Saturday, 14 March 2009

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief - The Final

And we’re kicking off with a group dance to 'Everybody Dance Now' and tonight’s panel has Denise van Outen and Michael McIntyre with Anton. Dick and Dom shake their tail feathers again - I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this first time round, groovy new moves. The camera pans the audience - Ashley Cole looks cheerful doesn’t he? Paddy and Keith have the time of their lives again - they’ve been practising - but have lost the spontaneity I fear, it didn’t grab me so much this time. And they’re overdoing the staring in each others eyes a bit. Denise and Martin on the other hand have fired it up - Martin may get a vote purely on the strength of last night’s Full Monty. Loved their Shaka Laka Baby even more than the first time. Jo has taken being Britney more seriously, looks like they’ve all been getting a bit of extra practice in! The Bill’s Riverdance is fantabulistic, but then I’m half Irish so a bit biased (Grand Slam next week anyone?) the buzz generated is amazing. Robert out last - what a feeling - how do you choose between this lot? This is so funny and brilliant and his timing is incredible. I can’t vote, I love them all. I’ll let everyone else decide. While the vote is ongoing we have highlights of last night, seems like only a couple of hours ago. Which some of it was for me, watching on I-player. There‘s reports of wild abandoned dancing breaking out all over the country - ‘bout time too. Oh, Adrian - what have you done? Claudia made him commit, woohoo! I succumbed and voted for Robert - just in time. So now we wait and enjoy the cast of Hairspray - You Can’t Stop the Beat. Who else has been dancing round the room all night? To the sounds of ‘Muuuum, get out of the way’ and ‘what are you doing, mum’. They’re doing the ‘outs’ first: Dick and Dom; Denise and Martin; The Bill; Jo Brand. It’s Dirty Dancing V Flashdance. And Robert gets it! We had a good time, they had a good time and the ££££££££s are rolling in. The Great British public do it again; makes you proud, doesn‘t it.


foxy said...

Personally I thought Paddy and Keith were robbed! Made me laugh the most out of all the acts. Robert Webb was funny as well though :o)

Just watched it this afternoon because I went to a quiz last night (and we won somewhat unbelievably!?) and thought the whole show was really good. Hairspray was excellent. Have had the good fortune to see it in the west end and looks like most of the cast have changed since I saw it.

Can't believe Davina snogged David Tennant!! I am soooooooo jealous I can't tell you!! Biggest laughs of friday night were Outnumbered, Royle Family and Catherine Tate's Nan for me :o)

Jaye said...

Congrats on the quiz! Was there a music round - I'm assuming you played your joker then :)

I saw Hairspray too - first time up West for years, great night out. There's a review on here somewhere, last summer I think it was.

I know - that Davina - and he didn't need encouraging did he! So we know what to do if we're ever fortunate enough to bump into him!

foxy said...

He won't know what hit him if he ever meets me - poor fool! Lol :o)

Actually we did play our joker on the music round and got 9 out of 10 :o) Fell down on how many strings a standard acoustic guitar has. I was sure it was 6, but the lads said they were sure it was 7, so we went with them because there's two of em and only one of me and the answer was....yep you've guessed it...6!! Bloomin eck!

Jaye said...

Let go your conscious self and act on instinct - and tell the boys to be quiet next time. :D