Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The things they say ...

We were discussing how some unemployed people may have to resort to that soul-destroying art of telemarketing, you know, the cold-calling, straight out of telephone book to make double-glazing appointments (been there, done that, lived to tell the tale, managed one appointment in four weeks) and Matt pipes up:

"But selling tellys can get you loads of money, they must be able to get at least £300 for each one ..."

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foxy said...

Classic :o)

The 8 year old son of one of my dad's friends made me laugh the other day. He and his dad were in the car when they had an accident a little while ago. Fortunately they were both fine, but their car was a right-off.

Bumped into his mum and him and said I'd heard he and daddy had had a bump in the car and was he ok and he said yes he and daddy were fine, but sadly "daddy's car has to go in the bin".

Bless him :o)

God telemarketing - been there too Scatty.....and I can honestly say I felt like I deserved it when people yelled at me. Of the jobs I've had that REALLY was the pits!