Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sports Personality of the Year?

Ryan Giggs? And he was surprised. When Jenson tootled up second I was convinced it was David Haye. I take it the whole of Manchester, sorry, obviously not just Manchester, had their phones on redial. Jessica Ennis took third, in front of a very supportive home crowd.

Yes, I know - Ryan's won everything (and been rightly recognised in the footballing world) - except a World Cup or European Championships - and that's my criteria I'm afraid. Number One (not number two and not a grand slam in sight) top of the tree, king of the whatevetver, you get my drift - in the World. I suppose we should be grateful that Alistair Brownlee and Chrissie Wellington at least warranted a mention.

And don't get me started on Team of the Year. Yes, we won the Ashes and Strauss is a fantastic captain. So what does that make Charlotte Edwards then? Retains the Ashes, wins the World Cup and the World 20/20 Series. Oh, hang on, a thought just struck me. They're women. And before you argue with me, look up the phrase "it's all relative". Likewise, until Capello actually wins something ... do Alistair and Chrissie have coaches? The rowers, swimmers, cyclists, sailors?? Just askin'. Seems to me the "experts" are all bloody obsessed with football; any excuse ...

But Tom Daley, Young Sports Personality of the Year, was a no-brainer. An emotional outpouring too for Phil Packer, recipient of the Helen Rollason Award and he's going to continue - keep up with his next challenges here.

Another fab show though. Sue, Gary and Jake for Strictly, I say!


Philip said...

England Women are the only professional women's cricket team in the world, so they darned well should win everything. The men face rather tougher opposition.

The women are paid out of money generated by the men's team. Are comments like yours fair reward to men's cricket for funding the women? I don't know why they bother. Next up people like you will start complaining because the women aren't paid as much as the men, but how much money do YOU put into women's cricket?

foxy said...

How much do you put in then Philip? Sod all I'll bet! I don't know why people like you seem to think a bit of recognition in women's sports is such an outrage!Personally Scatty - I'm with you on this one :o)

I nearly fell off my chair when they announced Ryan Giggs the winner! Think I spent the next 10 minutes saying 'Ryan Giggs?! Ryan Flippin Giggs?!'.....well maybe a word other than flippin crept in ;o)

We've got World Champions in Jessica Ennis (after recovering from a disastrous and career threatening injury) and Beth Tweddle (who is a ripe old age for a gymnast and nearly got knocked out in the first round before pulling off an absolute cracker to take the title), not to mention Jenson Button and David Hayes and the public voted for Ryan Giggs!

I despair.

Jaye said...

So why did they put them on the shortlist then Phil? There's no shortage of world beating British teams this year.

As for how much I put in, I reckon I must do at least a fiver in petrol every summer, banking the subs for my local team ...