Thursday, 15 January 2009

3BT: Scenes You’d Like To See

Guess what book of a TV series I got for Christmas? So for starters it’s …lines you wouldn’t find in a Harry Potter book:

1. Professor McGonagall gazed smoulderingly at Hermione over the top of her misted up glasses.

“Payment for the loan of the Time-Turner will be in kind, Miss Granger …”

2. Hagrid was dragged kicking and cursing from his hut, as the hooded and masked re-possessors moved in.

3. There was an ominous whistling through his teeth, as the plumber stared into the chamber entrance in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

Feel free to add your own!


foxtrotfairy said...

Snap Scatty - looks like you and I got the same book for christmas this year :o)

I'm no good at thinking up the clever little witicisms they do, but yours had me laughing out loud! :o) Hope none of my colleagues venture down into the basement to see what all the noise is! ;o)

Jaye said...

Ta, foxy - is it ok to shorten you to that btw? I love that show, cracks me up all the time! :) I'm debating whether to go see Ed Byrne live, but I've got a few shows lined up so it may have to be a late decision, if it's not sold out.

The basement??? You poor thing, what did you do - you're not a janitor are you :D

foxy said...

Lol Of course you can shorten my name, well nickname I suppose and no I'm not a janitor :o) I work at the British Cartoon Archive in Kent Uni - the only one in the UK I might add :o).

We've had a huge A1 scanner delivered for one of our projects and because it's so big it won't fit anywhere else! At the moment it's my job to scan a collection of original artworks we have for a cartoonists called Carl Giles. There are about 7000, so it is taking me a while...but it is nice not to have anyone looking over my shoulder - I can basically do anything down here because I'm on my own 95% of the time :o) The other 5% is taken up with the other girls in the office coming down for a chat when they're bored! :o)

I saw Ed Byrne live in october when he came to the uni theatre and he was hilarious! You should definitely get tickets if there are still some available - he really was brilliant :o)

Went a bit crazy over last month or so and booked loads of random stuff - partly for my mums 50th next month, partly as treats and partly just for the hell of it! Seeing Rhod Gilbert next week, Strictly on the 7th, going to London for 'Wicked' on 21st, Dancing on ice 11th of April, Russell Howard in June and a jewellery making workshop at some point in next 3 months...blimey, may have overdone it a little eh?! :o)

Jaye said...

I was at the uni for a course last year (Keynes) small world! :)
I'm at the evening SCD show on the 7th, then after that I'm seeing some plays - The Cherry Orchard, La Ronde and Relatively Speaking - then I'll see if I've enough cash left for Ed Byrne, since you recommend! It's a new year resolution to see at least one live show a month :)

foxy said...

Ooh sounds like an interesting line up, though I must admit I'm more a concert, musical, stand-up sort of person as opposed to plays. Don't think I've seen even one actually now I think about it! Maybe I should make the effort, any you'd recommend?

Blimey that's a bit scary I'm going to evening performance as well! What do you reckon the odds are of us turning up and finding we're sitting next to each other? Lol Who are you going with? It'll be me and my mum waving the score cards - 10 for Gethin and Tom...before they've even performed :o) I must say it's a bit frightening that our paths keep crossing - you're not stalking me are you? ;o)

Jaye said...

Not stalking no LOL - but I think you may be younger version of me and the space time continuum thingy has gone AWOL or something - I'm taking my mum too! We're 8 rows back in one of the bottom sections - I don't do heights!

Play wise I've only been to The Mousetrap! But doing another course, the tutor wants us to see plays and The CO and Relatively Speaking we actually covered in class, great coincidence. And you got 3 for less than the price of 2 and I'm not one to miss out on a bargain, hence La Ronde too! Which has Tango in it apparently :)

foxy said...

Sounds like we're both masquerading under the pretence of taking our mums then lol :o) Oooh you want to be careful you don't suddenly find your self joining in the steps you've learned from Strictly when you see La Ronde ;o)

You're a bit closer than us, we're near the back of section 104 on level 1. We don't do heights very well either - was on 2nd row of level 4 for a Michael Buble concert at the O2 and I was scared to even breath let alone move in case I fell over the edge - made getting up to boogie exceptionally hard I can tell you! :o)

Jaye said...

We're in block 111 - wait for a quiet moment and shout 'scatty' and I'll wave. NO! Don't!!! :D

The height thing was why I've never tried to go to the O2 before - the things I do for Strictly - so glad when I saw they tell you where to sit!