Sunday, 2 May 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

Reprise of Don't Rain on My Parade and the panel are all in agreement, anyone's game, only confirmed by the medley (they've cottoned on at last!) of What A Swell Party and Get The Party Started, there are no weaknesses, any of them could be Dorothy.

The Toto's Task in Legally Blonde, Missy and Spider the only two to master their script, Missy is top dog, Spider gave everyone a scare, skidding to the edge of the stage in his excitement!

The girls mission - into the Haunted Forest alone, except for mini Graham, the flying monkey. And their mums. Danielle feels sick but 18 now so going in; Steph says it's horrible; Stephanie is praying; Sophie taking on the challenge; Laurens' hearing noises; they're all jumping. If they chose to go 'home' they found their mum, as Jenny, Steph and Lauren did; Sophie, Danielle and Stephanie bravely went on to Oz; Jessica excused due to her throat.

Group number The Happening was excellent, but showed off the stronger dancers; Jessica, Danielle, Steph. The panel again all in agreement - Danielle stood out. The girls are asked who they think would struggle in the West End: Danielle, Stephanie and Jess reckon Jenny; Jenny, Lauren and Sophie say Stephanie; Steph plumps for Jess on account of her voice problems this week.

Sheila and John say, with regret, that Stephanie isn't Dorothy; Charlotte regrettably says Sophie.

Safe: Danielle; Jessica, Lauren, Jenny, Sophie. It's Steph (dammit) versus Stephanie (noooooo!) and there's going to a lot of upset people who forgot to vote, or thought they didn't need to yet! Had it been down to viewer vote, Stephanie would be gone. Singing Tell Me on a Sunday, both terrific, forced to choose I'd save Steph, her overall star quality and all performances. Yes, she's safe, but sad that Stephanie goes just because of one dodgy performance of a difficult song - remember, little Sarah, another favourite, went out of I'd Do Anything singing the very same song!

I blame myself for forgetting to vote for Steph. Stephanie's overcome, the girls pick up the chorus for her. And OMG, there's two to go next week!


foxy said...

I did feel quite sorry for her - she was obviously very upset, but she's more experienced and has worked on long running shows before, so no dobut she'll make that leap to a starring role :o)

Doesn't seem like Steph is gonna make it the whole nine yards :o( Jessica and Jenny only ones not have beeen in bottom 2 now and to be honest I wouldn't put either of them at the top end of the list to play Dorothy!

Danielle and Steph are the 2 who stand out to me, but clearly the rest of the public see something I don't *shrugs*

Jaye said...

Don't despair - I think it was just a bad choice of song tempo that did for Steph. With it so close and 2 to go next week, people have to consider more who they want as Dorothy rather than voting on that evening's performance, so hopefully Steph's fanbase will return! I like Jenny and Sophie but I don't see them as Dorothy, for me it's Steph, Danielle and Jessica and I'm kind of neutral on Lauren, but do think she'd make a good Dorothy.