Sunday, 11 July 2010

McLaren Watch

And what an eventful first lap for the British Grand Prix! Mark Webber aced the start; Vettel and Hamilton lightly touched, but it was enough to send Vettel off the track after suffering a puncture, effectively putting him into last place. The safety car gave him the opportunity to close up though, and he rescued a 7th place finish.

Lewis held onto second throughout, unable to catch a seriously motivated Mark Webber (after Red Bull pinched the nose cone from his car on Saturday to replace Vettel's damaged one). He ended the race with a "Not bad for your number 2 driver" barb at the the team, live on the team radio - don't you just love the Aussies!

Meanwhile, from a dreadful 14th position on the grid, Jenson stayed out of trouble and cruised around and up to a fourth place finish, a charge for third hampered by having to conserve fuel. What a guy! It leaves the standings as follows:

Lewis on 145 points
Jenson on 133
Mark on 128
Seb on 121

Teamwise, McLaren maintain their lead over Red Bull, 278 points to 249 points.

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