Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Moving Day

With Barack Obama moving into the White House today, Jamie and Harriet on the Heart breakfast show asked: “What’s the funniest thing you’ve found when you moved into a new home?”

I was driving so I couldn’t tell them that we found … the inside of a car - in our loft! Back seat, both front seats, windscreen and back window! Along with insulation comprising the entire polystyrene packaging of a thousand tellys. Took forty black sacks to get rid of it all!


foxy said...

Hey it could have been worse Scatty - we found mice during one of our moves :o/ Wasn't particularly pleasant - in fact I think we were all permanently deafened a little by my mums screams! :o)

Man I hate moving, done it enough to know that! It's easily the most stressful thing I've ever subjected myself to - apart from possibly auditioning with 200 boys for a male role in a stage production when I was a lot younger! Ahh the quirky memories are the best lol :o) Got interviewed on local news and everything because of that - and made myself look a right div aswell by getting all flustered and talking gobbledy gook, doh!

Julie P said...

Oh my God! I don't think I've found anything unusual left over from the previous occupants of a house. Mind you at least there wasn't a dead body sitting in the car in the loft! Now there's an idea for a short story!

Jaye said...

LOL Foxy - I was interviewed on telly when Princess Anne got married (the first time) Monty Modleyn (ask your mum) tried to make me sing - on live telly this was. 1972, so no dvd recording thankfully. Not that I sung - just crossed my arms and glared. :D

The dead body sitting in the car in the loft is a fantastic image Julie - go for it! :)

foxy said...

Love it Scatty lol - can just picture you glaring at the interviewer! Shame there's no footage, bet it's as ridiculous as mine! :o)

I think I'd freak out if I found a car in my attic, nevermind with a dead body as well...too much like something out of Trial and Retribution or something like that! :o)