Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday night is party night

I was almost late for work today because Toby's Time Tunnel was 1977 or thereabouts. I couldn’t possibly leave the car while Disco Inferno was playing could I? Plus there was Car Wash, Jammin' and Best of My Love (Make a great cha cha but no decent you tube version I could find). And last week he brought this little gem out for a play This time I Know it’s For Real - Donna Summer - not sure you could use it on Strictly though. But it was great for Benjy’s on a Friday night. In fact, that could have been us on the video …

And this I couldn’t think of for ages; it was driving me mad, not remembering the title: Take Me To Aruanda by Astrud Gilberto - that’s a must for a proper samba isn’t it? Thank you Jazzfm for dropping that in my lap one day this week. Except it’s not on youtube - if you haven’t heard it before, that version is pretty close. And so the bamba isn’t left out: Stevie Wonder: Do I do would be terrific, wouldn’t it?

Jammin’ gave the taste for some lovers rock - these are two I associate with the year I started work: Paradise by Jean Adebambo, who has sadly passed away and Janet Kay’s Closer to You. Both up in the loft somewhere, with most of the others. One day …I’ve been told to check out paint and stuff, it might be this year we decorate and buy a turntable, yippee!

Brad was off out partying tonight and was ready to go at 7.30. So hubby gave him the usual “Bit early, isn’t it? Don’t want to miss the jelly and ice cream, eh? We never used to go to parties till 11 o’clock in our day” spiel and then quipped “Make sure you grab the nearest seat when the music stops!” Even Brad the Teen laughed.

I guess you had to be there.

Don't forget to do something funny for money! Maybe one of the above will inspire you (see two posts below).

Have a great weekend :)

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