Tuesday, 10 March 2009

3BT: The Day Today

Oops - shocking typo of the day …

Er - Away Day with the fairies? I’m paying attention to the tutor, she’s telling us about writing a bibliography at the end of our 1000 - 1500 word reflective essay and I’m absentmindedly playing with my earrings, like you do, when I realised I’m wearing a dangly silver twisty affair in one ear but a small round gold affair in the other. And I walked through a busy town centre like that.

Thought I'd better bring this back up here - only a few days left, nearly 3/4 there!


foxy said...

Oh blimey, don't worry about that - we've all been there. I've gone out a few times with just one earring in!

The cutest cat I've ever seen! (don't tell mine I said that) ;o) Is it your cat Scatty?

scatty said...

No, not mine - a friend sent them through by email (don't think it's their cat either!)