Monday, 2 March 2009


... the worst records in the world ever:

My Stalker Just Cares For Me

Pimp My Bell

Stairway to Attic

Remember I mentioned this last week? If this post ends up with at least 100 comments, either adding your own song title or commenting on someone else’s, I’ll double my donation to Comic Relief. I’ll re-post this link every few days to keep it near the top as we get closer to Comic Relief night - please send it onto anyone you think might contribute. Thank you!


foxy said...

How about:

I Will Always Hate You

I Kissed A Frog

Relight My Boiler

I'm Too Smelly

Actually I like the last one, can hear it my head - 'I'm too smelly for my shirt, too smelly for my shirt, so smelly it hurts...(my eyes that is!)' lol :o)

foxy said...

Is it just me and Scatty out there?

How about:

Walking On Puddles

Small Spender

Mud Is All Around Me

Throg Niemand said...

I Left My Heart in Chequers Carpark
Daggy Boy
We Are The Champignons
Every Thing I do (I Do It For You)
Worms (are all I have ...)
Always a Wombat
Septicemia (It's just one of those things you put down to experience)
Bohemian Raddishes
Ballroom Gitz
Untuned Melody
Scabrous Fair

Marilyn said...

How about my fav Bob Dylan tracks:

Mr. Tangerine Man

On the Toad again

It's alright,Ma (Im only weeing)

If you see her, say Jello!

Sunny day women

Sad - eyed lady of Telly Tubby Land

Jaye said...

Keep 'em coming - loving Relight my Boiler, Bohemmian Raddishes and would love to meet the sad-eyed lady of telly tubby land! lol. :)

dance classics ...

Two Can Play that Recorder
P*ss in the Valley

I think I'm going to have to start emailing people! Or I could just save myself a tenner!

foxy said...

Some dance inspired ones especially for you Scatty! :o)

Let's Down Ten Stellas and Dance

Blame It On The Bogie

Funky Gibbon Slide

Dancing Spleen

foxy said...

Almost forgot - another dance one inspired by the Hollyoaks group on Saturday, how about:

Shoeloose? :o)

foxy said...

How about some Michael Buble based ones :o)


It Had Better Be Next Tuesday

You Look Hideous Tonight - (a particularly romantic version of the original there)

Save The Last Rolo For Me - anyone who loved you would surely?! :o)

Feeling Homicidal

Always On My Darkroom Wall

This thread is going to get to 100 posts! Even if 90 of them are from me...making me look slightly like a crazed stalker, but hey, it's for charity, so that's ok by me lol :o)

Anonymous said...

Helena Says:

Wake me up before I go go!

It must have been lard!

Like a Moomin!

American Pie & Mash!

Twist & Gout!

Ring of Fire...(think about it!)

Jaye said...

You do make me chuckle foxy!

It must have been lard - American Pie and Mash - you're going to fit right in here Helena, I'm a complete foodie - and desperate to get some chocolate inspired ones in!

foxy said...

I've decided to theme my posts and see how many themes I can get through :o) I've done Disco and Buble, how about children's and novelty songs:

Mr Blotto - (which frankly that pink monstrosity with yellow spots could easily have been most of the time!)

Bob the Cowboy, Can We Fix It?...yeah, but we're gonna charge you ten times the normal price. You can't tell I'm bitter about these people or anything can you? ;o)

Is This The Way To Ashford - one for the locals there :o)

Crazy Frog...oh no wait that really did exist didn't it? And it WAS one of the worst songs ever unleashed upon the public, what a coincidence! Lol :o)

foxy said...

A few geographical ones:

From Rotherham With Love

Newport Pagnell - no one bothered to name it twice...wonder why :o)

Kids In Aberdeen

Bognor Dreaming

That's my lot for today I think Scatty - getting worried I might be taking over a bit :o)

Jaye said...

It's lovely having someone so inspired - hopefuly it'll encourage a few more! :)

How about:

I Second That Motion

Can You feel The Force: Grand Jedi Master Flash (actually, I’d probably buy that one)

Fred Goodwin - Money in My Pocket

foxy said...

Morning all :o) Been trying to make some chocolate ones Scatty, but that's quite hard actually. I'm struggling beyond the one I've already suggested :o/ So here's some 80's classics to tide you over:

Holding Back Your Ears

Everybody Wants To Rule The Remote

Don't Lick Me This Way - nice image that lol ;o)

99 Red Party Poppers - though I know you're not a fan of the original anyway Scatty :o)

Cohesive On Your Hands

foxy said...

Elvis Presley songs:

Love Me Tenderloin

In The Gazebo

Greenhouse Rock

Senile Minds

foxy said...

A colleague of mine (big it up for Gemma - Woo!) has given me another Elvis one:

Backbreak Hotel

We like! :o)

Jaye said...

Must bring Trish's ones forward:

Ass in Bucket
Lady Chutney

Love the Elvis ones foxy!

Totally random:

Son of one of the Fathers - Karen Matthews

When Doves Poo

Somebody Else's Pie.

foxy said...

Lady Chutney - lol tell Trish that's a good one :o)

Here's a few Michael Jackson ones:

Smooth Caramel

Mud Song

Naughty - 'I'm naughty, I'm naughty, really really naughty...' Actually that sounds a bit wrong doesn't it?! ;o)

I Just Can't Stop Stalking You

Rock My Hammock

Marilyn said...

Some Tom Petty ones:

Anything thats cheese and roll

Into the great wide oven

Mary Jane's last donut

Running down the cream

Something in the chair

Free ballin'

Here comes my Gorilla

Learning to flee

Jaye said...

More food Marilyn! I could really go for a cream donut now, lol.

Foxy - Matt was asking who was singing on the radio (Michael Jackson)and Dad said: The most famous pop singer in the world. And Matt says: Michael Buble!
I haven't been brainwashing him, I truly haven't :D

More randomness:

Back Together Again - Chris Brown and Rihanna

You’re Lying - Sir Freddy G vs UKFI ft. G.Bro. (That might take some working out!)

Smoke on the Hob

foxy said...

WooHoo Scatty! *high fives to noone* We have another convert in Matt, next up Brad! I know he's a teen, but it could another lifetime lol ;o)

Having major brainfreeze day, so got little to offer other than these classic love songs:

How Do I Lie

Nothing Compares To Me (and we all know some men have actively thought this don't we ladies?!)

Unbreak My Vase

Gargoyles - don't see why angels should be the only beings to get a mention lol :o)

Jaye said...

Still on form foxy! Like I say - individually from now on or we'll never make it!

Rock classic, by the same bloke who did Nothing Compares ...

Everything You Do, You Do It For Me.

Jaye said...

Dancing Tight - Ashley Cole (You may have to think about that one)

Jaye said...

Motown classic, revived in the eighties ...

Wherever I Lay My Hat, That’s My Hat Stand

Jaye said...

Salt 'n' Peppers finest ...

Let’s Talk About Desks.

Jaye said...

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Bruise - it deserves a proper mention!

foxy said...

Like the reference to the bruise Scatty :o) COME ON DONAL!! oh sorry, wrong thread lol ;o)

How about some ABBA ones inspired by me listening to their music in the car today:

Take A Chance On Tea

foxy said...


I Have A Bream

foxy said...


O.N.O (A much better title than S.O.S I'm sure you'll agree)

foxy said...

Or finally...

Thank You For The Museli - another food reference for you Scatty, though not as tasty as some of the ones we've already had :o)

We're nearly a third of the way there - we can do this Scatty I have every faith! :o)

Jaye said...

Brilliant Abba songs, lol. I'm having a topical moment...

Green Onions - Heston Blumenthal

Jaye said...

from the walrus of love ...

You’re the worst, the last, you’re nothing.

Jaye said...

one for the trade unionists ...

Deadlock Over Pay

Jaye said...

Aerosmith rock ballad

I Don’t Wanna Miss the Bus

foxy said...

Can't get You're the worst, the last, you're nothing out of my head now! :o)

A few of my favourite 60's songs:

You've Lost That Loony Feeling

foxy said...

Sorry got distracted by work colleagues - how dare they?! ;o)

Say A Voodoo Chant For You

foxy said...

Heard It On The Tomato Vine

foxy said...

What Becomes Of The Broken Footed

Love the original of this - Jimmy Ruffin classic! Really good for singing too in your loudest voice when you're crying your eyes out lol :o)

foxy said...

Dancing In The Shower

Admit it people, we've all done this at some point....and fallen over because the floor of the shower is wet doh! :o)

foxy said...

A few more 60's greats:

Mr Tuba Man

foxy said...

Eddie Floyd classic...

Knock On Door

foxy said...


Silence Is Awkward - especially on a first date! :o)

Jaye said...

I think I need to send a search party into that basement for you! Do your colleagues know what a talent they have down there? :)

I've got some chocolate inspired ones ...

Careless Wispa

Jaye said...

Lovin' You by Minnie RIPPLEton ...

Jaye said...

Milky Way and Alcohol

Jaye said...

Corinne Baily Rae makes her first appearance ..

Choux Pastry Eclair

Jaye said...

Lionel Ritchie ...

Stuck on Glue

Jaye said...

All Night Pong

Jaye said...

For a jolly good singalong ...

Love Snack

Jaye said...

Midnight at the Oasis Kebab shop

Jaye said...

Nights on Stratford Broadway

Jaye said...

more Corinne ..

Put Your Pants Back On.

Jaye said...

Trouble Stalking ...

Jaye said...

We Have all the Slime In the World

foxy said...

*sigh* Sadly my talents are undiscovered ;o)

You've been busy this evening I see Scatty and pushed us past the halfway mark - WooHoo! That goal of 100 is creeping ever closer :o)

Loving Careless Wispa! One of my fav chocolate bars too! Lol :o)

A few Queen songs:

The Milktary Man - another chocolate reference just for you Scatty :o)

foxy said... proof reading skills strike again that should read

The Milktray Man

foxy said...

I Want To Eat Galaxy

More chocolate, only slightly more contrived this time. Had to squeeze and extra syllable in :o/

foxy said...

It's A Kind Of Mars Bar

That's a bit better than the last one :o)

foxy said...

Flake Will Be Flake

Chocolate overload!

foxy said...

KitKat Queen

Who'd a thought so many chocolate bars would fit into Queen hits?! :o) Hope you enjoyed my efforts Scatty lol ;o)

Jaye said...

Love love love the choccie ones!

Your Resistance is Low - The Borg

Jaye said...

I'm Every Ladyboy

Jaye said...

Have You Met Miss Whiplash?

Jaye said...

You've got that queasy Feeling

Jaye said...

Sven (the two of us need look no more ) - Ulrika Jonsson

Jaye said...

An appearance from Cliff ...

Shove it

Jaye said...

Beyonce ...

If I were a toy

Jaye said...

A challenge for you Foxy - Musicals

from the sound of music -

My Favourite Bling

foxy said...

Ooh good challenge Scatty :o)

How about:

Flake Glorious Flake - (another chocolate one for you)

foxy said...

From Phantom Of The Opera:

Music of the Nightclub

foxy said...

From Mamma Mia:

The Robber Takes It All

foxy said...

From Les Miserables:

Scapegoat Of The House

foxy said...

From My Fair Lady:

Get Me To The Pub On Time

foxy said...

From Chicago:

All That Jam

foxy said...

From Hairspray:

Good Morning Broadmoor

Nearly three quaers there Scatty! :o)

foxy said...

Oh for heavens sake!! Proof reading girl, PROOF READING! It's not that hard - quarter, not quaer!

I give up on myself sometimes, I really do :o)

And now we are three quarters there Scatty :o)

Jaye said...

WOOHOO! You've surpassed yourself! Thank you! :)

No pressure for me then - I'm off to seek out more musicals. Or anything really! Be nice to do it before they close on Friday night!

foxy said...

There's 2 days yet - we can do it easy! :o)

You just happened to pick a topic that suits me perfectly - I LOVE musicals!! Have been fortunate enough to see many in London over the strating to run out of new ones to see! Lol :o)

From Wicked:

Drinking Through Life - (the original is Dancing Through Life for anyone who doesn't know the musical)

foxy said...

From Beauty and The Beast:

Be Our Gardener

foxy said...

From We Will Rock You (which I suppose is technically just more Queen songs):

Who Wants To Diet Forever

foxy said...

From Starlight Express:

Flake Is Great - just can't get that particular chocolate bar out of my mind lol :o)

foxy said...

From Me and My Girl:

Doing The Lambrusco Walk

On another note - my tickets for Ian and Camilla came today Scatty :o) Says table 6 on the back - is that the same as yours?

foxy said...

From West Side Story:

I Feel Peckish

Just about sums me up perfectly that one ;o)

Jaye said...

Yep, table 6 - I got mine too!

James and Nelly ...

Broken bed springs

Jaye said...

Abba ...

Pooper Scooper

Jaye said...

and one to let the Tom and Cam haters know exactly how I feel ...

I'm all out of smug

BBC forum poll - 66%
Digital Spy - Number one overall fave couple
Yahoo poll - 78%

Yay for the rule of the silent majority! I love it when a plan comes together ;)

Jaye said...

Continuing the theme ...
Diana Ross

Smug Hangover

Jaye said...

Wet Wet Wet

Sweet Little Potato (feeling a little peckish myself!)

nearly there!

foxy said...

WooHoo! The silent majority rules! :o)

New theme - Elton John

I'm Still Scoffing (can't seem to get food out of my head tonight lol)

foxy said...

Goodbye Yellow Brick Lego

Blimey, I should be able to do better than that shouldn't I!

foxy said...

Don't Go Breaking My Fridge

More food references!

foxy said...

Crocodile Swamp

I seem to have lost my ability to think Scatty, I do apologise. Will keep trying :o)

foxy said...

Last attempt for Elton...

Diet Seems To Be The Hardest Word

He he, I like that one, about time I thought of a funny one :o)

Marilyn said...

Sheryl Crow songs:

Everyday is a winding ode

Sleeve Mcqueen?

It's so sleazy

Soak up the pun

My favourite milkshake

If it makes you snappy

It don't squirt

All I wanna do is have cream buns.

Counting Crows:

When I dream of marshmellows

Im not peeping :)

Another horsemans booze

All my pens

Mr. Moans

Jaye said...

Hee hee Marilyn - love the Sheryl Crow ones - yet more foodie ones, what are we like!

Calamity Jane - Walnut Whip-crack-away

Jaye said...


Surrey with a flake on top ..

Jaye said...

Saturday Night Fever time ...

You Should Be Snacking

Jaye said...

Chocolate inferno

foxy said...

Ooh chocolate inferno - do ya know, I think I could just eat one of those now! ;o)

A bit of randomness (is that a word?) to finish off this thread Scatty :o)

Crashing Cars

foxy said...

Cyndi Lauper classic:

Girls Just Wanna Have Chocolate - and god ain't that the truth!? ;o)

100 posts! WooHoo Scatty we did it! :o)

Scatty said...

WOOOOOHOOOOO! And it didn't take that long did it? Thanks to Throg, Marilyn and Helena but it was mostly your doing Foxy, you were brilliant!

foxy said...

You're very welcome Scatty :o) And I hope Comic Relief is too! :o)