Monday, 30 March 2009

The Race for Life: In memory of Christopher.

Today is the anniversary of a very courageous young man, my nephew Christopher, losing his fight against cancer last year. Known as Nelly to his mates - he turned up at school one day sporting a plaster on one cheek - apparently rap artist Nelly used to do that. Sport the plaster that is, not turn up at school. Not that I'm saying Nelly bunked off or anything - I didn't know him as a child. Anyway, the point is, of course, that I'm doing the Race for Life for Christopher. Though when I say 'Race' I am using the term in the loosest possible sense; likely it'll be The Stroll-with-the-possibility-of-breaking-into-a-slight-jog for Life. Or a Shimmy for Life, if I remember to borrow an I-Pod. If you'd like to donate, all you have to do is click that race for Life button just there on the left.


foxy said...

Duly done Scatty :o) It's not much, but hope it helps get you to your target :o)

And as I've said on the what if it's a Stroll-with-the-possibility-of-breaking-into-a-slight-jog for Life - it's still impressive and a worthy cause I might add! :o)

Jaye said...

Thanks foxy, really appreciate it. :)

I hope I've recovered for the following Friday!

There's only one ticket left now apparently! My friend would have had it, but it was table 26 or something!

foxy said...

Should be a good night! :o) You better be recovered Scatty - I'm counting on you to lead the dancing for table 6! ;o)