Saturday, 29 May 2010

I just bought a loaf from Sainsburys ...

... but it is no ordinary loaf: One half is sliced, one half isn’t. One half is brown, one half is white. One half is thick sliced, one half is thin sliced. And another half is medium sliced. Which is strange in itself.

It is a very peculiar loaf. And all I want is my lunch.

I begin to think that maybe I’m dreaming, that, maybe, I haven’t really been shopping at all. But the crumbs are all over the worktop, there’s American mustard staining my top, Branston pickle has dribbled down my jeans and the ham has just taken off out the back door after next door’s b*****d cat, who’s now being subjected to death by breadcrumbed, honey mustard glazing suffocation.

“Good” says the Devil in me.

Ok, so now you’re all thinking I’ve completely lost it, I’ll let you know the reason for such randomness: Sally Walker – it’s her fault, she started it! But the proof is in the **bread pudding - #loaf trended on Twitter!

** See what I did there?


Sally Walker said...

LOL! I do love a bit of #loaf ;)

Well done for taking part in the challenge! Facebook challenge next time ;) Should be a giggle ;)

Jaye said...

Look forward to it!