Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Best Ever Complaint!

You may have heard about this yesterday, but if you didn't, this is the link to the letter itself and this is the link to the follow up. I love that he says he'll 'think' about Sir Richard's offer!

It may be a PR stunt, but it's still very funny!


foxy said...

That is REALLY funny! Mum thinks I'm mad now because I'm giggling to myself :o)

I really hope that it isn't a stunt and the complaint is real because that makes it even funnier! :o)

Jaye said...

I remember signing off a reply to a complaint letter "Now get a life, you sad, sad little man." My supervisor nearly fainted. I didn't send, of course. At least, I'm pretty sure I didn't ... ;)

foxy said...

I'm the opposite I think - letters of complaint from me are always quite polite and respectful. It's when I'm complaining by phone that I can't hold it in and something a bit too rude slips out! ;o)

I remember a particular occassion when I was complaining about the botch job that had been done on our boiler and was put on hold for about 30 minutes. I was just in the middle of a rant (with more than a few expletives I admit) when the supervisor suddenly came back on the line - just as I was in the middle of saying how f-ing moronic he was...oops! :o/

jaye said...

LOL - now that I can relate to!

This time next week we'll have sore throats and hands :)