Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Things They Say

Hubby was giving Brad grief about being the only teenager not desperate to get his driving licence; 8 year old Matt pipes up : “Can’t understand him - we’re all desperate to get our pen licences at school.”

Sorry Foxy!

chacarron macarron he sounds like crazy frog without the acid! Some of the comments there say he sounds like Homer! LOL - he does. Ha ha, it’s one of the funniest most dreadfully addictive songs I’ve ever heard!

This version is better - crazy frog on helium.


foxy said...

I forgive you for posting it Scatty...but not for lodging it in my brain! It's going to go round in there for days and torture me - Though I do agree the second version is an improvement...just! ;o)

Jaye said...

The chipmunks reminds me - Daniel and Linda danced to Mickey last year and my tape was all chewed up - so it sounded like the Chipmunks! Also an improvement on the original :)