Saturday, 14 March 2009

A few observations on Red Nose Day

I’m still stuffed from yesterday at work; two Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a Maccy D‘s breakfast, sundry fairy cakes and a slab of chocolate heaven. The things I do for charity. Cake baking seems to be the most popular fundraiser at our place, where a man suddenly appeared in the office naked, except for a red thong and cape, and painted red all over. Who he was I’ve no idea, but he didn’t half have a big bulging bucket by the time he left. Patsy Palmer adopting her Bianca persona during the Apprentice (put up job, d’you reckon?) I’ve already blubbed twice and I’m sooo jealous of Davina McCall, the way David Tennant just grabbed her! I’m surprised the ladies in the audience didn’t all start throwing money at him! Mamma Mia fantastic, the malaria films all set me off again. Smithy for England manager, biggest laughs out loud so far. Take That back again with their Chas’n’Dave number ‘Up All Night’. It’s now 4.30pm Saturday afternoon and I’m still working my way through I-player, laughing at everything, cos it‘s gets you like that: Crying at everything else! What more can I say - it’s at over £57 million and I’ve still got Horne and Corden to watch yet. But I think I should do dinner. Back later with the final of Let's Dance.

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