Thursday, 8 January 2009

Camilla Dallerup

I’ve been reading reports that Camilla will not be returning as a dancer on Strictly Come Dancing next year, which saddens me, as her charisma and ability to bring out the best in her partners is hugely entertaining. Always playing to their strengths, her creative choreography and inspired musical choices have made their dances a joy to watch.

Happily, it’s Camilla’s own choice to leave, wishing to concentrate on other projects before perhaps settling down to have a family. I hope it’s not the last we see of her - opening next year’s show with a reprise of her and Tom’s show dance would be wonderful - but she has also said she’d love to return as a judge, in a role she’d be perfectly suited to, having been on the other side of their table for six series. Failing that, I’d say there’s a distinct possibility that Camilla’s versatility in choreographing the dramatic , comedic , romantic and the sheer get-up-and-join-in danciness-ic will bring offers from elsewhere in the dance industry.

I found it hard to choose my all time favourites by Camilla and her partners. Since Saturday evening work prevented me from watching till halfway through the second series, the first time I saw her was with Roger Black, their jive (left)to the very recognisable Pulp Fiction song (whose title I’ve completely forgotten) meaning it lodged in my mind. (Ok, so I’m a huge Roger Black fan too!) The tango with James; Gethin’s waltz, salsa and jive, Tom’s Foxtrot, Salsa, AS, QS, jives (and so on!) will be forever watchable - lasting memories of the chemistry, enthusiasm and fun they brought to the dance floor.

I hope the reports are wrong but if not, a big “THANK YOU, CAMILLA” for entertaining us so brilliantly and best wishes for the future.

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