Thursday, 12 March 2009

3BT: Chocolate, shetland, art

They wouldn't dare ...would they? They’d better not, that’s all I’ll say. They think they’ve seen rebellions in this country before (ok, not many, admittedly) it’ll be nothing compared to the one I would personally start, if they t …t …ta…I can’t even bring myself to say it. I love my chocolate, you know I do - but I know when to stop. I can stop it anytime, just like that. I don’t need chocolate. I mean, yes, it’s yummmmmy and commmmmforting and kind of just mmmmelts in the mmmmouth and …how long till Easter?

People can overdose on roast beef and yorkshire pud too you know, Dr. Walker - gonna call for a tax on that are you, huh? Are you? The problem lies with eating too much of anything, not just the things that are ‘bad’ for you - there are plenty of skinny people who live on things that are bad for you. Even when they’re offered a proper dinner. Oh, hello Brad *waves* - didn’t see you there.

Ahhhh of the day, along with LOL of the day at the people who called the fire brigade, thinking the pony was stuck in the mud! Harriett’s back on Heart FM - Jamie must have missed her - he reckons that happened to her in the snow; she’s a Shetland Presenter!

Matt had an Art Curriculum evening at school; he found all the sculptures, made a carpet sea picture and collectively created a huge multi-coloured dot canvas. I drew Mr. Bean while I was waiting - I think his teachers were well impressed. I mean, it’s the only thing I’ve ever drawn that’s vaguely recognisable! Yes, I know it was done on a grid but the photocopy wasn‘t the greatest quality. Matt gave me 10/10 so I’m happy!


foxy said...

I read that and I had to go and lie down Scatty!! Dusting off my pitchfork as we speak - Grr! You think you can take us on do ya?! Come and get it Walker!! ;o)

Scatty said...

I may have a newsflash - I think the good doctors voted against the bad doctor's idea - by about 3 votes or something! *Phew*

They must have realised how many riot injuries A&E depts. would have to deal with! :D

foxy said...

I reckon he only did it because of that news story that reported that chocolate sales have gone up by nearly 100% since the beginning of the recession!