Sunday, 25 July 2010

McLaren Watch

A low key race for Lewis and Jenson, as they again pulled in a bunch of points in 4th and 5th places respectively. However, a resurgent Ferrari bagged a controversial one-two, taking points from Red Bull, as Vettel and Webber finished in 3rd and 6th.

Talking point was the alleged Ferrari team orders (again!) as Massa's race engineer advised him that 'Fernando is faster than you' and 'can you confirm you understood that message?' followed by 'Sorry' as Massa then slowed to allow his team mate through. None of which I remotely give a flying er, fig for, but it did give us the chance to see the lovely Rob Smedley again ...

The standings then:
Lewis on 157; Jenson 143; Mark 136; Sebastian 136; Felippe Massa jumps up to 123 in 5th. McLaren are still ahead in the constructors though, on 300 to Red Bull's 272, with Ferrari on 208.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Why do all my nights out happen in the last week of the month?

I'm cruising along quite happily, bang up straight on everything and then, wham! Piles of paperwork and ironing to sort through today!

That's because I finally saw Les Miserables on Monday - which I've wanted to see since I first heard Susan Boyle sing I Dreamed A Dream on Britain's Got Talent (I wonder how many other viewers were inspired to check it out?) I did see the Through The Barricade show in a local theatre a little while after, but Cameron Mackintosh's production at The Queens Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue took my breath away. Jean Valjean and Javert were incredible, whilst Lucie Jones (remember her from X-Factor?) and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers acquitted themselves very well. It's so moving and powerful and while you may think the subject matter a little depressing, the comic relief in the shape of the Innkeepers is brilliant - honestly, the wife could easily be Kathy Burke in character as Waynetta Slob, she was hysterical. GO SEE IT!

Not just nights out either, on Tuesday morning I was attending the How To Do Your Self Assessment On-Line course (I never said it was all exciting stuff) before enjoying a very nice Nibble.101 at a local Chinese buffet - and collaring the teenager to take me there and back (which obviously cost me petrol. But it was nice to have some Tia Maria, I've missed it so ...)

The MumUltrapreneur radio show I was interviewed for was aired on Thursday afternoon and then it was onto the girls-night-in-although-we're-actually-out fun night of the Mums in Biz meeting in the evening. A couple of exciting opportunities arose there, which I'll be exploring further!

Finally, last night was the preview of an exhibition in our local art gallery - local artists creating pictures of each other, which took so many forms it was completely inspiring! Plasticine, film, paint, spam ... yes, spam!

I feel like I'm beginning to catch up - two blogs down, website and one blog to go!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

McLaren Watch

And what an eventful first lap for the British Grand Prix! Mark Webber aced the start; Vettel and Hamilton lightly touched, but it was enough to send Vettel off the track after suffering a puncture, effectively putting him into last place. The safety car gave him the opportunity to close up though, and he rescued a 7th place finish.

Lewis held onto second throughout, unable to catch a seriously motivated Mark Webber (after Red Bull pinched the nose cone from his car on Saturday to replace Vettel's damaged one). He ended the race with a "Not bad for your number 2 driver" barb at the the team, live on the team radio - don't you just love the Aussies!

Meanwhile, from a dreadful 14th position on the grid, Jenson stayed out of trouble and cruised around and up to a fourth place finish, a charge for third hampered by having to conserve fuel. What a guy! It leaves the standings as follows:

Lewis on 145 points
Jenson on 133
Mark on 128
Seb on 121

Teamwise, McLaren maintain their lead over Red Bull, 278 points to 249 points.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


So we didn't win the football or the tennis - there's a lot more to British sport and we know it, even if Mr and Mrs Average Joe Public don't! And did I say we didn't win the tennis - it's GB versus GB in the Boys Doubles today! Lewis Burton and George Morgan play Liam Broadby and Tom Farquharson in the first ever all British boys doubles final.

Here's a headline you won't see often - since it's about squash and not football: "England Dominate World Rankings."

Oh, and look here - more World Number One status for Britain - oh, hang on, still not football. No, this time it's Taekwondo, sorry ...

Have I mentioned that we beat the Aussies in cricket? Again.

Archery: Silver and Bronze for Nicky Hunt and Simon Terry at the World Cup in Croatia.

Athletics: Team GB second in the European Team Championships - beating Germany into third place. Well, fancy that! There were victories over their closest rivals in the European Championships for Dwain Chambers, David Greene, Martyn Rooney, Andy Turner and Mo Farah.

Rowing: Six Golds in Bled; another five Golds in Munich, plus sundry others - only missing a medal in two events!

Sailing: Sarah Ayton and Saskia Clark win World Cup Gold.

Cycling: Emma Pooley is the first British cyclist to win the prestigious Tour de l’Aude in France.

Paralympic sport: New world record for Shelly Woods! Hannah Cockroft sets four! Danny Greaves gets in on the act too, in the discus.

Triathlon: Chrissie Wellington wins, Tim Don also wins, the juniors picked up European Team Silver and the Paratriathletes won too!

Golf: Graeme McDowell wins the US Open! The US Open ... I know, who? He's from Northern Ireland.

Equestrian: Sharon Hunt wins the Classics event in Germany.

And it might not be a world victory but it means as much to handball as world glory to us in football (Ok, more than that!) Well done! Onwards and upwards!

Canoeing: Rachel Cawthorn won two gold and a bronze at the Canoe Sprint World Cup in Germany; Liam Heath and Jonathan Schofield took World Cup Gold in the Kayak double in Hungary, with Ed McKeever taking Gold in the Kayak singles at the same event; Liam and Jonathan followed with a repeat result in Germany, although a bronze this time for Ed. Fiona Pennie has taken silver and bronze in recent Slalom World Cup events.

We're just so terrible at sport, aren't we ;-)