Saturday, 1 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: Big Band Diva Night

It’s Big Band Night! The girls ask us not to rain of their parade and they all have their moments, very strong.

Steph sings Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend with gusto, strong performing element again, really gels with the dancers, though I felt this compromised her vocal, maybe would’ve been better a tad slower. Jenny with Feelin’ Good and another strong vocal but no interaction with the dancers, could’ve played up to them for a bit more substance.

John says it’s a cracking opening, Steph’s best friends are the Tin Man and the Scarecrow, Jenny got her mojo back; Sheila thinks Jenny could’ve used the lyrics more, Steph could’ve stretched a little further; Charlotte called Steph a diminutive diva and Jenny pulled it out of the bag. Andrew tells us Steph saved the show last week but didn’t elaborate and Jenny did well.

Sophie sings What A Wonderful World and it’s her best performance by far, I found it very emotive, a little nervy which added a vulnerability to a cracking vocal. Charlotte agrees on the gorgeous vocal but says she could’ve pushed it more, a lot more to give; Sheila says it’s a viable interpretation, nerves pull her back; John wished he could’ve seen the colours and felt the sun; Andrew agreed with the panel but believes in her.

Danielle goes for it with Mambo Italiano and it’s fantastic, vocally fabulous, the acting, movement, interaction with the dancers, a brilliant, complete performance. Lauren has The Man That Got Away and with this she has to live up to Jessie’s performance in the Nancy series. Exceptional vocal as ever, possibly a little too slick again compared to Jessie’s rawness and I found it a little overacted.

Sheila calls them two absolutely knockout performances, both girls assume a character and live the roles, loved Danielle, Lauren moved her deeply; John calls Danielle truly sensational, Lauren absolutely fantastic, committed, measured. Charlotte believes Danielle has grown the most, on fire, brilliant and Lauren’s was one of the best performances she’s ever seen. Andrew says two fantastic performances, Danielle full of humour and fun, Lauren made it her own.

Stephanie sings Mr Bojangles, an understated performance with a kick, different interpretation well done, but not my favourite of hers. Jessica has Cabaret and she’s in her element, brilliant vocal considering she’s had a bad throat, full of va va voom, her favourite song, she lives it.

John didn’t like Stephanie’s but that’s what he’s been waiting for from Jess; Charlotte disagrees with John over Stephanie, she likes the interpretation and says all the girls have stepped it up tonight, Jessica’s best vocal, owned the stage; Sheila says Jessica got the context, overall colour bright, would’ve liked Stephanie to have told the story better; Andrew says they both had difficult songs and did very well, Jess got the acting side right.

The Lord isn’t discounting anyone and it’s even harder to choose after the second group number of The Trolley Song, they’re all fabulous again. Wide open tonight – and I forgot to vote! I can’t believe I forgot to vote! If I had it would’ve been Steph, Danielle and Jessica, with an honorary mention for Sophie – I’m not sure whether she can cope with a full on part due to the nerves so far. I’ll be gutted if two of them end up in the bottom two. ‘Til tomorrow then ...

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