Sunday, 18 January 2009

Running Commentary: Dancing on Ice, Week Two

The girls are off! Yep - they’re crying already and it’s only their first week *tuts*. I said T-U-T-S! Still no Chris, but Jayne and the Pros spice up our lives with some creative lifts and a double death spiral. Jayne looks like she hasn’t slept all week, that or she’s going away straight after the show! Has Zoe not told them she’s left Blue Peter? Ha ha - Philip didn’t hurt his hand when he slapped Jason last week. Well then, you didn’t hit him hard enough Phil - have another go, go on.

Roxanne and Daniel (swoon) Take a Bow - a bit stiff in places but smooth in others, she relaxed more as it went along and you could see she was loving it, I think she may have let out a cheer at the end there. What is Jason on? Boooo Hissssss. Licking, chewing, smiling - it’s called expression. Considering she’s all star dusted up, she’s very down to earth. As Karen said, a good start. Score: 15.

Melinda and Fred (more swooning) She’s so squeaky! And bricking facing Jason - easy dealt with, there must be a car park he has to go to. Lovely choreography, a couple of wobbles (er, just realised how funny that sounds. Sorry.) I blame the song. What was it? A confident and joyful performance and another very down to earth lady. Jason didn’t like being compared to “the other show judge” re the pig remark. Who on earth could he mean? Score: 15.5

A trip to the audience - Alan Carr turned up on the wrong week - and, ooohh, Kev P’s in the house looking verrrrrryyyy fiiiiiiit *puuuurrrrrssss* Anyone tell me what he said? Did they talk to anyone else? Ahem. *visits the kitchen for ice*

Coleen and Stuart and a quote that could just see me voting for her: Chocolate - lasts longer, more satisfying and you don’t have to tell it you love it. I may have to change the blurb at the top of the blog. She’s fun off the ice, but on it … Dream a Little Dream of Me and it was a slow, dreamyish routine in which she did better than we expected. Score: 12.5

A quick chat with the boys, Ray most confident, Todd’s got a few more moves than last week and is looking forward to it …ish!

Zoe and Matt (Someone pick me up again) Stop worrying Zoe - you‘ve wing walked for goodness sake - I won’t even fly inside the plane! I Wanna Dance With Somebody (KP, horizontal rumba, preferably) and she did more skating than the others. It wasn‘t quite so fluid but a much harder routine and she skated through her nerves. Well done. Score: 18.5 Stop talking now. Nice to see Matt had his hair cut.

Gemma and Andrei. Seems she’s our resident Miss Competitive - don’t remember her being like that with Darren in the SCD Sport Relief Special but do remember her not being very elegant, which shows again here. The Power of Love is number one on my Songs I Hate list, which I’m in the process of compiling, and my brother phoned right as they started. I tried manfully to ignore him but he just kept talking so you’ll have to tell me how it went. From what I saw it was a bit stop/start but that could have been my turn to say something (Mm, yeah, ok, mm) Score: 13. Not really warming to her much.

Jessica and Pavel and ooh, I felt that THUD. Her, on the ice that is, not the *THUD* of seeing KP looking all fit ….where was I? Ah, yes - La Isla Bonita - I’m partial to Paso as you know and I loved this whole Spanish feel, classy, passionate - my favourite of the night. NOT because of KP, I promise - really not that shallow. I even voted. Once they’d reminded us of the numbers again, which I forgot to write down in the recap.

Who’s going? I think it’ll be Gemma unless Coleen is in the bottom two. In no particular order, the first couple safe and skating next week is: Coleen and Stuart! Jessica and Pavel (whoop whoop) Zoe and Matt; Roxanne and Daniel. Come ON Melinda and Fred! Would you believe the damn phone went again - saw most of it though and it was better than the first time. Gemma’s gonna have to go some. I think she knows. Bye. Ooh Jason, cardboard cut out one and two; very unfair on Melinda, who I think is delightful. Won’t miss Gemma at all. Somebody turn her down.


foxy said...

Can't help thinking you were a bit distracted through the program by a certain (married may I remind you) gentleman ;o)

He said he was really proud of her basically, didn't speak to anyone else and Gemma's routine was a bit stop start. Very tentative.

Thrilled Daniel and Roxanne are through - they're my early female favourite (mostly cos of Dan I admit) ;o)

Looking foward to seeing your list of hated songs lol

Jaye said...

I may have been, just a bit!

The only other song I can think of is 'Move Closer' - like you said, it's tough to think of faves because there are so many, but this list will probably take a long time too!

foxy said...

Off the top of my head I can only think of 'Mickey' (soooooooo repetitive it makes me want to tear my ears off!!) and 'Chacarron' (stop mumbling man!!)

I actually don't mind 'Move Closer' or 'Power of Love', not like they're my favourites, but I can cope if they come on the radio :o)

Jaye said...

I don't know Chacarron - I'll have to youtube it, who's it by - I promise not to post it!

Not so keen on Mickey myself, likewise Girls Just Want to Have Fun and It's Raining Men - too much hard work tryng to dance to them! It might be because they're so overplayed at any party and I'd rather dance to Gil Scott Heron! :)

foxy said...

El Chombo is the artist if you really want to subject yourself to it! :o)

Jaye said...

I know I said I wouldn't post it but ... :D