Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas ...

...and a happy New Year! And thank you for visiting my jottings - I know I've been a little less active on here recently (due to a certain dance show!) but I'm hoping to pick things up again in the new year. I do seem to have a bit of an issue sometimes accessing this particular blog, so there'll be a bit of a tidy up, moving the dance list over, compact the music vids all into a Blip.fm link maybe, something like that, to see if it helps. And I'm going to nab myself one of those 'how much have I written' widgets and make a proper start on my screenplay - if you see it not moving, feel free to nag! In the meantime, here's a heartfelt plea from the animals to spare a thought for them in this eco-threatened, global warming *glances out of the window: yep, snow's still there* world of ours!

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