Saturday, 15 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: Semi Final

Kicking us off with Together Wherever We Go; Andrew will make his last save of the series this weekend. They all sound terrific there, anyone standing out? Pep talk from Andrew - for the audience - look for the girl who goes on a journey, who keeps it real.

Sophie sings Reflection from Mulan and it's beautiful - well done Sophie, she's stepped up again this week and really brought herself into contention. Nailed it. Steph has Rule The World and, much as I love both her and this song, I'm not so keen on this performance. Round one to Sophie.

Charlotte says they were two outstanding vocals; Sheila tells Sophie it's a big leap forward for her and Steph made the pop song sound like it meant something; John tells Steph she's the one out of the four who's the triple threat and it's Sophie's best performance to date. Andrew says Steph did very well with a difficult song and Sophie turned the corner tonight: "Bravo You" he tells her.

Lauren has Heaven, I'm thinking pop songs at this stage, however well sung, is not doing them any favours - I felt she had to work hard there, although still vocally wonderful. Danielle sings When You Believe from Prince of Egypt and, as in the first two, the musical theatre song gets my vote, she was able to put so much more into it, the full package. Sheila says they were two cracking performances, Lauren showed the wonderment of love, Danielle did it brilliantly, simple and beautiful; John called it The Voice v The Actress, if we could mix you both up, you'd be the perfect Dorothy; Charlotte thinks Lauren is incapable of giving a bad performance and Danielle spotless vocally, a performance of substance. Andrew believes Lauren will always give her best - and of Danielle, he says: "Some actresses rely on the truth within themselves - that's you."

Duets: Every girl for themselves! Sophie and Steph first with I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair from South Pacific Ha, great fun. Even Stevens too, Sophie the vocal, Steph the attitude, but they both came through strongly.

Danielle and Lauren next with Popular from Wicked, it's quirky and fun - and Danielle took it hands down, total presence, comedy, acting, vocal, ease of movement.

John says Lauren and Danielle the best - chose Danielle if pushed; Steph polished choreographically; Sophie so strong tonight; Charlotte picks out Steph but overall Lauren and Danielle outstanding; Sheila says Lauren and Danielle fabulous, but had the slightly wittier and funny song. Andrew's worried that the Wicked producers might pinch them out from under his nose!

They have vocal coaching in how to do a Kansas accent "Ma nayem is Darathy an' ar hayev a dawg colled Todo." That might be Texan but hey ho. Playing the going home scene with the good witch of the North, Andrew almost had a tear in his eye when Danielle was saying goodbye to the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion (Me too - she might well have won it with that.) Lauren so professional, Steph so consistent, Sophie could nick this from all of them.

Sheila can't be bothered with the accent - don't demonstrate just be, was John Thaw's mantra - Danielle has got it. John says all four have developed but Lauren has his vote; Steph stood out for Charlotte, Lauren brilliant. Andrew says they've all upped their game, all have the accent, not going to lead the audience, we've got to make up our own minds who would make the best Dorothy. Tonight, for me, it's Danielle.

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