Thursday, 3 December 2009

3bt: Observations

So if FIFA are retrospectively investigating the Thierry Henry handball that knocked out the Irish, will they be doing the same to Diego Maradona for the Hand of God moment in '86?

Our sailors who strayed into Iranian waters did so due to a mechanical failure - so when they were released and the news said they were being towed back into international waters, was I the only one thinking: "Well, hang on, it might happen again if they haven't fixed the boat!"

When the Sex Pistols burst into our lives in the late 70's, did anyone seriously think, 30 years later, that John Lydon would be appearing on the Culture Show?


foxy said...

Sorry Scatty - am having to post here because I just can't get onto the Dance blog at home :o(

Cannot believe the dance-off yesterday - how? Just how? That's all I can say! Made me feel quite sad because of the 3 I'm supporting Team Cola, but know in my heart they won't win and of the other 2 I definitely think Ricky has more talent, so it's a shame to me that Ali is the one in the driving seat it appears *sigh*

It's looking like this could be the first year that someone I'm not backing could win! I've lost my touch :o/

Couldn't agree more with your comments on the Sports Personality of Year list by the way - Ryan Giggs and Andy Murray?! Umm..... wanna explain that one to me panel?

I'm hoping Beth Tweddle gets at least one of the runner up places. Her acheivement was really special and it'd be criminal for her to miss out.

Jaye said...

I know - feel sorry for Ricky, specially with the announcement tonight, the dance off was prob his best chance. But we don't know how close the vote between him and Ali so you never know!

I'll maintain my 100% record - clever idea, having lots of faves! ;-)