Saturday, 22 May 2010

Over The Rainbow: The Final

Wizard of Oz medley to begin, full production job with all the former Dorothys, the Lion, the witch and the ward ... oops, I mean the Lion, theTin Man and the Scarecrow, a lovely bright start to the show.

Andrew has chosen their opening songs, so we can blame him if our favourite has a duff'un. He says all three are fantastic, he'd be proud to present any of them at the Palladium and he reminds us what we're looking for.

Sophie sings Tomorrow, from Annie, it's touching, emotive (John's getting quite carried away - I thought it's a thing for Sophie, but he's like it all night, with all of them) Sophie has really come through this last couple of weeks. Mentor Ruthie Henshall so proud, watched her blossom. Sheila says she delivered, has true glamour, an old fashioned allure as opposed to the WAG type, amazing transformation, lived that song beautifully; John calls her charismatic, has an open and honest quality, he's very proud, Wales has a winner in her; Charlotte tells her she's taken the biggest journey, always want to believe in her. Andrew agrees she did it beautifully, Wales proud - will have to work at dance (my one concern with Sophie).

Lauren and I Could Have Danced All Night, from My Fair Lady, a lovely performance, as always, very slick, personally I thought there was a teensy slight little wobble on that top note but since I'm not an expert, I'll shut up. Mentor Sheridan Smith is excited for her, you have star quality, knock 'em dead. John tells her she's a leading lady, a producer's dream, sensational. Charlotte says she's undoubtedly flawless, top note gorgeous, unbelievable. Sheila admits that she thought Lauren was eyes, tits and teeth at first "the show's finished now, they can't sack me" LOL but she showed she as better than that, the last note pure joy. Andrew says it's the first top B flat we've ever heard on a reality show, proved he was right with the song, fantastic.

Danielle - liking her attitude but ...76 Trombones? Really? Interesting choice, I can see what Andrew wants to do, showing off her skills but I think it's risky. She delivers though, no doubt. Mentor Tamsin Outhwaite is excited and proud, always thought she'd make the perfect Dorothy. John tells her she never disappoints, was sensational and is a star; Sheila says she's wonderful, great skill, revelation at the workshop, grateful the public has seen what they've seen. Andrew says she conveyed the wittiness even while dancing, a worthy follower of the greats, Minnelli and Garland. I've voted for her twice, because she's worth it.

Side by side with the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow for If I Only Had A Heart, all are great. Sheila says Lauren fantastic, related beautifully; Charlotte tells Danielle she's one of the most remarkable performers to come out of these shows; John reminds Sophie how unsure of herself she was at first, struggling in those shoes, now dancing around, did really great. Andrew is purring away - all three are extraordinary and could be Dorothy.

Toto is ... all have impressed, Andrew made the call ... oh, come on, who is it? Enter Jodie with ...Dangerous Dave! Why? Because he's consistent and how can you not love a face like that?

Oooh, frozen lines, no warning! Sheila treats all the former Dorothys to a night out at Sister Act and introduces them to former Nancys, who the show helped, opening doors. They all perform Empire State of Mind, lovely when in harmony together, a couple showing they went out at the right time.

This is it moment #1 ... Danielle safely through, woohoo, Graham straight out with it, no messing. Who's joining her for the final sing off? Sophie! Thought that might happen, Lauren third, just too slick. Standing ovation though, and fully deserved. She'll be a star, no doubt. Lauren not too shocked, Andrew not too surprised, the audience went for the younger two. He's got her number. Sophie's confidence just shot through the roof. Lauren's pure voice does Over The Rainbow justice.

Graham starts the final segment descending on the flying bicycle "they couldn't afford a monkey"! Danielle and Sophie will both sing Over The Rainbow, plus their favourite from the series. Before that, we see their final task, rehearsing that iconic scene where Dorothy sings it.

Sophie does it wonderfully well, gorgeous voice; Danielle next and, to me, she is Dorothy, that earnestness that Sheila talked of reminds me of Judy Garland. Sheila said they both captured Dorothy's emotion; John tells Sophie he's bursting with pride, tells Danielle she's a star; Charlotte pronounces that was the best we've heard Sophie, Danielle just captivating. Run nearest and dearest VT ...

Their fave songs, Sophie with Reflection, excellent choice, easily her strongest, John completely under her spell. Gorgeous. Danielle with Mambo Italiano - absolutely fantastic, what a performance, incredbily strong vocally considering the movement. John just can't hide his excitement, great to see the panel relish it so much.

This is it moment #2 ... lines are closed! Oooooh, go the audience, me included! Trip down memory lane while we wait, remembering all the fabulous performances, the tasks, the Totos and the farewells. £430k was raised for the Performing Arts fund.

It's ... Danielle! One happy Lord tonight, says the public never fail to get it right. Danielle didn't bother waiting for him to present the shoes, lol, she just took 'em, far too excited! She sings us out in the ruby slippers and away she goes in the hot air balloon!


foxy said...

In the end I was rooting for Sophie, but Danielle performed just as well that night, so alls well that ends well I think :o)

Disappointed they didn't pick Spider as Toto. Woth that amount of enthusiasm he'd have been awesome! ;o)

Jaye said...

Yep, any of them would have been terrific, Danielle just edged it overall for me. I loved Spider! But loved Missy and Dangerous Dave too, what we saw of them anway!

So what's next do you think? My Fair Lady? Has that been done recently?

foxy said...

Thought ALW had said this would be the last actually :o(

My Fair Lady would be good though, would like to see that again. Or maybe they could bring back Starlight Express - would certainly make an interesting twist on the format, having everyone on roller skates! Lol :o)