Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Poorly littlun perks up

Matt appears to have an ingrowing toenail - he was all weepy and pathetic until the nurse said the magic words - “You don’t have to go to school.” Suddenly, it didn’t seem to hurt so much!

He had a mad rush upon his return though - he was supposed to have done a poster about ‘Sand’ for science homework. Cue taking out the stopper from the requisite Isle of Wight souvenir - a little bottle of multi coloured sand. It was pretty effective actually, not bad for a last minute effort. We have a mini beach in the living room now, but hey, as long as he gets a good mark!


foxy said...

Sounds very familiar Scatty! Lol :o)

Pretty sure I remember my brother raiding the Isle of Wight mulit-coloured sand for one reason or another and I think I dropped and smashed the other one we had by accident, so no surviving examples left in our house :o)

Jaye said...

I made him leave his rabbit shaped most recent souvenior!