Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Things They Say

Matt has been learning French.

“Mum,” he says, “see if you can guess what I’m saying: L‘hotel.”
“Er, hotel?”
“Yep. L’Café.”
“A café?”
“Yep. L’post.”
“A post office?”
“Yep. Ecoute.”
“What was that?”
“No, sorry.”
“LISTEN - OMG - it means ‘listen.’” Walks away in disgust.

I shouldn’t tease him, should I!

Friday, 30 January 2009

3BT: A Weekend Away - getting there, family, music

They complain about the nagging and then make up rules like : You can’t wear jeans in the clubhouse. (You can pee on the floor, but you can’t wear jeans in the clubhouse). And if you’re going to have rules like that, you don’t just spring it on the wife at the last minute, when all she was going to do is drop you off at the golf club and have a bite to eat. Especially not when it’s en route to a hotel for a weekend away; you’ve sorted your party wear, you’ve sorted your travelling /casual for the next day wear - suddenly there’s a lunch outfit to sort, which changes the Sunday lazing around outfit - unless you’re taking a suitcase instead of an overnight bag. Jeez, men. They just don’t get it, do they? I ended up with fluffy legs due to the untried combination of black trousers and new lambs wool cardigan. It didn’t help that we left the party wear hanging on the banister and only realised twenty minutes into the journey. Still, we saw the second half of the West Ham v Hartlepool game. And lunch was very nice.

Unbelievable as it may seem, I’d never seen my brother’s kids in the same room at the same time! But his 50th was the reason I finally did. The older boy, now a dad himself; his sister, confident as DJ, hostess and Karaoke queen, my youngest niece, confident enough to accompany her batty aunt on ‘Love Shack’ - that’s a lot harder to sing than you think, you know, even after sundry Tia Marias. And the younger boy, feeling poorly but making it through.

We played 'The Best of Culture Club' in the car on the way home and the first line sung was “Give me time to recognise my crime.” I had to laugh. I know I shouldn’t but I just had to. Love a bit of irony, me. There’s also a great bamba song.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Scriptwriting Log

Fellow course do-er Margaret sent me the link for a scriptwriting software, available free to download from the BBC Writers Room - and what a godsend it is. Celtx is brilliant - all you do is select whether it’s film/tv/stage play etc and away you go - no fiddling with margin and dialogue tabs, it does it all for you. I was struggling with Scriptsmart Gold but have now received instruction, so shall try that again soon too.

Don’t forget the Bulwer Lytton competition deadline is 15th April!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Best Ever Complaint!

You may have heard about this yesterday, but if you didn't, this is the link to the letter itself and this is the link to the follow up. I love that he says he'll 'think' about Sir Richard's offer!

It may be a PR stunt, but it's still very funny!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Year of the Horse

Not that I’m suggesting for one moment that Gethin is some kind of stud you understand! No, it’s his Chinese horoscope sign, silly! The gun fired and Geth galloped away in a fantastic 2008, clearing all hurdles as he built on his success in Strictly Come Dancing.

We begin Geth's year, funnily enough, on January 1st - on the South Bank of the Thames, where Gethin was the star attraction for the New Year’s revellers. Note that it was Gethin who was the star attraction, mind, not the London Eye or the Houses of Parliament. I don’t think the nine million people tuning in to Auntie Beeb’s coverage were that bothered at seeing the same old sights, were they?

Moving on to February and our Action Man took part in a Blue Peter four peak challenge in aid of
Sport Relief, climbing the tallest mountains in the Home Nations and celebrating his 30th birthday at the top of Snowdon. News 24 beckoned him to E24, their new entertainment show, featuring a weekly cultural roundup from the worlds of film, television and music, plus interviews and behind the scenes reports featuring the stars of the week. Initially a six week pilot, it’s still continuing almost a year later! Be honest, they could just sit Geth in a chair in the studio reciting the news and we’d all watch, wouldn’t we? Although, we’d prefer to swap places with the health professionals who carried out this MOT!

Onto March and our man branches out into radio for the first time of the year, with a fun BBC Radio Wales show, plus specially guesting on Strictly partner, Camilla Dallerup’s Radio Norfolk show (she’s not daft, you know!). Also, a final dance (hopefully not!) for them at the
Strictly Energised Charity Ball, co-hosted by Gethin, in a role he says he‘d love to reprise.

Where were you and what were you doing on 8th April? What do you mean, you can’t remember? Call yourself a Gethin fan - that was the historic date we all cried out in unison: “Leaving??? He can’t leave, where will we get our regular fix of Gethin goggling?”

“I've had a career on Blue Peter that you wouldn't even dream about and for that I feel privileged and fortunate."

Well, that’s OK then. And we squeezed a couple more months out of him, DVD recorders working overtime. His tuned his presenting skills into another area, accompanying the start of the Wales Young Musician competition on piano, playing Beethoven and The Muppets (did you see what I did there? Tuned - geddit?) Crashing on but staying in Wales, Gorgeous Gethin hosted the Bafta Cymru awards, yet another step onward and upward.

May brought an appearance at the Soap Awards and the year’s first sighting of Geth-in-shorts for the
Mini Monster Dualthon in aid of Save the Children. More importantly, The BBC Young Musician of the Year was the perfect platform (a conductor’s dais?) for the Grade 8 Violinist and Grade 6 Pianist to bring in a whole new audience to the prestigious competition. The exalted Hay Literary Festival capped off the month, welcoming him into a packed venue for his narration of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, with James Slater conducting the Tregwynt Chamber Orchestra. You see, this is precisely why you should do what your mother tells you!

The end of the Jones era on Blue Peter in June was tempered by playing a Dalek on Dr.Who, (though it wasn’t enough to land him the key role when DT decided to leave!) followed by a stint covering both Gabby Logan and Eamonn Holmes on Radio Five Live through the summer. He really is rather good at the whole radio thingy. And there was no slowing down in Geth’s schedule as he helped to launch the

With the summer of sport coming to a close towards the end of August, Geth featured in the Football Association film short
‘NO Respect NO Referee NO Game’ - it’s worth a watch - because it’s a Very Important Message (not just because it’s Geth-in-shorts).

The National Lottery Awards marked the start of more regular appearances on the Wednesday night show through September; Geth made a big impression (a dent, in the floor at the bottom of some steps!) And nobody said anything about it next day. Much.

Strictly Come Dancing hit our screens and Gethin branched out again, this time with a regular ‘Strictly Insider’ column in the Daily Telegraph, before bringing the shorts back out of storage to play for the Rest of the World V England, in the
Soccer Aid match. Although on the losing side as England ran out 4-3 winners, Geth clearly enjoyed himself, almost scored and landed up with the shirt of England Legend Alan Shearer. Not a bad day’s work.

The Italian themed Proms in the Park, from Singleton Park in Swansea, proved another memorable musical evening spent in the wonderful and knowledgeable company that is one G.C. Jones Esq, preceding an event we were all eagerly awaiting. The weather report! The nation’s favourite talking point is the weather - fitting then, that the nation’s favourite TV presenter should talk or rather, run us (literally, in some cases) through the most dangerous and extreme kinds in ‘Gethin Jones’ Danger Hunters’, which kicked off on Virgin 1 this month.

“You'd think that after Blue Peter I would be ready to put my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit, but not me. This is a really energetic programme and it has some interesting contributors.”

October brought Glad Tidings long before they were due, with the news that Gethin was taking part in the Strictly Live Tour. What’s that? You haven’t got your tickets yet? Shame on you! Here , made nice and easy for you.

He still couldn’t leave the shorts alone - this time, launching the new Welsh Rugby Strip. But I’m not complaining, really. And he stretched his legs for the Joshua Foundation in the
Great North Run.

Rolling into the long dark nights now and Geth hosts ‘Cwis Meddiant’ for SC4, a general knowledge quiz with a rugby theme. He also wins Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Hottie’ Award. Can’t think why ...oh, I know – the fire fighting on Blue Peter, earlier in the year...

There’s a very welcome appearance on Claudia’s couch for SCD’s ‘It Takes Two’ Friday Panel and Claudia nets herself a snuggle, albeit on the dance floor. But we’re not at all jealous, are we?

Our final Gethfest for the year proved to be the very worthy edition of Police Camera Action -
Drink Drive Special. An apt and important message conveyed with the confidence and style we‘ve come to expect.

And so we wait, with bated breath (hopefully not for too long) to see what Gethin Goodies 2009 brings with it. Hands up, who’s excited?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Running Commentary: Dancing on Ice, Week Three

Holly’s dresses are creeping up …down?? Love Jayne’s hair. Chris back next week, woohoo. The required element tonight - Toe Picks. Philip’s jokes are better than Bruce’s. “Gemma/Jason, brutal fight, floods of tears, mascara everywhere - never seen Jason cry so much.” Got the laugh, moved on.

Ellery and Frankie - how drunk will he look, lol - not the most rhythmic and fluid but full of fun - and his toe picks were excellent. Score: 16 Jessica and Pavel ‘Heaven’ one of my faves, the routine looks beautiful in training. Wow - that’s really something at this stage of the competition. The teapot that become a one-handed something was gorgeous. Score: 20.5. I like her - snappy answers back without any hysteria, great skater and a personality off the ice. Married to … , oh, but that’s irrelevant, really. Donal and Florentine, awwww, bless all those little’uns in pink tutus …doesn’t Florentine remind you of Andie McDowell? Love the start, he’s more confident, the toe picks were stumbly though but a good performance overall. Score: 15

A new improved Coleen and Stuart, training looking good. But oh - the pink, orange, yellow combo, ugh. Thoroughly enjoying herself, terrific roll up lift. Very strong partnership developing too. Score: 17. Jeremy and Darya and they’re colour co-ordinated, much better on the eyes. I really enjoyed that offering to ‘Faith’ - the toe picks were out of time but the inside spread-eagle was excellent and it was full of personality and (whatever Jason says) I love seeing them sing along, you can’t be more into the music than that, can you? Score: 17

Melinda and Fred and she took being in the dance off a lot harder than Donal, completely different attitude. She managed to reverse it and it’s another lovely performance - voting will be tough tonight, very little between them so far. Score: 19 Ray and Maria in training - did she just say he was farting around? Another total WOW - I love the way he moves around the ice, in fact, I prefer his dancing on ice to his dancing on stage. Brilliant technically and conveys the emotion, well acted. Maria overcome, bless her. Ruthie’s lashing out at Nicky for over marking earlier contestants (which, to be fair, he has done a bit) Jason being the sensible one and advising the others they need to do the same as Ray and “skate with your whole being.” Score: 25.

Fun Michael is back with Melanie, trying to sort out his wobbly bits! A much more confident performance - only the one little wobble but left me smiling. The song though - I’m a bit under whelmed with the music choices this series so far - when are the themes coming in? Score: 17. Zoe and Matt - she’s feeling the pressure, we almost needed a beep machine, naughty EX-BP presenter. Someone tell the voice over man. Now come on, pull yourself together girl. Skated fantastically well to begin with, though they only just missed a wall but then she lost it right in front of the judges, almost a clenched fist and foot stamp of frustration but she managed to hold it. Score:16.5. Could be in trouble because of the waterworks and tensions.

Todd and Suzie are making me laugh out loud in their training clips: Look forward to Suz, now look away; the faces he pulls are hilarious. They’re skating to ‘Help’ which just makes what followed even more brilliant - two thirds of the way through he's lost control and skates/stumbles his way out of sight, the timing is incredible - he's come back just in time to take a bow and may have just won my vote! Hysterically funny, I’ve got tears rolling down my face. Philip said it’s his favourite moment ever on DOI and I have to agree - this is what a Saturday??? I mean Sunday night light entertainment show is all about! (Freudian slip there!) I’ve no idea what he scored. PS. Score: 9.5. Roxanne and Daniel could either benefit from the goodwill generated by Todd or be forgotten completely. Excellent theme and musicality, well skated. Score: 18

I can’t choose who to vote for, I’ve enjoyed tonight immensely. They’re so close it could be anyone in the skate off, although if the scoreboard works the same way as the SCD one does, I fear Donal may be unable to escape because of the two ties above him. Safe and skating again next week: I’m resorting to team names - there’s a fancy word for it but I can’t be bothered to remember it: Frelinda; Maray; Zomatt (aren’t they a ski resort in Switzerland?); Pavica; Roxiel; Floral or Dontine - can‘t make up my mind, you choose; Colart; Michanie; And Todzie! I wrote them down before Philip said it, I was that confident. It’s Frankery v Jerya in the skate off - I preferred Jerya first time round, let’s see what Frankery can do. Not as strong as his first one, a stumble unfortunately although he’s more relaxed. But a couple of stumbles from Jerya too - not as strong, maybe he should have sung his way through like before. The judges could be split. Or maybe not, it’s 5-0 to Frankery. Look, I’ve never pretended to know what I’m talking about, lol!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

3BT: Scenes We’d Like To See

Things you wouldn’t hear Jeremy Paxman say on University Challenge

1. No rush - take as long as you need.

2. Ooh, so close - I’ll give you that.

3. What a charming mascot!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Things They Say

Hubby was giving Brad grief about being the only teenager not desperate to get his driving licence; 8 year old Matt pipes up : “Can’t understand him - we’re all desperate to get our pen licences at school.”

Sorry Foxy!

chacarron macarron he sounds like crazy frog without the acid! Some of the comments there say he sounds like Homer! LOL - he does. Ha ha, it’s one of the funniest most dreadfully addictive songs I’ve ever heard!

This version is better - crazy frog on helium.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Moving Day

With Barack Obama moving into the White House today, Jamie and Harriet on the Heart breakfast show asked: “What’s the funniest thing you’ve found when you moved into a new home?”

I was driving so I couldn’t tell them that we found … the inside of a car - in our loft! Back seat, both front seats, windscreen and back window! Along with insulation comprising the entire polystyrene packaging of a thousand tellys. Took forty black sacks to get rid of it all!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Running Commentary: Dancing on Ice, Week Two

The girls are off! Yep - they’re crying already and it’s only their first week *tuts*. I said T-U-T-S! Still no Chris, but Jayne and the Pros spice up our lives with some creative lifts and a double death spiral. Jayne looks like she hasn’t slept all week, that or she’s going away straight after the show! Has Zoe not told them she’s left Blue Peter? Ha ha - Philip didn’t hurt his hand when he slapped Jason last week. Well then, you didn’t hit him hard enough Phil - have another go, go on.

Roxanne and Daniel (swoon) Take a Bow - a bit stiff in places but smooth in others, she relaxed more as it went along and you could see she was loving it, I think she may have let out a cheer at the end there. What is Jason on? Boooo Hissssss. Licking, chewing, smiling - it’s called expression. Considering she’s all star dusted up, she’s very down to earth. As Karen said, a good start. Score: 15.

Melinda and Fred (more swooning) She’s so squeaky! And bricking facing Jason - easy dealt with, there must be a car park he has to go to. Lovely choreography, a couple of wobbles (er, just realised how funny that sounds. Sorry.) I blame the song. What was it? A confident and joyful performance and another very down to earth lady. Jason didn’t like being compared to “the other show judge” re the pig remark. Who on earth could he mean? Score: 15.5

A trip to the audience - Alan Carr turned up on the wrong week - and, ooohh, Kev P’s in the house looking verrrrrryyyy fiiiiiiit *puuuurrrrrssss* Anyone tell me what he said? Did they talk to anyone else? Ahem. *visits the kitchen for ice*

Coleen and Stuart and a quote that could just see me voting for her: Chocolate - lasts longer, more satisfying and you don’t have to tell it you love it. I may have to change the blurb at the top of the blog. She’s fun off the ice, but on it … Dream a Little Dream of Me and it was a slow, dreamyish routine in which she did better than we expected. Score: 12.5

A quick chat with the boys, Ray most confident, Todd’s got a few more moves than last week and is looking forward to it …ish!

Zoe and Matt (Someone pick me up again) Stop worrying Zoe - you‘ve wing walked for goodness sake - I won’t even fly inside the plane! I Wanna Dance With Somebody (KP, horizontal rumba, preferably) and she did more skating than the others. It wasn‘t quite so fluid but a much harder routine and she skated through her nerves. Well done. Score: 18.5 Stop talking now. Nice to see Matt had his hair cut.

Gemma and Andrei. Seems she’s our resident Miss Competitive - don’t remember her being like that with Darren in the SCD Sport Relief Special but do remember her not being very elegant, which shows again here. The Power of Love is number one on my Songs I Hate list, which I’m in the process of compiling, and my brother phoned right as they started. I tried manfully to ignore him but he just kept talking so you’ll have to tell me how it went. From what I saw it was a bit stop/start but that could have been my turn to say something (Mm, yeah, ok, mm) Score: 13. Not really warming to her much.

Jessica and Pavel and ooh, I felt that THUD. Her, on the ice that is, not the *THUD* of seeing KP looking all fit ….where was I? Ah, yes - La Isla Bonita - I’m partial to Paso as you know and I loved this whole Spanish feel, classy, passionate - my favourite of the night. NOT because of KP, I promise - really not that shallow. I even voted. Once they’d reminded us of the numbers again, which I forgot to write down in the recap.

Who’s going? I think it’ll be Gemma unless Coleen is in the bottom two. In no particular order, the first couple safe and skating next week is: Coleen and Stuart! Jessica and Pavel (whoop whoop) Zoe and Matt; Roxanne and Daniel. Come ON Melinda and Fred! Would you believe the damn phone went again - saw most of it though and it was better than the first time. Gemma’s gonna have to go some. I think she knows. Bye. Ooh Jason, cardboard cut out one and two; very unfair on Melinda, who I think is delightful. Won’t miss Gemma at all. Somebody turn her down.

Have just found this fantastic website that tells us where the strictly dancers will be appearing. Visit it, book mark it and never miss your favourites appearing near you again! Congrats and well done to Faye and Nick for a fab site.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

This tickled me ... I had to post it! Scroll right down to the bottom and check out the penguins!

Film Fest

Homework is to watch films and analyse the structures (ie. Syd Field’s Three Act one). Amongst the suggestions were Chinatown, Taxi Driver, Witness - all excellent examples of classic screenplay.

So, naturally, I watched Dirty Dancing! Don’t scoff - it’s still a three act structure, if I’ve pitched on the correct second plot point. Just got to get my hands on Strictly Ballroom and Grease now; no, I’m kidding. I ran my hand along the shelf and picked the first three DVDs that were still wrapped in cellophane (I clearly don’t watch as much film and TV as I should) so I shall also be analysing Sunset Boulevard and The Witches of Eastwick. Although, the family want to watch Hancock and I am Legend, so the tutor may get a bumper crop of five analyses for the price of three.

I’ll be honest though - I’d rather write a Dirty Dancing than a Taxi Driver. But I suspect you may have guessed that!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

3BT: Scenes You’d Like To See

Guess what book of a TV series I got for Christmas? So for starters it’s …lines you wouldn’t find in a Harry Potter book:

1. Professor McGonagall gazed smoulderingly at Hermione over the top of her misted up glasses.

“Payment for the loan of the Time-Turner will be in kind, Miss Granger …”

2. Hagrid was dragged kicking and cursing from his hut, as the hooded and masked re-possessors moved in.

3. There was an ominous whistling through his teeth, as the plumber stared into the chamber entrance in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

Feel free to add your own!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Those were the days - Senna was my hero.

Athletics: Success for Stephanie Twell, with Andrew Lemoncello and Freya Murray taking 3rd places.

Phil Taylor and Ted Hankey win the World Championship(s).

Winter Sports:
Shelley Rudman takes Silver in the World Cup; Zoe Gillings takes a Bronze.

David Vine: I hear the start of Ski Sunday and he’s the person I immediately think of. A sad loss; my sympathies to David’s family and friends.

Monday, 12 January 2009

3BT: Music, Writing, Rain

Music Choice: Kylie - Love at First Sight - How's this for a Cha Cha - Toby's Time Tunnel on Heart is a mine of wonderful tunes recently.

I’ve actually finished writing a script in the right format! At least, I hope so …

It’s raining - no scraping the car this morning - my fingers not dropping off, that’s a beautiful thing.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Running Commentary: Dancing on Ice, Week One

An explosion of sound and movement to open the show, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps merging into Standing in the Way Of Control. Chris is missing, an injured shoulder gives Jayne the chance to skate away with Daniel and Matt. But I don’t hate her. Jeremy and Darya have hit it off: “Ding Dong!” said Jeremy and she’s gone all bashful! As he said “No-one wants to look at a minger!” He’s made me laugh out loud twice already. They perform a lovely dance to ‘True’. A little wobble but nice lines, musical opening. Oops, steady on the steps. Score: 15. Donal and Florentine: A nervous Mr Undercover Tough Guy, He‘d be alright if the judges had knives! He’s still working and has so far skated badly in Prague, Paris, Cape Town, Ukraine, Dublin, Mexico and Slough. Poor Florentine - someone shot a poison dart in her eye, Donal really should leave her somewhere safe while he’s working. ‘Rock Star’ the song, gives it some attitude, not too shoddy at all! Needs to work on presentation but a good effort. Score: 13.5. Jason said: “I was overall impressed - got deflated in the lifts, fix postural problems …something else positive”. This is known as a s**t sandwich and is how constructive criticism is given. Which made his comments to Todd all the more hysterical. Suzy initially showed some frustration with Todd but by the time they took to the ice they’d worked through it and there was a warmth between them for ‘Everything I do, I do it for You’. As he stretched out his arms to glide to her side I thought: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes - it’s Big Bird, doing an impression of a plane! Aw, bless. It was very shaky but he enjoyed himself. Score: 7.5 Can’t really argue but Jason’s “You looked like you‘ve crapped yourself” will see him safely through to the next round. I just had to stop typing because I can’t stop laughing. But that's shocked hysterical laughter, by the way - not a fan of that kind of vulgarity early in the evening! There’s a quickie interview with the ladies and I'm staring at Zoe’s hair, it’s … it’s …well, it looks like she been on a boat and they’ve been practising knots. Jessica can’t wait - Coleen so can, in fact, she’d rather make the tea. And oh look - there’s a rivalry being built between the soap queens. *Yawns*

We’re back from the break - Jason looks like he’s been told off! Not surprised, there’s a bunch of kids in the audience all harassing their mums asking: ‘What’s crapped yourself mean , mummy?” Ellery and Frankie are ‘Born To Run’.
I’m likin’ the attitude already but how funny - he doesn’t know his left from right! Shame they ran out of material in wardrobe for Frankie. They could have raided the canteen for silver foil, surely? Ellery is solid, most competent performance so far and hints of a show man! Score: 17.5. Ray and Maria brings shades of Maria and Gareth to the ice, performance full of musicality to 'Mm Bop'. Ray has the confidence and balance borne of roller blading, bit like an excitable puppy though. Brilliant performance, nifty footwork. Score 23.5. Doubt it’ll be beaten tonight. Graham and Kristina go for a swingy ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ but the jacket is a pain, he’s Mr. No-Neck. Nasty fall affected his confidence. Nicely done though, some good lines. Score: 14.5. Michael and Melanie back together again! Hope he’s not too angsty about the ankle, he's a fun guy and my favourite last year for the two weeks he was in it. ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’ brings out a lovely performance, a couple of mistakes but he’ll be safe. Score: 15.

Who would I vote for if I voted? Hard to say - they’ve all got likable qualities and potential, some were technically far superior but we all know it’s not just about that don’t we? Nicky said as much - Todd sums up the spirit - it’s the taking part, not the winning. Todd should go but he won’t, I can see the bottom two being Donal and Graham, possibly Jeremy at risk too. The Skate-Off: Safe - Michael - Ray - Jeremy - Ellery - and what a surprise (not) TODD! Donal and Graham it is then, only one point between them before so all to play for. Donal stronger this time round. Graham lost the jacket and was also better than before but I think Donal shaded it. The judges agree unanimously. So Todd’s the one with the JS factor! Judges, eh? They never learn.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Things They Say

Matt tells me he’s made a New Year’s ReVolution (to walk more, which I guess means it‘s mine too!)

Friday, 9 January 2009

It’s Cold. Official. SO WRAP UP!

I think we’re all agreed aren’t we? That it’s taters out there? So why did I see a man in shorts yesterday and a girl in an off the shoulder top, flashing the flesh today?

Are they complete idiots or do they have under flesh heating? Discuss.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Camilla Dallerup

I’ve been reading reports that Camilla will not be returning as a dancer on Strictly Come Dancing next year, which saddens me, as her charisma and ability to bring out the best in her partners is hugely entertaining. Always playing to their strengths, her creative choreography and inspired musical choices have made their dances a joy to watch.

Happily, it’s Camilla’s own choice to leave, wishing to concentrate on other projects before perhaps settling down to have a family. I hope it’s not the last we see of her - opening next year’s show with a reprise of her and Tom’s show dance would be wonderful - but she has also said she’d love to return as a judge, in a role she’d be perfectly suited to, having been on the other side of their table for six series. Failing that, I’d say there’s a distinct possibility that Camilla’s versatility in choreographing the dramatic , comedic , romantic and the sheer get-up-and-join-in danciness-ic will bring offers from elsewhere in the dance industry.

I found it hard to choose my all time favourites by Camilla and her partners. Since Saturday evening work prevented me from watching till halfway through the second series, the first time I saw her was with Roger Black, their jive (left)to the very recognisable Pulp Fiction song (whose title I’ve completely forgotten) meaning it lodged in my mind. (Ok, so I’m a huge Roger Black fan too!) The tango with James; Gethin’s waltz, salsa and jive, Tom’s Foxtrot, Salsa, AS, QS, jives (and so on!) will be forever watchable - lasting memories of the chemistry, enthusiasm and fun they brought to the dance floor.

I hope the reports are wrong but if not, a big “THANK YOU, CAMILLA” for entertaining us so brilliantly and best wishes for the future.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Down to Business

I have to concentrate now, I've been given David Trottier's 'The Screenwriter's Bible' by my tutor and if I don't turn in a properly written screenplay I'm in trouble. Just when I'd got the hang of the Stage Play too, which I kept formatting in TV style (on account of the other course; I do have an excuse. I am a Writer, after all!!!)

We did another class exercise yesterday - adapting a very short story into a screen play - the adapting part completely got away from me. I started well enough: EXT. CAR. DAY. then careered away like the car had burst a tyre, so wrapped up was I in moving the story along. It'll be interesting to see how much of the dialogue I have to replace with action. It's not as easy as you may think!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Music Choice

Guru Josh Project: Infinity 2008 - a modern Paso Doble. Lovin’ that saxophone riff - it’s got a real Spanish sound to it, don’t you think? The video has a lot of flashing lights, so take care if they’re not good for you.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Local Boys Done Good!

Ok, so the actual end result wasn’t in Gillingham’s favour, but Hubby, who took Matt along to his first F.A Cup game today, reported back that the Gills played very well and were unlucky not to get at least a draw. We were especially interested as two of Bredhurst’s (young) old boys now play for the Gills Youth team, have had a run out in the reserves and, due to player shortages at Priestfields, were both on the bench for this game. Connor Essam and Dean Rance used to play in Brad‘s age group, under the managerialship of Hubby, and after he told me for the fifth time, I thought I’d write it up for posterity. The first words Brad said when I collected him from the pub after work *Sighs: I remember those days* were: “Did you see Connor and Dean on the telly?” Well, no, but I believe you. So here we are now, all settling down in front of the highlights, to wait for the moment the cameras cut to the bench, just so we can all shout “There they are! Did you see them? Cool.”

3BT: The Joys of Facebook

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen, but since OH has found some old friends of mine on there, I couldn’t resist. And it was great fun talking over him while he was playing poker (chatting to my sister in law - she reckons we‘re like a double act) We keep saying we should do more together …

Catching up with ‘H’ who I shared many a payday lunchtime curry with.

Joining groups made for me: ‘I Hate Mondays’ but ‘I Love Smooth Jazz’ - just need to find time to keep up now!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sports Day

Boxing: Matt Skelton won the vacant European Heavyweight title, Rendall Munroe retained his European super-bantamweight title.

Ski-ing: British Paralympic hopeful Jane Sowerby claimed two silver medals in Colorado to continue her impressive start to the ski season.

Bowls: Darren Burnett claimed the BT International Open with a superb win over Australian rival Brett Wilkie.

Curling: Scotland retained their European Curling Championship title following a dramatic 7-6 win over Norway at the Swedbank Arena in Sweden.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

We’re back from the brother in law’s following another of his now legendary parties. He’s an old soul boy you see, consequently my feet hurt because he alternates his own cd’s made up of all our favourites, with Heart’s continuous party music. Plus, he always has lovely snacks on offer too! The dogs (Nelly and Skye) weren’t too happy at being left out in the (sheltered) bit of garden by the back door (although they did have a huge patio heater to themselves) and everyone who passed through the kitchen stopped to make of a fuss of them.

Brad was off partying on his own, therefore I spent the night imagining that he’d lost his keys and slept out somewhere. So I made OH stop on the way home at the shop where Brad works, to check he made it in ok. I couldn‘t find him but the security guard assured me he did, although he was ‘tired’. And no doubt emotional too. I received a phone call a little while later for my troubles; I won’t tell you what he called me. But he can get his own tea. Why didn’t I phone him? Well, duh, he’s a teenager! He never replies to a text or answers the damn phone!