Sunday, 9 May 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Which of the final five will escape the sing off ... again! Graham hopes the mash up will be a spudwehopeulike *Groans* we'll wait and see.

What do the girls need? Andrew says they have to respond to the comedians in the show; Sheila's glad it's us who decide, everybody left has something special; John believes it's anybody's game and it's incredibly important they hold their nerve; Charlotte says it was the right time for Jenny to leave, she couldn't match the others this week.

Joint task this week for the girls and the would be Totos, loving Graham's Miss World commentary as he introduces the dogs, and it's left to them to choose a Dorothy - Jenny still in at this moment means a Dorothy misses out - and it's Lauren. Not only dogs to contend with but kids too, as each partnership takes to the Richmond Theatre stage in front of an audience. Missy and Eddie perform, Troy wanders, Dave's yawning and Spider joins in with the song. Spider gets the panel's vote, Dave wins the kids.

The mash up is almost a mash up, they almost had it, finishing on I Gotta Feeling. Steph and Jessica look the better dancers.

The panel muse on the girls: Danielle really strong, unique quality, a consummate actress; Sophie so beautiful, so natural, nearly there, too sensible but has it in her for the role; Lauren a bit too glib, transformed by bottom two appearance, most professional, delivered week on week, phenomenal vocal range; Jess the obvious choice at first, now not so sure, must be careful not to be labelled the kooky one all the time, Charlotte loves her, the overt features; Steph has blown them away every week, an all rounder who comes up with the goods but needs to keep it up.

A night out at Sweet Charity for the Dorothy's leads into Tamzin Outhwaite performing If My Friends Could See Me Now and if this is live, it's fantastic - it seems to good to be true, with all the choreography, her vocal is faultless.

The girls say why they should be in the semi - and it's time to find out: Safe: Sophie! Danielle, bottom two; Lauren and Steph both safe, it's Jessica versus Danielle - ooh, toughie for the Lord, a dreadful dilemma he calls it. Singing Take That Look of Your Face they both do all they can and Andrew bases his decision on who he feels would be the better Dorothy: Danielle. But he tells Jessica he sees her in a role like Sweet Charity or Funny Girl, she gives an impassioned, positive speech, she's off to train in September unless something comes up. The quirkiest, happiest Over the Rainbow we've heard.


foxy said...

I love 'On My Own'! :o) One of my all time favourites. Its from Les Mis and personally I thought Danielle made a bit of a hash of it, sorry Scatty.

Feel very sorry for Jenny, think she was a bit hard done by really. One quick sceen with a random dog does not properly display who will be good working with toto. The winning girl is going to have months to train with the dog before the show opens! Think that's a rubbish reason to ditch her.

Suprised Jessica went, thought she was really popular. Just goes to show that the public are having a hard time deciding who they want to back. Unusual for all the girls to be in the bottom two at some point!

Bit neutral about the girls left, apart from Steph maybe. Only one I really wouldn't want is Lauren - think she's still a little bit full of herself.

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