Saturday, 21 March 2009

Motown legend on the Jonathan Ross show

Hasn’t anyone told Lionel Richie he’s supposed to age? He doesn’t look any different now from twenty-five years ago - what’s your secret, Lionel, come on, give it up. Legendary Lionel is probably responsible for more wedding first dances than anyone else, although we also hear a tiny scrap of the funky Machine Gun, with the Commodores, who he tells us will get to do a final tour with him! Sounds good to me, as does the clip of his new album ‘Just Go’, which sees him collaborate with the likes of Akon. He mentioned also that Marvin Gaye used to make up his songs as he went along! Incredible. Oh, and he wiped out Michael Jackson in a pillow fight, lol!


foxy said...

Blimey - you've got to have some guts to just make up the song as you go along! Must have been a very good wordsmith as I don't recall a Marvin Gaye song with the line 'something, something, dum de dum' lol :o)

Speaking of Michael Jackson we've managed to pick up some tickets to one of his shows at the O2! WooHoo! Mum said it took her pretty much all morning, but eventually the site let her in and she bagged a couple :o) It's lucky we're jammy ;o)

Jaye said...

yay, go you! I didn't even attempt it - may investigate the Lionel Richie though, if not this time, certainly when he's with the Commodores. :)