Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Year of the Horse

Not that I’m suggesting for one moment that Gethin is some kind of stud you understand! No, it’s his Chinese horoscope sign, silly! The gun fired and Geth galloped away in a fantastic 2008, clearing all hurdles as he built on his success in Strictly Come Dancing.

We begin Geth's year, funnily enough, on January 1st - on the South Bank of the Thames, where Gethin was the star attraction for the New Year’s revellers. Note that it was Gethin who was the star attraction, mind, not the London Eye or the Houses of Parliament. I don’t think the nine million people tuning in to Auntie Beeb’s coverage were that bothered at seeing the same old sights, were they?

Moving on to February and our Action Man took part in a Blue Peter four peak challenge in aid of
Sport Relief, climbing the tallest mountains in the Home Nations and celebrating his 30th birthday at the top of Snowdon. News 24 beckoned him to E24, their new entertainment show, featuring a weekly cultural roundup from the worlds of film, television and music, plus interviews and behind the scenes reports featuring the stars of the week. Initially a six week pilot, it’s still continuing almost a year later! Be honest, they could just sit Geth in a chair in the studio reciting the news and we’d all watch, wouldn’t we? Although, we’d prefer to swap places with the health professionals who carried out this MOT!

Onto March and our man branches out into radio for the first time of the year, with a fun BBC Radio Wales show, plus specially guesting on Strictly partner, Camilla Dallerup’s Radio Norfolk show (she’s not daft, you know!). Also, a final dance (hopefully not!) for them at the
Strictly Energised Charity Ball, co-hosted by Gethin, in a role he says he‘d love to reprise.

Where were you and what were you doing on 8th April? What do you mean, you can’t remember? Call yourself a Gethin fan - that was the historic date we all cried out in unison: “Leaving??? He can’t leave, where will we get our regular fix of Gethin goggling?”

“I've had a career on Blue Peter that you wouldn't even dream about and for that I feel privileged and fortunate."

Well, that’s OK then. And we squeezed a couple more months out of him, DVD recorders working overtime. His tuned his presenting skills into another area, accompanying the start of the Wales Young Musician competition on piano, playing Beethoven and The Muppets (did you see what I did there? Tuned - geddit?) Crashing on but staying in Wales, Gorgeous Gethin hosted the Bafta Cymru awards, yet another step onward and upward.

May brought an appearance at the Soap Awards and the year’s first sighting of Geth-in-shorts for the
Mini Monster Dualthon in aid of Save the Children. More importantly, The BBC Young Musician of the Year was the perfect platform (a conductor’s dais?) for the Grade 8 Violinist and Grade 6 Pianist to bring in a whole new audience to the prestigious competition. The exalted Hay Literary Festival capped off the month, welcoming him into a packed venue for his narration of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, with James Slater conducting the Tregwynt Chamber Orchestra. You see, this is precisely why you should do what your mother tells you!

The end of the Jones era on Blue Peter in June was tempered by playing a Dalek on Dr.Who, (though it wasn’t enough to land him the key role when DT decided to leave!) followed by a stint covering both Gabby Logan and Eamonn Holmes on Radio Five Live through the summer. He really is rather good at the whole radio thingy. And there was no slowing down in Geth’s schedule as he helped to launch the

With the summer of sport coming to a close towards the end of August, Geth featured in the Football Association film short
‘NO Respect NO Referee NO Game’ - it’s worth a watch - because it’s a Very Important Message (not just because it’s Geth-in-shorts).

The National Lottery Awards marked the start of more regular appearances on the Wednesday night show through September; Geth made a big impression (a dent, in the floor at the bottom of some steps!) And nobody said anything about it next day. Much.

Strictly Come Dancing hit our screens and Gethin branched out again, this time with a regular ‘Strictly Insider’ column in the Daily Telegraph, before bringing the shorts back out of storage to play for the Rest of the World V England, in the
Soccer Aid match. Although on the losing side as England ran out 4-3 winners, Geth clearly enjoyed himself, almost scored and landed up with the shirt of England Legend Alan Shearer. Not a bad day’s work.

The Italian themed Proms in the Park, from Singleton Park in Swansea, proved another memorable musical evening spent in the wonderful and knowledgeable company that is one G.C. Jones Esq, preceding an event we were all eagerly awaiting. The weather report! The nation’s favourite talking point is the weather - fitting then, that the nation’s favourite TV presenter should talk or rather, run us (literally, in some cases) through the most dangerous and extreme kinds in ‘Gethin Jones’ Danger Hunters’, which kicked off on Virgin 1 this month.

“You'd think that after Blue Peter I would be ready to put my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit, but not me. This is a really energetic programme and it has some interesting contributors.”

October brought Glad Tidings long before they were due, with the news that Gethin was taking part in the Strictly Live Tour. What’s that? You haven’t got your tickets yet? Shame on you! Here , made nice and easy for you.

He still couldn’t leave the shorts alone - this time, launching the new Welsh Rugby Strip. But I’m not complaining, really. And he stretched his legs for the Joshua Foundation in the
Great North Run.

Rolling into the long dark nights now and Geth hosts ‘Cwis Meddiant’ for SC4, a general knowledge quiz with a rugby theme. He also wins Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Hottie’ Award. Can’t think why ...oh, I know – the fire fighting on Blue Peter, earlier in the year...

There’s a very welcome appearance on Claudia’s couch for SCD’s ‘It Takes Two’ Friday Panel and Claudia nets herself a snuggle, albeit on the dance floor. But we’re not at all jealous, are we?

Our final Gethfest for the year proved to be the very worthy edition of Police Camera Action -
Drink Drive Special. An apt and important message conveyed with the confidence and style we‘ve come to expect.

And so we wait, with bated breath (hopefully not for too long) to see what Gethin Goodies 2009 brings with it. Hands up, who’s excited?


foxy said...

Thanks for the run through Scatty :o) I had no idea Gethin was such a talented musician!! Or that he'd done half the things you've written here!! I'm obviously a bad Gethin fan...I will try harder :o)

We've got to make sure we take our phones fully charged and topped up because so far, according to the official website, Rachel and Vincent have won EVERY show and we can't have that! What about our lovely Gethin?! :o)

Scatty said...


Never fear, the website is not up to date - Gethin and Flavia have won twice so far! Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I think.

I can't wait to see them all, it's going to be a brilliant night. But who to choose - Tom does his quickstep and Gethin his waltz and salsa, Jill does her jive, which I adore. Only a week and a bit to go!

foxy said...

Yay! That's cheered me up :o) Got nothing against Rachel, but is a bit naff if the same person wins all the shows :o)

I'm probably going to end up voting for Gethin, Tom and Jill! They were all my favourites in their respective series, so I won't be able to choose! :o)

I still haven't gotten over Gethin being voted out! ROBBED, ROBBED I SAY!! Lol :o)

Jaye said...

Me neither - him winning on the tour makes up for it a little bit. I'll probably abstain from voting because a) who to chose? and b) it's too expensive on my phone, as I found out when I was away during SCD. I think I voted six times for Tom and I seemed to lose about £20 credit on my phone! Maybe I could borrow my mums ... ;)

foxy said...

Ooh good idea....maybe I'll have to 'forget' my phone and borrow mum's too! ;o)