Sunday, 16 May 2010

Over The Rainbow Result Show

The usual reprise: As Graham says, it's going to be emotional! Sheila says she's been wrong about the bottom two every week, John says anyone of the four left could be Dorothy, Charlotte praises them all - they're glad it's not them choosing tonight.

Last mash-up medley of the series: Singing In The Rain - Umbrella - I think Andrew's a bit choked at the prospect of having to choose. A quick visit to the Live events with Bronte, Dani, Amy, Emilie and Jodie Prenger, a good time had by one and all.

Sierra Boggess from Love Never Dies imparts some advice: "Play the part as if your life depended on it" then performs the title song and epitomises the whole keepin' it real ethos: beautifully done, simple yet powerful.

Toto's task - his big scene, pulling back the curtain to reveal the Wizard of Oz! Eddie, Spider and Dave nearly got it; Troy and Missy did it, the Lord picks Troy as Star Dog, the panel choose Eddie.

Just moments away *eek* The girls big themselves up, the panel all agree that on this week's performance, Steph is not Dorothy. I thought they'd abstain from that but no. Perhaps it'll make it an easier decision for Andrew if she's in the bottom two.

Safe: Danielle! Lauren - bottom two; Safe - Sophie! Viewer vote would have put her straight out. I'm not going to say it ... who am I kidding - I said pop songs would do for them, didn't I? Not a foregone conclusion, Lauren the star vocalist but sometimes too slick versus Steph the all round triple threat. He tells them to think vulnerability in the Tim Rice written Evita song Another Suitcase in Another Home. Lauren gets his vote, Steph already resigned after the panel's comments. Andrew reiterates that she'll go far.

So now we know: Danielle v Lauren v Sophie for the final. All totally different but equally talented. And it's all up to us!


foxy said...

Shame that Steph is gone. Warming more towards Sophie now, whatever happens I think the quality of the final next week us going to be fab! :o)

Buble was awesome by the way! Seats were fab, but bizarrley we were sat between Claire from Steps and a woman so drunk I'd be suprised if she actually remembered the concert in the morning!

Unfortunately I didn't get to touch him, but as fate would have it I'm seeing him at Wembley in October now too, so fingers crossed it's second time lucky ;o)

Jaye said...

Yeah, will definitely be a high calibre, closely fought final!

The Buble twice in one year Foxy! Now you're just spoiling yourself :-D