Saturday, 17 January 2009

Film Fest

Homework is to watch films and analyse the structures (ie. Syd Field’s Three Act one). Amongst the suggestions were Chinatown, Taxi Driver, Witness - all excellent examples of classic screenplay.

So, naturally, I watched Dirty Dancing! Don’t scoff - it’s still a three act structure, if I’ve pitched on the correct second plot point. Just got to get my hands on Strictly Ballroom and Grease now; no, I’m kidding. I ran my hand along the shelf and picked the first three DVDs that were still wrapped in cellophane (I clearly don’t watch as much film and TV as I should) so I shall also be analysing Sunset Boulevard and The Witches of Eastwick. Although, the family want to watch Hancock and I am Legend, so the tutor may get a bumper crop of five analyses for the price of three.

I’ll be honest though - I’d rather write a Dirty Dancing than a Taxi Driver. But I suspect you may have guessed that!


foxy said...

I can save you the trouble of bothering to watch it and tell you right now that Witness is one of the most boring films I've ever seen...though I doubt that helps you with your homework :o) I wouldn't recommend Hancock either I'm afraid - poor story and progression of plot, not good by Will Smith and Charlize Theron's standards!

Witches of Eastwick, Dirty Dancing and Strictly Ballroom are classic, definite thumbs up there :o) Can you tell that I spend far too much spare time at the cinema and watching dvds? Lol :o) I even have a list of best and worst films I've ever seen - complied in a moment of extreme boredom!

Jaye said...

You know, I'd not thought of doing a list for those things - don't go giving me ideas like that :D

It's bad enough when I'm going on holiday ... or away for the day :)

foxy said...

You make lists of bad and good when you're away for the day? :o)

It's amazing what you remember when you think about it :o) Sitting there thinking 'that was a bad film...oh god he was also in that and was dreadful...oh then the next week I saw that and it was appalling!'. You think to yourself I haven't seen that many bad films, then suddenly you're having to decide what's worse because you've already filled your top ten slots lol :o)

I have to say I think Witness might just about make it into the top ten just for the sheer dullness of it - it really was boring! But it has stiff competition from:
Closer (hated all the characters)
Waterworld (just bizarre)
Blazing Saddles (not funny - sorry but Mel Brooks just isn't my humour)
Phone Booth (worst ending EVER)
The Cable Guy (bad acting, bad script, bad jokes, bad everything really!)
Revolver (What?!)
Vanilla Sky (again...What?!)
Hope Springs (D.U.L.L) and
History of Violence (pointless sex scenes and ridiculous plot twists)

Those are, in no particular order, my 10 worst films I've ever seen. There are many more I don't rate, but I think those 10 edge it - Witness fights with Changing Lanes (should have been so much better than it was) for 10th place. The best bit of History of Violence was when my mum got really frustrated halfway through and screamed out 'WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!' - hilarious...and no one corrected her or told her to shush, classic moment! :o)

By the way I'm preparing my vocal chords for Strictly ;o) I'm going to wait until the silence when one couple is preparing to start on the dancefloor and then I'll scream 'SCATTY ARE YOU THERE?!' at the top of my voice ;o) .... Only joking, I wouldn't do that to you and your mum :o)

Jaye said...

LOL - not the good and bad - just lists of what to take! Hubby gives me grief about it BUT when we went to centerparcs, it wasn't me who did the colour co-ordinated activity spread sheet! ;)

I'd never be a ble to do a good list of anything- far too many, but I'm easily pleased so I'd probably struggle to think of ten bad - I'm going to give it a go, though it might take a while! Your mum sounds fun!

BTW - I kept meaning to tell you - Clover (see links - Frankie and Clover Strictly blog) is Ale! I must pop over and tell her you're here!

Can you imagine everyone's faces if you did that at the show!! Not least mine :D I should be embarrassed but I'd probably not stop laughing!

foxy said...

Oh God, your OH sounds like my dad! I prefer to see what takes my fancy, too much organisation just gets me wound up :o)

Ooh - I'll look out for Clover then to say hi :o)

Can you imagine if I did do that at the show - I'd be mobbed and beaten up probably! Lol :o)

Looking foward to your bad films list ;o)

foxy said...

Incidently I sound really negative, but actually I'm the same as you - I'm more often pleased than not at the cinema :o) It's much harder to come up with my 10 favourites because there are so many films I love :o) Though it doesn't sound like it lol :o)