Sunday, 15 March 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing on Ice: Semi-Final

Well, thanks to hubby, I missed the beginning: “Yes, you can watch it downstairs” and then just as it comes on he says: “Actually, I want to keep watching Antiques Road Show. Can you go upstairs?” Grrrrr. So I’m guessing T&D’s performance was spectacular, judging by the spectacular finish suspended on the wires. Thanks, hun. Required element: The solo spot - from the tunnel, twenty seconds alone! Karen’s dropped a packet of smarties on her dress; Ruthie’s pinned a shower scrunchie to hers - why would you do that?

Floral out first, he’s James Bond, all moody and dramatic - Live and Let Die has totally wowed me! Excellent solo section (apart from some dodgy armography - not his fault!) Hee hee - C’mon Donal! I want to see him do Bolero. Score: 22.5 - should be more. Boooo Jason Boooo - yah boo sucks to you, miserable sod. Maray Oooh, ooh - latin number coming up, all Paso-fied and flamenco flavoured! Missed the song title - Spiderboss? I’m excited, don’t disappoint me - he didn’t, fantastic - those leaps! Fab-u-lous. I want to see him do Bolero. Score: 28. I love Karen and Nicky; he’s a big kid, she puts him on the naughty step.

Have to just comment on the advert break: OMG - Barry Manilow is covering ‘Never Gonna Give you Up’ - please tell me it isn’t true …

I’ve every sympathy with Coleen, having a prolapsed disc myself. Unless it’s healed. My whole leg went numb when it happened. Did I panic? Yep - cried like a baby for my mum. ‘Still the One’ very sedate, to be expected. Score: 16.5 Jason gets booed for this 3.0, Robin gets away with it. Her old man’s bawling his eyes out - it was their wedding song. Pavica skate to Annie Lennox - Why? And why not, indeed. Lovely, lovely skating as usual, so effortless. Score: 26.5 I want to see her do Bolero too - but I fear, if Coleen is top with the public, it will be Jess V Donal in the skate off. Ray will be safe, Jess will be safe except against Ray, Donal will only be safe against Coleen. Floral most at risk, so I’ll vote for them. And Pavica. And possibly Maray. Sorry, Colart.

Portmanteau - that’s what it’s called - when you combine the two names. Don’t know why it suddenly came to me now. Here we go - safe and skating in the final: Ooh, straight into a break - nasty. Here we go again: Pavica! Yes! Wow - didn’t see that coming! Maray, woohoo! And Floral will go through. Thank God *does a happy little dance around the room*

Ice-factor - I’d forgotten about this, possibly because I was pretty under whelmed by two of the acts. Nick - I could watch him again quite happily - but he is just a more experienced Ray, isn’t he. Hannah and Daniel - the ‘Ahhh’ factor but just a younger version of T&D really. The Elody - singing on ice. Perhaps the director could have shown a bit more, I’m thinking: What’s the point? Oxford Freestylers - that’s the one for me - they’re skating and performing something different. Yep, see - am I psychic? Well, no, obviously, since I didn’t foresee Pavica going straight through, did I!

Floral really turned it on - better than the first time, brilliant. Florentine’s lovely, isn’t she. It’s a formality really, let’s hope Coleen enjoys herself. Her little girl is setting me off. Coleen’s a gritty realist: “I’m so out of the competition - bring on the flowers!” She’s right - it’s 5-0 to Floral. Bring on the Final - and please let all three couples perform Bolero this year, pretty please!


foxy said...

I was totally shocked when Pavica were announced first! We had an 'Oh my god please tell me Maray isn't in the bottom two because that really would be a travesty' moment. Felt sorry for Colart, but the semi-finals pattern remains true and she was the one who should have gone.

Thrilled Floral are through and since Pavica have had 2 skate-offs following a distinct voting pattern I wouldn't be suprised if he ends up runner-up :o) YAY go Floral! :o)

I almost cried when I saw Manilow doing 'Never gonna give you up', then I had a Catherine Tate moment - 'How very dare you!?' :o)

With the ice star thing I quite liked Nick - very easy on the eye and good routine to Justin Timberlake 'Sexyback'...oh dear my heartrate just doubled! ;o)

Jaye said...

He was pretty fit wasn't he - perhaps T&D will get him into their show another way, his skating was exciting to watch.