? Because he's consistent and how can you not love a face like that?

Oooh, frozen lines, no warning! Sheila treats all the former Dorothys to a night out at Sister Act and introduces them to former Nancys, who the show helped, opening doors. They all perform Empire State of Mind, lovely when in harmony together, a couple showing they went out at the right time.

This is it moment #1 ... Danielle safely through, woohoo, Graham straight out with it, no messing. Who's joining her for the final sing off? Sophie! Thought that might happen, Lauren third, just too slick. Standing ovation though, and fully deserved. She'll be a star, no doubt. Lauren not too shocked, Andrew not too surprised, the audience went for the younger two. He's got her number. Sophie's confidence just shot through the roof. Lauren's pure voice does Over The Rainbow justice.

Graham starts the final segment descending on the flying bicycle "they couldn't afford a monkey"! Danielle and Sophie will both sing Over The Rainbow, plus their favourite from the series. Before that, we see their final task, rehearsing that iconic scene where Dorothy sings it.

Sophie does it wonderfully well, gorgeous voice; Danielle next and, to me, she is Dorothy, that earnestness that Sheila talked of reminds me of Judy Garland. Sheila said they both captured Dorothy's emotion; John tells Sophie he's bursting with pride, tells Danielle she's a star; Charlotte pronounces that was the best we've heard Sophie, Danielle just captivating. Run nearest and dearest VT ...

Their fave songs, Sophie with Reflection, excellent choice, easily her strongest, John completely under her spell. Gorgeous. Danielle with Mambo Italiano - absolutely fantastic, what a performance, incredbily strong vocally considering the movement. John just can't hide his excitement, great to see the panel relish it so much.

This is it moment #2 ... lines are closed! Oooooh, go the audience, me included! Trip down memory lane while we wait, remembering all the fabulous performances, the tasks, the Totos and the farewells. £430k was raised for the Performing Arts fund.

It's ... Danielle! One happy Lord tonight, says the public never fail to get it right. Danielle didn't bother waiting for him to present the shoes, lol, she just took 'em, far too excited! She sings us out in the ruby slippers and away she goes in the hot air balloon!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

England Win 20/20 Cricket World Cup!

By slaughtering the Aussies, Oh, Yes! With 7 wickets and 3 overs remaining - our first one day title in 35 years! Kevin Pietersen *swoon* (and congratulations to him and Jessica on the birth of their baby son) won Player of the Tournament, with Craig Kieswetter Man of the Match.

Full details on the BBC Sport website.

Over The Rainbow Result Show

The usual reprise: As Graham says, it's going to be emotional! Sheila says she's been wrong about the bottom two every week, John says anyone of the four left could be Dorothy, Charlotte praises them all - they're glad it's not them choosing tonight.

Last mash-up medley of the series: Singing In The Rain - Umbrella - I think Andrew's a bit choked at the prospect of having to choose. A quick visit to the Live events with Bronte, Dani, Amy, Emilie and Jodie Prenger, a good time had by one and all.

Sierra Boggess from Love Never Dies imparts some advice: "Play the part as if your life depended on it" then performs the title song and epitomises the whole keepin' it real ethos: beautifully done, simple yet powerful.

Toto's task - his big scene, pulling back the curtain to reveal the Wizard of Oz! Eddie, Spider and Dave nearly got it; Troy and Missy did it, the Lord picks Troy as Star Dog, the panel choose Eddie.

Just moments away *eek* The girls big themselves up, the panel all agree that on this week's performance, Steph is not Dorothy. I thought they'd abstain from that but no. Perhaps it'll make it an easier decision for Andrew if she's in the bottom two.

Safe: Danielle! Lauren - bottom two; Safe - Sophie! Viewer vote would have put her straight out. I'm not going to say it ... who am I kidding - I said pop songs would do for them, didn't I? Not a foregone conclusion, Lauren the star vocalist but sometimes too slick versus Steph the all round triple threat. He tells them to think vulnerability in the Tim Rice written Evita song Another Suitcase in Another Home. Lauren gets his vote, Steph already resigned after the panel's comments. Andrew reiterates that she'll go far.

So now we know: Danielle v Lauren v Sophie for the final. All totally different but equally talented. And it's all up to us!

McLaren Watch

Well it's all gone a bit t*ts up hasn't it, with Jenson out and Lewis finishing in 5th. I told you I shouldn't watch live, didn't I? I'm consoled myself with a Penguin.

So Jenson is dumped down to 4th in the championship, on 70 pts, below new championship leader Webber on 78 pts, same as team-mate Vettel in 2nd, but one more win puts him ahead. Alonso is on 73 in 3rd, Massa in 5th on 61 and Kubica given 6th ahead of Lewis, both on 59 pts.

Red Bull (156) and Ferrari (134) both leap frog McLaren (129) in the Constructors championship.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: Semi Final

Kicking us off with Together Wherever We Go; Andrew will make his last save of the series this weekend. They all sound terrific there, anyone standing out? Pep talk from Andrew - for the audience - look for the girl who goes on a journey, who keeps it real.

Sophie sings Reflection from Mulan and it's beautiful - well done Sophie, she's stepped up again this week and really brought herself into contention. Nailed it. Steph has Rule The World and, much as I love both her and this song, I'm not so keen on this performance. Round one to Sophie.

Charlotte says they were two outstanding vocals; Sheila tells Sophie it's a big leap forward for her and Steph made the pop song sound like it meant something; John tells Steph she's the one out of the four who's the triple threat and it's Sophie's best performance to date. Andrew says Steph did very well with a difficult song and Sophie turned the corner tonight: "Bravo You" he tells her.

Lauren has Heaven, I'm thinking pop songs at this stage, however well sung, is not doing them any favours - I felt she had to work hard there, although still vocally wonderful. Danielle sings When You Believe from Prince of Egypt and, as in the first two, the musical theatre song gets my vote, she was able to put so much more into it, the full package. Sheila says they were two cracking performances, Lauren showed the wonderment of love, Danielle did it brilliantly, simple and beautiful; John called it The Voice v The Actress, if we could mix you both up, you'd be the perfect Dorothy; Charlotte thinks Lauren is incapable of giving a bad performance and Danielle spotless vocally, a performance of substance. Andrew believes Lauren will always give her best - and of Danielle, he says: "Some actresses rely on the truth within themselves - that's you."

Duets: Every girl for themselves! Sophie and Steph first with I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair from South Pacific Ha, great fun. Even Stevens too, Sophie the vocal, Steph the attitude, but they both came through strongly.

Danielle and Lauren next with Popular from Wicked, it's quirky and fun - and Danielle took it hands down, total presence, comedy, acting, vocal, ease of movement.

John says Lauren and Danielle the best - chose Danielle if pushed; Steph polished choreographically; Sophie so strong tonight; Charlotte picks out Steph but overall Lauren and Danielle outstanding; Sheila says Lauren and Danielle fabulous, but had the slightly wittier and funny song. Andrew's worried that the Wicked producers might pinch them out from under his nose!

They have vocal coaching in how to do a Kansas accent "Ma nayem is Darathy an' ar hayev a dawg colled Todo." That might be Texan but hey ho. Playing the going home scene with the good witch of the North, Andrew almost had a tear in his eye when Danielle was saying goodbye to the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion (Me too - she might well have won it with that.) Lauren so professional, Steph so consistent, Sophie could nick this from all of them.

Sheila can't be bothered with the accent - don't demonstrate just be, was John Thaw's mantra - Danielle has got it. John says all four have developed but Lauren has his vote; Steph stood out for Charlotte, Lauren brilliant. Andrew says they've all upped their game, all have the accent, not going to lead the audience, we've got to make up our own minds who would make the best Dorothy. Tonight, for me, it's Danielle.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


In Boxing, John Murray added the European Flyweight title to his British belt.

Continuing the excellent gymnastic European Championships, Daniel Keating and Louis Smith took Gold and Silver in the Pommel Horse, with Beth Tweddle becoming double Gold medallist on the floor and uneven bars.

Three Golds and a Silver at the sailing World Cup, for windsurfer Bryony Shaw, 49ers Brotherton and Asquith and Paul Goodison in the Laser class; Charlotte Dobson with the silver in the Laser Radial.

Fencer Richard Kruse retains Copenhagen World Cup title; World Cup bronze for Chrystall Nicoll.

Karina Bryant and Euan Burton win bronze in the European Judo Championships.

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Which of the final five will escape the sing off ... again! Graham hopes the mash up will be a spudwehopeulike *Groans* we'll wait and see.

What do the girls need? Andrew says they have to respond to the comedians in the show; Sheila's glad it's us who decide, everybody left has something special; John believes it's anybody's game and it's incredibly important they hold their nerve; Charlotte says it was the right time for Jenny to leave, she couldn't match the others this week.

Joint task this week for the girls and the would be Totos, loving Graham's Miss World commentary as he introduces the dogs, and it's left to them to choose a Dorothy - Jenny still in at this moment means a Dorothy misses out - and it's Lauren. Not only dogs to contend with but kids too, as each partnership takes to the Richmond Theatre stage in front of an audience. Missy and Eddie perform, Troy wanders, Dave's yawning and Spider joins in with the song. Spider gets the panel's vote, Dave wins the kids.

The mash up is almost a mash up, they almost had it, finishing on I Gotta Feeling. Steph and Jessica look the better dancers.

The panel muse on the girls: Danielle really strong, unique quality, a consummate actress; Sophie so beautiful, so natural, nearly there, too sensible but has it in her for the role; Lauren a bit too glib, transformed by bottom two appearance, most professional, delivered week on week, phenomenal vocal range; Jess the obvious choice at first, now not so sure, must be careful not to be labelled the kooky one all the time, Charlotte loves her, the overt features; Steph has blown them away every week, an all rounder who comes up with the goods but needs to keep it up.

A night out at Sweet Charity for the Dorothy's leads into Tamzin Outhwaite performing If My Friends Could See Me Now and if this is live, it's fantastic - it seems to good to be true, with all the choreography, her vocal is faultless.

The girls say why they should be in the semi - and it's time to find out: Safe: Sophie! Danielle, bottom two; Lauren and Steph both safe, it's Jessica versus Danielle - ooh, toughie for the Lord, a dreadful dilemma he calls it. Singing Take That Look of Your Face they both do all they can and Andrew bases his decision on who he feels would be the better Dorothy: Danielle. But he tells Jessica he sees her in a role like Sweet Charity or Funny Girl, she gives an impassioned, positive speech, she's off to train in September unless something comes up. The quirkiest, happiest Over the Rainbow we've heard.

McLaren Watch

A Spanish GP qualifying dominated by the Red Bulls left our boys in 3rd (Lewis) and 5th (Jenson) but another fine drive from Lewis saw him in 2nd place on the penultimate lap, when unfortunately a left front puncture hoofed him off track and left him pointless. This did do Jenson a favour in moving him up from 6th to 5th though, after trailing Michael Schumacher following his pit stop. The Championship looks like this:

1. JB 70pts
2. Alonso 67
3. Vettel 60
4. Webber 53
5. Rosberg 50
6. Lewis 49
7. Massa 49

1. McLaren 119
2. Ferrari 116
3. Red Bull 113

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: Double Elimination

The remaining six Dorothys open with Defying Gravity, the fine vocals can't hide the tension of the night as Graham tells us there'll be a sing off tonight with one to go!

It's Musical Theatre songs tonight and someone might pay for having a relatively unknown number - I hope it isn't Danielle, with On My Own, which sounds only vaguely familiar. She's strong vocally and delivered it passionately, but I'm concerned. Jessica on the other hand, is let loose with Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious - how can you not be smiling at that? Wonderful performance, ran out of steam a little towards the end, and why not?

Charlotte really enjoyed Danielle's emotive performance and called Jessica extravagant and fun; Sheila predicts the West End for both of them, though felt Jess could have relished the word more, while Danielle has star quality; John says Danielle performed with grace and sensivity and is right for Dorothy but Jessica is his Marmite Dorothy, sometimes it's a little bit cheesy. Andrew calls them both fantastic, Jessica never ceases to make him smile and he chose that song for Danielle as a complete contrast to Mambo Italiano.

Steph gets the emotional biggie of the night, Somewhere and does it justice, you can see the tear tracks on her face at the end, a moving, real performance. Jenny has Send In The Clowns and it doesn't compare to Jodie's version in the Nancy show, my mind wandered a bit, not her strongest performance.

Sheila says Steph was absolutely wonderful, beautiful, while Jenny had a difficult song, needed more colour, went for sad instead of ironic; John loves Jenny's uptempo stuff but this needed the acting skill and it was half baked. He tells Steph there's a place for her, back here next week, truth and beauty in her performance; Charlotte thought Jenny had moments of real magic and Steph is just special, superb. Andrew says they both did well, Steph got the meaning of the words.

Sophie puts in a good performance on one of those quaint old numbers I Enjoy Being A Girl, strong vocally, a lot of choreography and acting to cope with and seems more relaxed with it, after the judges recent comments I suspect she's letting go and making the most of it possibly being her final week. Lauren, as ever, faultless vocally in another unknown-to-me-song called Being Alive and I don't understand why I don't vote for her.

John says Sophie has an openess and naturalness about her, but it's a TV not a stage performance. Lauren has the best voice in the competition; Charlotte thought Sophie was great , laid it on the line, she tells Lauren "I've got stop fawning over you, it's becoming embarassing" and praised her phrasing; Sheila felt that Lauren needed to cherish the lyrics more and Sophie needed to send her song up more, tells her "learn to make a fool of yourself and you'll be terrific"; Andrew agreed with Sheila.

So the lines are open - voted twice each for Danielle, Steph and Jessica. And while we're doing that, we see the girls' mission - commanding Bobby the Westie as well as the stage, in the emotional scene where Dorothy thinks she's lost Toto but he comes back and they decide to leave. Glad to report my three seemed to do well, plus Lauren was very convincing.

Back to the singing - If I Could Talk To The Animals - and my mum phones in the middle to say that she can't get through, it's telling her the voting line has closed. I quickly ascertain it's because she's dialling 08 at the end for Lauren - and there's only six in it, mum! They're scrolling the numbers across the screen and she's swearing blind it's an 8 when it's a 6 ...

Pep talk to the voters from Andrew "Remember all the performances and tasks to decide on your Dorothy"; A glimpse of tomorrow's Toto Task; A glimpse into the BBC Performing Arts Fund. And the lines are closed!

Charlotte performs solo for the first time in four years, The Actress. Can't honestly say I liked it much, was like she couldn't make up her mind what key to sing in. Just goes to show ...

Who do the girls think will not be Dorothy? Danielle and Jenny say Steph; Jessica reckons Danielle; Lauren thinks Sophie; Sophie and Steph choose Jenny. The panel are split, Sheila and John say Sophie; Charlotte plumps for Jenny.

Safe: Steph! Danielle! Jessica! *Whoop* Jenny in the bottom two, joined by Lauren, Sophie shocked but safe! I begin to wonder if my mum got through ... viewer vote would have put Lauren out! Gasps of shock erupt in the studio! But she'll be safe, The Lord won't keep Jenny instead of her. They sing Bridge Over Troubled Water and Lauren totally outsings Jenny, who has finally succumbed to the pressure, she prepares for the worst and Andrew makes it quick, so he can follow with words of encouragement. Here come the tears but she pulls it together for Over The Rainbow.

But we're not finished yet! The remaining five sing again for our votes, a Wizard of Oz line up; Jessica and Lauren stand out. Andrew and John advise us to pick our Dorothy; Charlotte doesn't want to lose Lauren; Sheila says we only need someone who can sing, dance, act, do pathos and comedy, balance a football on her head and hoover. Simultaneously.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The things they say ...

We were discussing how some unemployed people may have to resort to that soul-destroying art of telemarketing, you know, the cold-calling, straight out of telephone book to make double-glazing appointments (been there, done that, lived to tell the tale, managed one appointment in four weeks) and Matt pipes up:

"But selling tellys can get you loads of money, they must be able to get at least £300 for each one ..."

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Reprise of Don't Rain on My Parade and the panel are all in agreement, anyone's game, only confirmed by the medley (they've cottoned on at last!) of What A Swell Party and Get The Party Started, there are no weaknesses, any of them could be Dorothy.

The Toto's Task in Legally Blonde, Missy and Spider the only two to master their script, Missy is top dog, Spider gave everyone a scare, skidding to the edge of the stage in his excitement!

The girls mission - into the Haunted Forest alone, except for mini Graham, the flying monkey. And their mums. Danielle feels sick but 18 now so going in; Steph says it's horrible; Stephanie is praying; Sophie taking on the challenge; Laurens' hearing noises; they're all jumping. If they chose to go 'home' they found their mum, as Jenny, Steph and Lauren did; Sophie, Danielle and Stephanie bravely went on to Oz; Jessica excused due to her throat.

Group number The Happening was excellent, but showed off the stronger dancers; Jessica, Danielle, Steph. The panel again all in agreement - Danielle stood out. The girls are asked who they think would struggle in the West End: Danielle, Stephanie and Jess reckon Jenny; Jenny, Lauren and Sophie say Stephanie; Steph plumps for Jess on account of her voice problems this week.

Sheila and John say, with regret, that Stephanie isn't Dorothy; Charlotte regrettably says Sophie.

Safe: Danielle; Jessica, Lauren, Jenny, Sophie. It's Steph (dammit) versus Stephanie (noooooo!) and there's going to a lot of upset people who forgot to vote, or thought they didn't need to yet! Had it been down to viewer vote, Stephanie would be gone. Singing Tell Me on a Sunday, both terrific, forced to choose I'd save Steph, her overall star quality and all performances. Yes, she's safe, but sad that Stephanie goes just because of one dodgy performance of a difficult song - remember, little Sarah, another favourite, went out of I'd Do Anything singing the very same song!

I blame myself for forgetting to vote for Steph. Stephanie's overcome, the girls pick up the chorus for her. And OMG, there's two to go next week!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: Big Band Diva Night

It’s Big Band Night! The girls ask us not to rain of their parade and they all have their moments, very strong.

Steph sings Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend with gusto, strong performing element again, really gels with the dancers, though I felt this compromised her vocal, maybe would’ve been better a tad slower. Jenny with Feelin’ Good and another strong vocal but no interaction with the dancers, could’ve played up to them for a bit more substance.

John says it’s a cracking opening, Steph’s best friends are the Tin Man and the Scarecrow, Jenny got her mojo back; Sheila thinks Jenny could’ve used the lyrics more, Steph could’ve stretched a little further; Charlotte called Steph a diminutive diva and Jenny pulled it out of the bag. Andrew tells us Steph saved the show last week but didn’t elaborate and Jenny did well.

Sophie sings What A Wonderful World and it’s her best performance by far, I found it very emotive, a little nervy which added a vulnerability to a cracking vocal. Charlotte agrees on the gorgeous vocal but says she could’ve pushed it more, a lot more to give; Sheila says it’s a viable interpretation, nerves pull her back; John wished he could’ve seen the colours and felt the sun; Andrew agreed with the panel but believes in her.

Danielle goes for it with Mambo Italiano and it’s fantastic, vocally fabulous, the acting, movement, interaction with the dancers, a brilliant, complete performance. Lauren has The Man That Got Away and with this she has to live up to Jessie’s performance in the Nancy series. Exceptional vocal as ever, possibly a little too slick again compared to Jessie’s rawness and I found it a little overacted.

Sheila calls them two absolutely knockout performances, both girls assume a character and live the roles, loved Danielle, Lauren moved her deeply; John calls Danielle truly sensational, Lauren absolutely fantastic, committed, measured. Charlotte believes Danielle has grown the most, on fire, brilliant and Lauren’s was one of the best performances she’s ever seen. Andrew says two fantastic performances, Danielle full of humour and fun, Lauren made it her own.

Stephanie sings Mr Bojangles, an understated performance with a kick, different interpretation well done, but not my favourite of hers. Jessica has Cabaret and she’s in her element, brilliant vocal considering she’s had a bad throat, full of va va voom, her favourite song, she lives it.

John didn’t like Stephanie’s but that’s what he’s been waiting for from Jess; Charlotte disagrees with John over Stephanie, she likes the interpretation and says all the girls have stepped it up tonight, Jessica’s best vocal, owned the stage; Sheila says Jessica got the context, overall colour bright, would’ve liked Stephanie to have told the story better; Andrew says they both had difficult songs and did very well, Jess got the acting side right.

The Lord isn’t discounting anyone and it’s even harder to choose after the second group number of The Trolley Song, they’re all fabulous again. Wide open tonight – and I forgot to vote! I can’t believe I forgot to vote! If I had it would’ve been Steph, Danielle and Jessica, with an honorary mention for Sophie – I’m not sure whether she can cope with a full on part due to the nerves so far. I’ll be gutted if two of them end up in the bottom two. ‘Til tomorrow then ...