Sunday, 1 March 2009

Let’s Dance For Comic Relief, Week Two

Great opening sequence which I missed last week, with the voice over by the legendary Brian Blessed. Claudia parachuted in, by the look of it …the panel - Anton, of course, Paul O’Grady and Jamelia; down, Steve. First out - Hollyoaks, doing Footloose. They’re excellent of course, not long out of stage school probably. They don’t stand a chance, Jo Brand is going to slaughter them, she is Britney. Ha ha - she’s really getting into the part. Close up of Vic Reeves realising Nancy has no chance. The Dragons -Let’s Face the Music and Dance. And they do, Deborah is elegant and has good timing and Peter and Duncan have a good time, I enjoyed that. Paddy McGuiness (who I’ve heard of) and Keith Lemon (who I haven’t but think I’ve seen somewhere) are doing Time of my Life from Dirty Dancing! This I cannot wait to see - training looks …a bit too good! Robert Webb’s competition just arrived - absolutely brilliant. The Lift! The buzz from the audience at the finale! Blue Peter have to follow - I suppose it would have been unfair to have had Gethin wouldn’t it? A great version of ‘Jailhouse Rock’, terrific slide from Peter Duncan and a real piece of teamwork. Nancy Sorrell teams up with Neil Fox for Candyman. Very slick, full of energy but they’re begging for votes. Tut tut. We don’t like that. We see a snapshot of the team training to climb Kilimanjaro - don’t see many of the girls doing much training - are the boys carrying their bags? The ever-reliable Will Young live and a montage of celebrity well wishers and it had to be …yes, of course, hello Geth! *waves* no I didn’t …well, maybe just a little one. And I’m watching on I-Player so …*rewinds* …*rewinds* …*rewinds*…Priscilla, Queen of the Desert …*rewinds* seriously, Keith and Robert could probably land themselves a part in this. The first Slayer just pitched up in the middle. Results are in! Out: The Dragons, Hollyoaks, Nancy and Neil (told you). My top three are the top three - Paddy and Keith straight through, of course they are. Will the judges go for comedy or dancing? It’s Jo - Anton not needed for a casting vote. Two places remaining - do we have another treat a la Robert/Paddy and Keith still to come - it’s going to be tough on Final night!


foxy said...

I actually thought Paddy and Keith were better than Robert Webb from last week. I found their routine much funnier and I like that they were really into it and having a good time. Robert Webb was perhaps a little too intense last week, but funny also nevertheless. :o)

Keith is probably best known as alter ego Avid Merrion and Bo Selecta was his show too. Was a bit worried when I heard he was partnering Paddy because I never thought either of those two things he's known for was funny, but he proved me completely wrong last night! Mum and I were crying with laughter :o) Could be quite a showdown in the final between those two acts! Lol :o)

Jaye said...

I knew I knew him! They were great weren't they - you notice it's the ones who combine the comedy with brilliantly mimicking the iconic dances that have made it through - just how it should be :)