Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Music Choice

Guru Josh Project: Infinity 2008 - a modern Paso Doble. Lovin’ that saxophone riff - it’s got a real Spanish sound to it, don’t you think? The video has a lot of flashing lights, so take care if they’re not good for you.


foxtrotfairy said...

Nice choice Scatty! In case you're thinking who the hell is this?! It's Fairy from SCD boards :o)

Did you have a good xmas and new year? How's the Buble addiction going? I'm already suffering from massive withdrawal. I have to go and look at random things on the website to get a fix! Lol :o) Hope all is well - like your blog!

Jaye said...

Hiya Fairy! (I knew it was you)Lovely to hear from you - Clover(Ale) popped in a few posts ago too! :)

We had a good Xmas/New Year thanks, hope you did too. I got The Buble's 'Call me Irresponsible' CD. Hubby had instructions to find me one with 'It Had Better Be Tonight' on!
I stumbled across a Michael Buble blog by accident, which was really good but I forgot to save it *doh*.
I'll see if I can find it again and post the link :)

Take care, speak soon xx