Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'd Do Anything: Week Three

I can’t help noting the lovely atmosphere on this show, so good natured. The Nancies are all in good voice for ‘It’s a Fine Life’, Niamh very strong, Samantha possibly the weakest. Andrew reiterating how unhappy he was to lose Cleo last week. Show songs night! Yay!

Rachel: Dreadful dress, she looks like a Jif lemon the morning after Shrove Tuesday. She really isn’t doing it for me at all, not a great vocal, though it picked up towards the end.

Sarah: Stunning! Blew Rachel off the stage, great performance. Vocally wonderful, more presence. Aw, even at age 9 she was great.

Denise??? Good, John’s shaking his head. Barry’s talking *yawns* Oh, apart from that - well said - Oh, shut up, strange man.

Francesca: Some tuning issues but a spirited performance.

Keisha: Great timing - I dunno what it is though, it didn’t sound as musical as it should. Best dress so far.

Thank you Andrew - I’m pleased to be agreeing with him more than the others.

Olivers: Loving the jazz hands in football training! And I love that they justify why they’d choose a particular Nancy. I wonder if they get told what to say? I hope not. Teamwork, brilliant. They’re such a highlight of the show.

Ashley: Wish she’d stand a bit more elegantly. Stronger vocally at the end. Andrew has a point; I think taking away her jazz hands robbed her of a bit of personality.

Jodie: Commanding performance. Really put herself in contention with that. I was thinking a definite ‘no’ before.

Niamh: Ooh, just one bad note, right at the start there, but really picked it up, lovely. Downbeat ending though, would have liked to hear it sung out a bit stronger. Gorgeous dress.

Jessie: Wow - brilliant! What a vocal, great presence. That’s my fave tonight. Shocking dress though.

Tara: No, please not that Deniece Williams song! She did better with it than I thought. Didn’t set the stage alight though - that choice could really cost her.

Samantha: Lovely dress. Mike a bit too close I think. Strong vocal but is just lacking something I can’t quite put my finger on.

Agree with John re both. And we don’t do excuses!

Tops for me tonight: Jessie, Jodie and Sarah. Perm any two from these three for the bottom: Rachel, Tara, Samantha.

I caught the end of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I think we’ve just seen the winner - 13 year old Andrew Johnston. I had to stand around the corner, because the men folk in my house laugh at me when I cry at something on the telly.

Results Show:
Graham really seems to enjoy himself. Mm, Ben looks nice, I’m hoping to see ‘Hairspray’ soon. Their dads watching them snog? That’s cruel! LOL, get in there, girls! No-one stood out for me on the ‘Hairspray’ song regrettably. Arthur loves fashion, bless, at least we can’t blame the wardrobe mistress on that one. They should have these boys release a Xmas album, surely!

Keisha, ooh, nasty, first one straight into the sing off, she thought she was safe. Poor thing; ecstasy to despair in a nano second. I wondered if they mixed it up a bit like that. Sarah and Jodie safe. Francesca safe. Rachel and Jessie; both safe. Tara knows she’s a goner if she’s in the bottom two, you can see it in her expression. Niamh safe, Ashley safe. Depends on the song but I think Andrew will save Keisha again. She’s bottom with the public 2nd week running though, I doubt she’ll get saved a third time. ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ excellent choice. Lovely tone but Keisha unconvincing, lost confidence. This could be tougher for Andrew than he thought. Tara singing lovely, nothing to lose. I prefer Tara on this - soon as he said ‘8 times a week’ though, we all knew. If only she’d sung like that on her solo songs, it might have been different. Ooh, a bit of Welsh - I understood Diolch!

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