Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Athletics - and Hayley Yelling claims a shock win in the European Cross Country Championships! In Boxing, Lee Haskins claims the Commonwealth superflyweight title. Our disabled swimmers again took their place on the world stage, with an impressive 46 medals in the IPC World Short Course championships. The US won the Duel in the Pool - but our lad Michael Rock beat the legend-in-his-own-lifetime that is Michael Phelps! More Triathlon world champions for the media to ignore - Jodie Swallow and Julie Dibens. And a bronze for paralympian slalom skier, Sean Rose in the European cup, adding to the silver and two bronzes from last weekend.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Hint: Next

They shuffled or were dragged. Some fell and rotted; the better option.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas ...

...and a happy New Year! And thank you for visiting my jottings - I know I've been a little less active on here recently (due to a certain dance show!) but I'm hoping to pick things up again in the new year. I do seem to have a bit of an issue sometimes accessing this particular blog, so there'll be a bit of a tidy up, moving the dance list over, compact the music vids all into a Blip.fm link maybe, something like that, to see if it helps. And I'm going to nab myself one of those 'how much have I written' widgets and make a proper start on my screenplay - if you see it not moving, feel free to nag! In the meantime, here's a heartfelt plea from the animals to spare a thought for them in this eco-threatened, global warming *glances out of the window: yep, snow's still there* world of ours!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sports Personality of the Year?

Ryan Giggs? And he was surprised. When Jenson tootled up second I was convinced it was David Haye. I take it the whole of Manchester, sorry, obviously not just Manchester, had their phones on redial. Jessica Ennis took third, in front of a very supportive home crowd.

Yes, I know - Ryan's won everything (and been rightly recognised in the footballing world) - except a World Cup or European Championships - and that's my criteria I'm afraid. Number One (not number two and not a grand slam in sight) top of the tree, king of the whatevetver, you get my drift - in the World. I suppose we should be grateful that Alistair Brownlee and Chrissie Wellington at least warranted a mention.

And don't get me started on Team of the Year. Yes, we won the Ashes and Strauss is a fantastic captain. So what does that make Charlotte Edwards then? Retains the Ashes, wins the World Cup and the World 20/20 Series. Oh, hang on, a thought just struck me. They're women. And before you argue with me, look up the phrase "it's all relative". Likewise, until Capello actually wins something ... do Alistair and Chrissie have coaches? The rowers, swimmers, cyclists, sailors?? Just askin'. Seems to me the "experts" are all bloody obsessed with football; any excuse ...

But Tom Daley, Young Sports Personality of the Year, was a no-brainer. An emotional outpouring too for Phil Packer, recipient of the Helen Rollason Award and he's going to continue - keep up with his next challenges here.

Another fab show though. Sue, Gary and Jake for Strictly, I say!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The things they say ... or, how to make you feel old!

As usual, there's a question and answer session on the way home from school.

"Mum, tell me the names of two Man Utd captains."

"Er, Bryan Robson?"

"Someone I might know."

"Peter Schmeichel?"

*Tuts* "I said, someone in the modern era ..."

'Scuse me while I just pull over and park me zimmer frame.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

3bt: Observations

So if FIFA are retrospectively investigating the Thierry Henry handball that knocked out the Irish, will they be doing the same to Diego Maradona for the Hand of God moment in '86?

Our sailors who strayed into Iranian waters did so due to a mechanical failure - so when they were released and the news said they were being towed back into international waters, was I the only one thinking: "Well, hang on, it might happen again if they haven't fixed the boat!"

When the Sex Pistols burst into our lives in the late 70's, did anyone seriously think, 30 years later, that John Lydon would be appearing on the Culture Show?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009

This is the list in full - the nominations that the final shortlist was taken from - links to the individuals making the final cut are on the right. More deserving but less high profile sports have been completely ignored - there's no way I'd have Andy Murray in there at the expense of Alistair Brownlee (who doesn't receive a single vote from the newspaper 'sport' journalists unlike Wayne Rooney. Wayne *&*^%& Rooney? You're having a laugh. Murray might have had his best year ever, but he still hasn't won a major title *rolls eyes*. And frankly, with all the Individual World Champions we have this year, why do we have a footballer in there who has only won domestic trophies? Pitiful when compared to Gemma Spofforth, Chrissie Wellington and Jo Jackson, not to mention the countless sailors, rowers etc. Yes to the England cricket team as Team of the Year for regaining the Ashes, no to Strauss individually - maybe it should be Claire Taylor from England's women - first woman named one of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Year. But on the whole, I'd say the rest deserve their spot.

Jenson Button - Jessica Ennis - David Haye - Beth Tweddle - Tom Daley - Philips Idowu - Mark Cavendish - Andrew Strauss - Ryan Giggs - Andy Murray. That's pretty much my order - I hope they have a parade of all those missing though, let's at least try to show your average member of the public that Andy Murray isn't the pinnacle of British achievement.