Sunday, 29 March 2009

3BT: The Sunday Sport. No, not that one! Behave.

The Boat Race was won by Oxford for the fourth time in five years and nobody sank.

I rowed at school and whilst I never sank, I did hit a bridge once. They’d let us out in sculling boats, which was all well and good ‘cept I forgot there was a bend in the river. It wasn’t my fault - you can’t see where you’re going and you don’t get a coxwain in a sculling boat, do you!

The Cyclists
didn’t quite hit the heights of last year but still show the ‘bigger’ sports the way home with their World Championship results, with two golds and third in the medal table. Dave Brailsford won’t be settling for that though.

And way to go Jenson Button - a 1st and 3rd for our lads in the first GP in Melbourne. A very messy affair with a lot of debris, except for Jenson who led from lights to flag, whilst Lewis stormed through from 18th on the grid to somehow end up 3rd. We last saw him in around 7th, but they didn’t make it very clear how he got to fourth, as I’m sure not all them in front crashed out. Jake will probably know, I’m sure he’ll update soon! (I'm guessing there might still be a bit of partying to be done yet).


foxy said...

Damn Oxford! No offence to anyone who went there ;o) My brother is a Cambridge man, so we support them out of loyalty to him really. They crumbled badly didn't they?! So much for the '80% win from this point' fact the commentators were spouting! Lol :o)

Trulli got penalised after the race, which is how Hamilton moved into 3rd, because he overtook whilst the safety car was out, which is against the rules. His team are appealing though, arguing that he was forced to overtake because Hamilton slowed right down. Somehow I don't think it'll fly :o)

I'm cheering Jenson personally - YAY GO JENSON!! Poor guy got a lot of flack when he first came to F1 a few years ago for not delivering a stand out performance from the word go, so it's nice to think he might have a genuine shot this season :o)

Jaye said...

I hope the season stays as exciting as this weekend!