Sunday, 8 March 2009

Let’s Dance For Comic Relief: Week Three

You’ve got to prove you’ve got what it take. In sweat …and dignity! Anton is joined by SCD 3rd placer, Lisa Snowden and comedian Dara O’Briain. And Claudia’s wearing green. Hmm. Angela Rippon - ha ha - I may not grab the mop in the middle of the supermarket but I know how she feels! Yay - go Angela! Big Spender - brilliant, I bet some SCD contestants would love to have had her presence on stage. And credits the backing dancers, nice one. I think Anton’s in love! Dom Jolly - Oh, yes - it’s Hammer Time! U Can’t Touch This - fun fun fun all the way, those pantaloons could win it on their own! Oi - now Dara’s nicking my lines - that’s Philip’s job. Zoe and Suggs. I love Suggs. I never did know what ‘the Pulp Fiction song’ was called - You Never Can Tell. Zoe really looks like Uma. They were excellent, probably too good! Zoe did most of the work, to be fair. Denise and Martin - they’re wheeling out the SCD connections tonight aren’t they! Bollywood’s Shaka Laka Baby - Denise won the dance off and OMG - how are we supposed to choose from this lot? They’re all so good. Fern Britton is Singing in the Rain, with her fear of water, lol. Hey, how’d she get to snog the copper? Cheeky and flirty and great fun. Was it Philip? It wasn’t, was it? The Bill, Lisa and Patrick and how fab is Lisa? I was told at football this morning to watch out for their Riverdance and I’m not disappointed (I wasn’t told the results) Dara will love this. Brilliant! And that’s just the wig!

Well frankly, I’m glad I was out and didn’t have to choose who to vote for! Who made me laugh out loud? Dom. Smile? Fern and Angela. Bob up and down? Zoe and Suggs. Smile and bob? Denise and Martin. Smile, bob and go WOW? The Bill. I guess there’ll be a recreation of Mamma Mia at a wedding or charity event sometime soon! Who’s through? It’s The Bill! The judges again have a tough choice between Fern and Denise/Martin - it’s the Bollywood pair, Anton not needed again.

Don’t forget to DO SOMETHING FUNNY FOR MONEY. I’m resorting to posting song titles individually, otherwise I’ll end up feeling very mean! Come on, help me out!


foxy said...

I was really surprised at the top 3. Couldn't believe neither Angela Rippon or Dom Joly got in! Did think The Bill were really good though :o) Riverdance is one of those things that looks easy, but is actually flippin difficult lol :o)

Definitely think it's a two horse race between Robert Webb and Paddy and Keith. I mean it will be shown on comic relief night, so a comic act is bound to win :o)

Incidently, the policeman in Fern's routine was her husband, so snogging him was acceptable...though maybe in private would have been better lol :o)

Jaye said...

I wondered - getting my Phil's mixed up - thought he seemed pretty cool afterwards! I think you're right, between Robert/Paddy and Keith - I would say the vote was pretty well spaced out last night, whereas they were clear winners. I don't know why they don't just put the top two through in these things without telling the order, as clearly three acts have no chance of winning!?