Sunday, 30 May 2010

McLaren Watch

Yee-Haa! Another one-two for the boys in Turkey, this time Lewis taking his first win of the season – not that Jenson let him have it easy!

Even with the Red Bulls coming out ahead of the McLarens after the pit-stop, the speed of the silver cars continued to pile on the pressure until Vettel, overtaking his team-mate Webber, appeared to misjudge how far ahead he was and pulled across, banging his right rear tyre into Webber’s chassis. Or Webber didn’t move across like the team would have preferred. Or Vettel is an over-excited idiot. Or Webber is nuts. Only Christian Horner will ever know for sure!

Anyhoo, it meant that the McLaren boys went steaming ahead and would maintain position to the flag. Or not, as they resorted to giving the fans a real treat of actual racing, as in, wheel to wheel, swapping the lead-type racing – McLaren told them they needed to conserve fuel so they backed off, leaving Lewis ahead. Which seems fair, he qualified higher and stayed ahead in the race – perhaps they need prior agreement that the highest place qualifier or quickest on the day takes it, so we’re spared the anguish of them doing a Red Bull!

Leaderboard then: Webber on 93, Jenson back up to second on 88, Lewis a huge leap to third on 84. Alonso is in fourth on 79, as Vettel slips to fifth on 78. In the constructors, McLaren leapfrog Red Bull by a massive, one point! 172 plays 171, with Ferrari in third on 146.

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