Sunday, 27 April 2008

I'd Do Anything, Week Five

Thankfully got rid of the menfolk upstairs, so I can watch in peace.
Pick a Pocket: Rachel (that’s a first for me) and Sarah looked and sounded the strongest there.

Niamh: On dodgy ground with ‘Valerie’ I think, it’s so distinctive. After a good couple of weeks, I wasn’t impressed by that, she seemed uncomfortable with the choreography and I’m with John on the diction.

Rachel: A complete about turn coming up from me - that was the best I’ve seen Rachel, thought she was brilliant. Shame about the maternity dress but you can’t have everything. Great vocal, a ‘real’ performance for me this week.

Jessie: One of Jessie’s best too, great acting and vocal. Forget the panel and stop worrying.

Sarah: Strong as always, LOL at the teapot. Sounds like a voice you expect to hear on stage.

Keisha: In two minds over her - the voice was cracking a bit, understandable with problems this week, so credit to her for what she did. Good performance, maybe could have rocked a bit more.

Ashley: Lovely, truly lovely, sounded quite different. Sorry John but you’re speaking b*llshi*t that was much better than recent efforts. Me and panels, what can you do? She showed more versatility, I thought.

Olivers: Baby Fight club - that looked a lot of fun. I wonder if any of them caught the stunt man for real? Hard Knock Life was brilliant. Alexander is through; he’s got a Mark Lester feel about him.

Samantha: Since You’ve Been Gone - wasn’t that Rainbow? Oh no, it’s the other one. Slow start - but she’s rockin’ it now, great attitude. Vocal not so good in the quieter moments but great in the ‘big’ bits. Enjoyable.

Jodie: My favourite Whitney song ‘I Have Nothing’. Held my attention throughout. Very, very strong.

Phew! It’s a toughie tonight, they nearly all upped their game. Strongest show overall this week. The judges are quite set aren’t they, once they decide something about someone, but I completely changed my tune about Rachel tonight - and Niamh didn’t impress as she had before. A topsy turvy week; we could see a shock, bottom two wise. Personally, least impressive but not bad performances: Niamh and Keisha. The others I enjoyed, again, still not just one standing out for me.

Results Show: Nancies Task this week - Sculling. We did that in Summer Games lessons, down at the River Lea and I loved it. Trouble is, you’re moving backwards and there’s a bend in the river, just along from the boat house. Still, there was no permanent damage to the boat. Or the bridge.
The girls were quite taken with the rowers - can’t say I blame them!

Good performances in ‘Sister are Doing it for Themselves’ - Keisha, Samantha, Sarah and Jessie.
Samantha -safe; Jessie - safe; Jodie and Rachel - safe; Keisha and Ashley -one safe, one not. Ashley - safe! “Yes!” She shouts. That’s’ the spirit! Sarah and Niamh - surely Sarah is through. Yes, of course she could be Nancy.
What d’you know - spot on with my prediction. Can’t see Andrew saving Keisha again, over Niamh. Ooh, I’m really glad I’m not him. “It’s A Travesty” not the right two. Not happy is he - Keisha’s gone. Only decision he could make really - she didn’t have the public or the panel’s support. BUT says he’ll do anything to help her in the business - good on you Andrew. But which two did he want to choose from then, that’s the question. Ashley presumably but who else? He’s seriously hacked off, he’s walked away before the credits have rolled. Can’t wait for next week!

Thursday, 24 April 2008


Britain's compound women archers won team gold and individual silver and bronze medals at the second round of the World Cup in Croatia.
Nichola Simpson, Nicky Hunt and Lucy Holderness combined to beat France in the team event 209-205.
Simpson won the individual silver, edged out of gold by one point, by France's Amandine Bouillot, while Andrea Gales secured the bronze medal.
Men's compound team, Neil Wakelin, Liam Grimwood and Adam Shaw also won bronze.

Anthony Clark and Donna Kellogg won the European Championships mixed doubles title with Kellogg and Gail Emms winning silver in the women's doubles.
Kellogg also won silver last week in the team competition. Presumably, the rest of this mysterious team also won silvers: who they are, how many - who knows? I’d email, but, you know what, I’m still waiting for a reply to the swimming one!

Beth Tweddle won the silver medal in the floor exercise at the women's European Championships in France.

Andrea Brewster boosted her hopes of qualifying for the Olympics by winning the bronze medal at the Laser Radial World Championships in New Zealand.

Northampton's 2007 Junior World and European triathlon champion, Hollie Avil, grabbed a stunning bronze as Britain's triathletes impressed at the World Cup in Japan.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

FICTION: Agatha's Testimony

I’m looking down on the trial of the young man from my village of Brayley Glen, accused of my “callous and shameful” murder. It’s a strange sensation, although it could’ve been worse - I could be looking up!

“And so, Mr. Langrish, you still maintain that Mrs Rumsden simply gave you her life savings. Just like that, for helping her with a few shopping bags?” The disbelief in the QC’s voice was apparent for all to hear. Of course, it wasn’t exactly my life savings; I’d kept plenty in the building society to share out between my family, I wasn’t daft.
“Yes, I’m telling you. She wanted to give me a chance, after all that fuss before. She believed me.” Paul would’ve sailed through a lie detector test, for sure.
“And there was no argument?” The questioners eyebrows would be needing oxygen at this rate.
Paul shook his head. “No, only when I told her I didn’t want it, she just wouldn’t let me go.”
“So, in the end, you took it to make her happy?”
“Yes. She was dying anyway, she said she wouldn‘t need it where she was going.”
“How very convenient for you!” There was just one eyebrow raised now. I can’t say I like this chap very much, with his posh Italian suit and supercilious air. But that’s the county town for you, I suppose.
“It wasn’t like that!” Paul’s eyes sparked angrily and his knuckles whitened against the polished mahogany of the dock. Go on, lad, I urged. You give him some back.
“And she asked you to buy the rat poison?”
“Yes. She said Ted normally did everything for her, but she’d forgotten to tell him about the rat and knew she wouldn’t remember the next time she saw him.” There’s a certain air about someone when they’re telling the truth. I can see it and I can tell that some members of the jury, at that point, were considering if Paul might really be innocent.
“And when you took it back to her, she invited you in for tea?”
“Yes.” Paul’s voice rose slightly with the vehemence of his answer. And don’t forget the biscuits, I admonished, even though he couldn’t hear me - I bought some lovely all-butter cookies especially.
“Had Mrs Rumsden ever been this friendly towards you before?“
“No … but she said she felt sorry for me … wanted to help me out … ” He lost it a little bit at that point. He was starting to realise how it all sounded, I think. You stick to your story, lad, be strong. He certainly has a good memory, I’ll give him that. Remembered our conversation almost word for word, he did. It’s funny how other people see things differently though, isn’t it?
Alma - who lived in Lavender Cottage, next door to me - swore she heard us arguing, that I was refusing to give him any money. She’s an insatiable busybody, although she did look out for me.
“She kept it under her bed; I kept telling her to put it in the bank, but you know what some people are like, stuck in their ways ...”
Bob, the village shop proprietor, remembered quite clearly selling Paul the rat poison.
“I had no reason to think it were dodgy,” he sniffed into his hanky, “’cos since they started building that by-pass, there’ve been a load of rats displaced ..." He can be a bit of an old woman but there’s no denying his honesty.
Ted was adamant; stubborn old sod that he is, he disputed the lad‘s claim I‘d sent him to buy it.
“Why would she do that? She didn’t ‘ave no rats. I‘m round there most days and Max, her terrier, he‘s better‘n any cat for digging out rats!”
Dr. Moncur, bless him, my GP, completely forgot to mention the cancer riddling my body and homed straight in on the poisoning symptoms: SOCO had no trouble discovering the lad’s fingerprints everywhere - cups, kettle, biscuit barrel, sugar bowl, rat poison - and why would they, he admitted being there and making tea after he’d bought the poison. P.C Jordan placing him at the scene, sneaking in through the back door of the cottage seemed almost irrelevant - I just couldn’t have him walking mud through the hallway, my beige carpet would never have recovered. It was his word against theirs. An unemployed lad with a boisterous reputation, found with £2000 in his house - the one shared with a drunken mother and an indifferent father - versus half of the Brayley Glen church committee. Charity fundraisers and village stalwarts extraordinaire. What chance did he have? Sadly for Paul, the jury came back with a unanimous ‘Guilty’ verdict. None of the villagers were allowed to serve, of course, it being such a close community. Although I believe the milkman’s 3rd cousin, twice removed, was married to the foreman.

My name is Agatha Rumsden. I was 87 years old when I died. I was murdered. Officially, at least. I talked it over with a select few from the St. Stephen’s committee - we agreed it was the best way to ensure Paul Langrish was properly punished for what he’d done to the milkman’s daughter. She was a sweet girl, and she’d had a crush on him. So, after their date, when she was quiet and jittery instead of happy and excited, the whole story came tumbling out. It was at church on the Sunday morning. We hadn’t even made it outside to enjoy the fresh carpet of bluebells in the garden. There was me, Ted, Terry Moncur, Bob, Alma and Gary Jordan; he went straight around there to arrest that lad. And what happened next? “Not enough evidence - his word against hers.” Outrageous! That poor, dear girl. When that lad was let off, I said we should fit him up for something else; Ted said I’d been watching too much TV! But it started us all thinking: My part was really quite simple. I was dying anyway; why waste the opportunity?
So we ‘fitted him up’ good and proper. No lack of evidence for the jury this time, oh no, presented with the testimonies of half a dozen respectable villagers. How could anyone else know I had forced the money on him, that he really was telling the truth?
“It’s so unfair - all the gossip you’ve had to put up with, because of that lying little tart. Go away, make something of yourself. Go on, take it - I’m not spending it where I’m going, am I?” And the arrogant little wretch believed me.


BAFTA’S … or is it Strictly Come Gethin?

I love awards shows and of course was hoping to see Strictly Come Dancing win at least one, if not two. Sadly it wasn’t to be; 'Gavin and Stacey' and Harry Hill are favourites too though, so I can live with it. Brucie received his Fellowship to tumultuous applause and standing ovations, especially from the attendant who’s who of Strictly - Alesha, gorgeous as ever, with sweet Matt Cutler beside her, and our honorary GG’s: Tess, Claudia and Arlene, we also found a lovely pic of Camilla on the red carpet. The SCD segments were received with collective *THUDS* by the GG’s, as it was Geth the producers chose to showcase! Honestly, you’d have thought he’d won it!!!! Only fair though, since he was too busy to be there in person!

Something else I noticed - check out 1 hour 52 min and 13 sec in, during Brucie's Fellowship piece - I swear it's Alan Carr (or his mum!) on the conveyor belt.

For an exclusive interview with Gethin, by our very own Sparkling Champagne, see (link on left)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

I'd Do Anything, Week Four:

Opening song : ‘Consider Yourself’ - strong vocals from Francesca, Keisha, Sarah, Rachel, Jodie and Niamh, less strong from Samantha, Jessie and Ashley. Although Samantha acted the part well, whilst I thought Rachel overdid it as usual.

Looks like Barry’s dyed his hair afresh!

Jodie: Her face looks slimmer, although it could be the earrings - she’ll have neck ache wearing those too often. Feisty but poppy song which didn’t show off her vocal, consistent though.

Samantha: Let’s hope John’s coaching helps. Her best yet I’d say, a different Samantha. A little concerned at the start but improved and gave it everything. Raw - thanks Denise, that’s the word I was looking for.

Ashley: Oh God! Not a Whitney song, THAT Whitney song. Even Whitney sounds like she’s being strangled on that. Not looking forward to this at all. Strangled it is and she doesn’t move well. Bottom two unless others really screw up.

I’m agreeing with Andrew again!

Niamh: Understated yet powerful. Enjoyed that, and she’s looking less gothic too. Warming to her. No point winking at John though, Niamh - more chance with Barry, my dear, but would you want to stoop that low to get your big break?

Olivers: Am looking away now whilst they‘re abseiling! I do not like heights. I had to force myself to watch Gethin window cleaning Canary Wharf tower, on Blue Peter this week. Kwayedza’a through - excellent choice, I picked him out early on. Good job as always, boys.

Keisha: Come on girl - I need to hear something special to convince me now and ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is a good song choice. Lovely dress. A song in two halves - still didn’t convince until the end. I agree with John and Denise for once, Andrew spot on - there’s something there that needs coaxing out.

Jessie: Performance there, couple of wobbles but strong vocally overall, especially where she slowed it down. And I like the crooked smile too - gives character, like a scar.

Sarah: Oh yes! Very different from the original, made it her own totally. Yay for Sarah!

Francesca: Nice dress. Emotive, her most consistent performance yet. And agreed again with Denise - she needs a belter of a song.

Rachel: Vocally superb but I’ve nailed what it is that worries me: The manic looks into the camera like a mad-eyed stalking woman (and I know a few of those!!) If they’re ever casting for ‘Psycho - The Musical’ she’s a dead cert.

Ok, not even going to guess at what an ‘Andrew’ might involve.

Faves tonight: Sarah and Niamh Bottom two: Ashley and Keisha, which I think would crack Keisha, however, if she is there with Ashley, she’ll be saved again. And have to say again - who’s choosing the songs? Or is it the arrangement thereof? Still no-one giving a performance to blow me away - it needs to be on a par with Connie's Week Two performance of 'Shout'.

On the 'Other Side' it looks like it'll be a battle of young lads on 'Britain's Got Talent' with the two Charlies - a confident 10 year old jazz singer and 13 year old comedian impressing last night. But why do they have to show the really embarrassing ones? And why bother putting that woman who danced to 'Toxic' through? It's laughing AT, not WITH, and there's a big difference in the entertainment value far as I'm concerned. Give me a performer who brings me to tears for the right reasons, anytime.

Results Show:

Live West End Show - we really needed to hear the whole song to help us decide.
Viva Las Vegas - Sarah the only one who stood out for me - and I truly wrote that before they cut to Andrew who said word for word the exact same thing!

I’ll Be There - well done Kwayedza, our song writing R&B star of the future. Although, the arrangement there brings me back to my earlier comments re the song choices - are they deliberately arranged to be bland? Apart from a couple of performances, the uptempo songs seem to all use the same disco karaoke beat, which is why the girls are struggling to put in an outstanding performance. And the ballads are all very measured - they all sing the same way, there‘s no variation - I thought the production was looking for an Amy Winehouse?

Anyway, here we go again: Keisha looks ready to cry. Rachel, safe; Sarah, safe; Samantha and Niamh, safe; Keisha??? Cruel. Jodie, safe; Jessie, safe. We’re left with the three predicted by the GG’s collectively - Ashley, Francesca, Keisha - SAFE! I’m pleased for her - can they please give her free reign to interpret a song next week - ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ or ‘I Live For Your love’, something she can emote with.

Bye Ashley? Least fave with the viewers too. Whistle Down the Wind, written by Mr. A Lloyd-Webber. I preferred Francesca, warmer in tone, more emotive. Oh dear, Andrew’s clasping his head. That bad, or more difficult than he thought? He’s going for Ashley - credit to the main man for deferring to his subordinates who are there in person. Bit unfair to call Francesca a professional though - no more so than Lee Mead. Powerful to the end, although I think the pitching problem would always be evident. Ashley is going to have to prove to Andrew next week she really can cut it.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Chuffed To Bits

After a five year absence, I returned to Buckmore Park Kart Circuit in a Pro Kart tonight - and didn't disgrace myself! Lapping consistently, I had no spins, no contact (except the two that hit me - I kept it pointing in the right direction and carried on)and gradually brought my time down from a 65 second out lap to a respectable 52.26 last lap, just 1.4 seconds off the fastest driver who was in a Thunderkart, marginally faster than Pros. I also beat my 17 year old, three stone lighter son - he wasn't happy. But it was his first time, bless him. We're looking to do an event next week, he's all excited now and raring to go!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'd Do Anything: Week Three

I can’t help noting the lovely atmosphere on this show, so good natured. The Nancies are all in good voice for ‘It’s a Fine Life’, Niamh very strong, Samantha possibly the weakest. Andrew reiterating how unhappy he was to lose Cleo last week. Show songs night! Yay!

Rachel: Dreadful dress, she looks like a Jif lemon the morning after Shrove Tuesday. She really isn’t doing it for me at all, not a great vocal, though it picked up towards the end.

Sarah: Stunning! Blew Rachel off the stage, great performance. Vocally wonderful, more presence. Aw, even at age 9 she was great.

Denise??? Good, John’s shaking his head. Barry’s talking *yawns* Oh, apart from that - well said - Oh, shut up, strange man.

Francesca: Some tuning issues but a spirited performance.

Keisha: Great timing - I dunno what it is though, it didn’t sound as musical as it should. Best dress so far.

Thank you Andrew - I’m pleased to be agreeing with him more than the others.

Olivers: Loving the jazz hands in football training! And I love that they justify why they’d choose a particular Nancy. I wonder if they get told what to say? I hope not. Teamwork, brilliant. They’re such a highlight of the show.

Ashley: Wish she’d stand a bit more elegantly. Stronger vocally at the end. Andrew has a point; I think taking away her jazz hands robbed her of a bit of personality.

Jodie: Commanding performance. Really put herself in contention with that. I was thinking a definite ‘no’ before.

Niamh: Ooh, just one bad note, right at the start there, but really picked it up, lovely. Downbeat ending though, would have liked to hear it sung out a bit stronger. Gorgeous dress.

Jessie: Wow - brilliant! What a vocal, great presence. That’s my fave tonight. Shocking dress though.

Tara: No, please not that Deniece Williams song! She did better with it than I thought. Didn’t set the stage alight though - that choice could really cost her.

Samantha: Lovely dress. Mike a bit too close I think. Strong vocal but is just lacking something I can’t quite put my finger on.

Agree with John re both. And we don’t do excuses!

Tops for me tonight: Jessie, Jodie and Sarah. Perm any two from these three for the bottom: Rachel, Tara, Samantha.

I caught the end of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I think we’ve just seen the winner - 13 year old Andrew Johnston. I had to stand around the corner, because the men folk in my house laugh at me when I cry at something on the telly.

Results Show:
Graham really seems to enjoy himself. Mm, Ben looks nice, I’m hoping to see ‘Hairspray’ soon. Their dads watching them snog? That’s cruel! LOL, get in there, girls! No-one stood out for me on the ‘Hairspray’ song regrettably. Arthur loves fashion, bless, at least we can’t blame the wardrobe mistress on that one. They should have these boys release a Xmas album, surely!

Keisha, ooh, nasty, first one straight into the sing off, she thought she was safe. Poor thing; ecstasy to despair in a nano second. I wondered if they mixed it up a bit like that. Sarah and Jodie safe. Francesca safe. Rachel and Jessie; both safe. Tara knows she’s a goner if she’s in the bottom two, you can see it in her expression. Niamh safe, Ashley safe. Depends on the song but I think Andrew will save Keisha again. She’s bottom with the public 2nd week running though, I doubt she’ll get saved a third time. ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ excellent choice. Lovely tone but Keisha unconvincing, lost confidence. This could be tougher for Andrew than he thought. Tara singing lovely, nothing to lose. I prefer Tara on this - soon as he said ‘8 times a week’ though, we all knew. If only she’d sung like that on her solo songs, it might have been different. Ooh, a bit of Welsh - I understood Diolch!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Five different sports, a lot more medals

Great Britain won gold at the first archery World Cup tournament of 2008, with Alison Williamson, Naomi Folkard and Charlotte Burgess winning the women's recurve team event, their second successive World Cup gold, having won the team tournament on home territory, in Dover, last August.

Gymastics, European Championships: Beth Tweddle wins the silver medal in the floor exercise.

An excellent weekend for the British modern pentathlon, with Heather Fell winning gold in round three of the World Cup, following a strong cross country run to secure her first World Cup win. Sam Weale won his first World Cup medal, a bronze, in the mens final.

Sailing: British trio Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson have clinched the Yngling European Championship in Spain.
The favourites for gold in Beijing now hold all three major titles - the World Championship, the 2007 Pre-Olympic title and the European crown.

World Short Course Swimming Championships in Manchester.

Team GB won 24 medals in total, five more than any other country, to finish 5th in the medal table:WORLD SHORT COURSE MEDALS
USA: 10 gold, 6 silver, 1 bronze
Australia: 8 gold, 9 silver, 2 bronze
Netherlands: 4 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze
Zimbabwe: 4 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze
Britain: 3 gold, 10 silver, 11 bronze

Our golden swimmers were Kris Gilchrist, pacing his 200m breaststroke perfectly, Liam Tancock in the 100 metres backstroke, winning from lane 8 and Rebecca Adlington in the 800m freestyle, beating Austrlia's best, Kylie Palmer by nearly four seconds.

And if I could actually find a list, I'd tell you the rest. Of all the tons of info on the BBC sport website and the links to FINA and the ASA, not one single one of them actually lists all our medal winners. Much as I'd love to sit through every session on I-player, I just don't have the time. Here are the ones I could find, I'm missing a silver medallist - feel free to let me kow who it is! And rest assured, I have emailed 606!


Liam Tancock 200m individual medley and the 50m backstroke.
Mark Foster 50m freestyle
Lizzie Simmonds 200m backstroke.
Fran Halsall 100m freestyle.
Hannah Miley 400m individual medley.
Kate Haywood 50m breaststroke
The men’s 4x200m freestyle relay in 6 mins 56.52 seconds, a new European record.
David Davies 1500m freestyle.


James Goddard 200m IM
GB's women smashed the National record in the 4x100 medley relay.
Robbie Renwick 400m freestyle in a British record 3:40.22.
Hannah Miley in the 200m individual medley.
Caitlin McClatchey 200m freestyle,
Jessica Dickens in the 200m butterfly.
4x100m women freestyle quartet of Fran Halsall, Caitlin McClatchey, Julia Beckett and Mel Marshall
Jo Jackson, setting a new British record 4:01.11 in the 400m freestyle.
Liam Tancock 100m individual medley, setting a stunning new European record in the semi.
17-year-old Jemma Lowe when she came in third with a new British record of 56.84 in the 100m butterfly.
Fran Halsall 50m freestyle.

It was a record-breaking championship for Britain's swimmers, who set 44 national records as well as nine Commonwealth and European marks to give them the perfect boost with the Olympics now less than four months away.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

2nd July 1993 - 30 March 2008

For Christopher Read

The closed ranks massed
on the church banks of grass
silence, deafening
tears falling, unchecked
laughter erupting, sharing memories of
a sense of humour, never lost.
Too young to be taken
so brave the fight
A Kiss From A Rose, playing again
Will always remind me of you.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The GG’s GG.

Gethin’s Girls decided to choose a GG for the Grand National, and naturally scanned the entries for something remotely Gethin related - we all agreed on Butler’s Cabin (didn’t finish unfortunately) but why, I hear you ask. Well, we had a thread on the SCD Message Board called ‘Gethin and Ben Fogle to Row the Atlantic’. There was a boat, then a ship, some shorts and white socks - and some GG’s who liked a lot of room service ...


Just so you know - I can’t sing but I LOVE to comment! I have no idea on what constitutes a technically good performance, I just know what I like and what I don't. These are the notes I made as the show unfolded.

Why with the Christmas stars still on the stairs?

Niamh: I’m struggling to get past the ‘Wednesday’ look. Good song choice, not strong enough vocally for the West End, too ‘poppy’ for me. Finished with more depth, possibly should have heard a bit more like that.

Cleo: I can see it - started great, thought she lost it a bit but I like her earthy voice. Feeling Good is one of my Argentine Tango songs.

Hm, I’m all for a bit of encouragement but aren’t the judges going a bit OTT?

Keisha: Was really looking forward to hearing her but disappointed - why, in these reality shows, do they give awesome vocalists pop songs whose lyrics just roll along, with nothing to wrap their vocal chords around?

Samantha: See The Day - another AT song! Quite ordinary I thought. Now, if she’d swapped songs with Keisha I’m pretty sure I’d be writing the opposite on both of these.

Ooh, now JB's gone from one extreme to the other. No, sorry Denise, not the perfect song at all. As for Barry Humphries - can anyone tell me the point?

Francesca: Good start, strongest performance so far, rockin’, in fact. Top end not quite there but overall a feisty performance.

Olivers: Not sure about some individually but collectively they’re great. I was left choosing between Sam, Jonny and Chester: Chester it is. They seem so much more relaxed than the adults.

Rachel: Overdid the ‘vulnerability‘, I thought she was going to stop - and looked like she was going to throw up when she went down to her knees. Didn’t work for me at all.

Sarah: Aw, bless her little bro’. Great performance vocally and acting. Best so far. Oh, come off it judges - the reaction from the crowd when she kicked the chair shows she was working it. Good on you, Andrew.

Tara: Started beautifully but the chorus was a bit flat, I thought she was going to belt it out and she didn‘t.

Jodie: Too cabaret for me. I dunno, who chooses the songs? What’s the betting they give her ‘It’s Raining Men’ at some point and saddle one of the other poor lasses with ‘Young Hearts Run Free’. Totally impossible for anyone ‘cept Candi Staton - it’s such an anthem, so why has every established diva avoided it? And only Whitney brave enough for ‘I’m Every Woman’.
Thank you Andrew! He thought so too re the songs. I think they buggered most of them up tonight.

Ashley: See now, with ‘Mercy’ she could do with some jazzy hands! Great vocal, but how can you stand still while you’re singing this? Now she’s putting a bit of attitude in it, that’s better.

Jessie: Lovely performance, understated, possibly a bit too nervous.

If I was voting: Ashley My bottom two: Keisha and Rachel

Update: Results. Cleo and Keisha in the bottom two, quite shocked at that actually. At least they sing a different song; It suited Keisha more, so not surprised at her being chosen. A real shame about Cleo though, she was one I preferred to some of the others. Just shows how important that solo song is, Cleo sounded fantastic at the end there.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

You know what follows Easter ...

I’m not good with diets - I like my food too much, you see. So, after attending Weightwatchers for the first time today, I came away clutching my Kickstart pack, full of optimism and good eating ideas. (And only a stone to lose, which isn't too bad.) I then met with friends for coffee as usual, back in our old haunt which has just been refurbished. This is a good thing: no longer will I be tempted by the large soup bowl of vanilla latte in the posh cafe, it’s back to plain old tea for me. However, the refurb included a new menu - they were offering samples of mini pepper-spiced meatballs; smoked salmon and cream cheese in pitta bread; lemon drizzle cake and creamy yoghurt topped carrot cake. A major test if ever there was one.

All four were absolutely yummy, especially the chocolate muffin with the crunchy mint topping, free with the next hot drink. Mmmmmmmm. Although, it appears WW may have hexed me - the first attempt at opening a packet a sugar ended up with the tube in my tea, the next attempt saw it shoot across the table into the milk jug!

It’s going to be a long week.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Great Britain: World Champions

Thanks to the BBC's excellent coverage over the weekend, we were privileged to see our cyclists topping the World Championship Medal Table with 11 medals, NINE of them Gold: Mens Madison: Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish; Mens Keirin: Chris Hoy; Womens Sprint: Victoria Pendleton; Mens Sprint: Chris Hoy; Womens Team Pursuit: Wendy Houvenaghel, Jo Rowsell and Rebecca Romero; Womens Pursuit: Rebecca Romero; Mens Team Pursuit: Edward Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Paul Mannning and Bradley Wiggins; Womens Team Sprint: Victoria Pendleton and Shanaze Reade; Mens Idividual Pursuit: Bradley Wiggins. Silvers: Womens Keirin: Victoria Pendleton; Mens Team Sprint: Jamie Staff, Ross Edgar and Chris Hoy.

It's a good job I saw it though, and wasn't idly checking out teletext now - I couldn't find a single report! There probably was something there, but it had to make way for the very important relegation battles in the football league. Grrrrr!!

Congratulations to the whole team - that's them, Taekwondo and Sailing in contention for the Team Sports Personality of the Year Award, surely? We'll see.

NB: Hubby is now checking out holidays to Manchester Velodrome - he's hooked!

And speaking of the man himself...

...check out for an excellent interview - a limited offer, one day only viewing, probably!!!

"Confessions of a Tired and Emotional Scatterbrain" ...

is now on (links on left - see 'Fun' then 'GG Reports') for the low down on my Good Friday night out with Gethin's Girls, not to mention the man himself.

I said, NOT to mention the man himself.

**Fans herself briskly**