Sunday, 22 March 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing on Ice: The Final

We start with T&D’s Bolero. Still mesmerising. The required element this week - Flying! Karen went with just the blue smarties this week.

Floral out first, to Rocket Man. Great control, fab shapes but very little time on the ice and it’s his skating that’s has been his strength. Score: 23.5 - including a six from Ruthie (a 3 from Jason makes the average between them about right, I’d say.) Where’s Ruthie going to go from there, bearing in mind Jessica and Ray are stronger than Donal? Pavica - One Moment in Time, there’s no mention of flying in that though? *Shrugs* Not my fave song, but a lovely warm performance, I actually got goosebumps. I’m sure they used to spend some time on the ice though. Score: 25.5. Maray to The Greatest Day. Seems they’ve dispensed with the Angels/flight theme then! Another fine performance, fantastic partnership and a bit more on the ice. Score: 30! I confess to not being blown away by the aerials this time round though, not like Suzanne’s last year. I’m looking forward to something uptempo on the ice now.

But no, Floral have gone with Everybody Hurts, their favourite and it is beautiful, nailed the big lift. A well deserved best score ever: 25.5 His daughter shouted out for him and there was a collective 'Awwww’ from the audience! Pavica have gone for uptempo, yay! Mercy, excellent choice, great skating, lots of tricks. Score: 26 Maray - Canned Heat, please Canned Heat but of course they’ve gone for Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, their perfect routine before. And again - there’s no denying the quality of it, smooth, emotive. Score: 30, not a surprise. 60 out of a possible 60! Awesome. Doubt we’ll ever see that again. I don’t know why it was better than before but I thought it was - Robin said it was the ‘nuances’. That’s nuances, not nuisances, which is my family when I’m trying to watch something. It’s Mothers Day - you’d think they’d be quiet and let me hog the telly, wouldn’t you?

The Oxford Freestylers, choreographed by T&D. Exciting! Pulp It - and it was very exciting, great stuff. They are showmen. Just two to go through and skate their version on Bolero - I can’t decide, but I think, on the whole, I’m going for Maray. It’s Maray V Floral! Feel so so sorry for Pavica - why oh why can’t they let the third place do Bolero too! They’d be happy still then, now they’re upset. Oh, what’s that - they’ll do it on tour? Ok, I was thinking about going - that settles it. Crafty, aren’t they?

Floral’s Bolero - they could nick this, I‘ve a feeling it will be emotional. Gorgeous smooth ending with what has become his signature move, the Olympic Hydroplane. Calling for a knighthood for T&D, what a guy! Maray’s Bolero - well, that does it for me, his skating has been phenomenal, he’s nailed the musicality, the performance, the emotion, everything, every week. The others are all back. This has been the strongest line up so far, real strength in depth. Apologies about Gemma. Er, is it cruel to say I’d forgotten all about her? Recapping T&D’s best bits and now we’re ready for the verdict.

It’s MARAY! So pleased for Maria, she’s been close a couple of times and always builds a smashing partnership with her celeb. Crack on then Ray - there’s a Winter Olympics next year!


foxy said...

It was always going to be Maray wasn't it really :o) Even from week 2 you could have predicted that. Not that it's a bad thing he's a great skater and really nice guy, so a deserving winner there :o)

Pleased Floral got to do Bolero. I must confess I voted for them as as well as Maray :o)

Got my tickets for the tour back in February for my mum's birthday. Managed to bag front row next to the ice at Wembley on easter weekend! WooHoo! :o) Really good line-up this year, so should be excellent - It's Ray, Todd, Zoe, Jess, Roxanne and Melinda from this year. Chris and Suzanne from last year and Kyran from series 2. Lots of showmen and women in there to wow the crowd! Would definitely recommend case you couldn't already tell lol :o)

Jaye said...

I voted for Maray and Pavica, but to be honest I was just totlly happy with the final three - just wish I could have seen Pavica's Bolero. I've checked out the dates - pretty much all sold out, only the high seats tucked away in the corners left! My own fault for dithering, the line up is fantastic.

Chill with Pleasing Stuff said...

It makes fun when they get together!

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