Friday, 24 October 2008

Sportsnight and Scripting

Athletics: Shaunna Thompson followed up her 100m Gold with victory in the 200m in another championship record performance in the Commonwealth Youth Games.

Squash: Vicky Botwright was runner up in the World Open Squash Championship final in her last match before retirement.

Last night’s course saw us splitting into groups - to plot an episode of acclaimed U.S. sitcom ‘Friends’, no less. We decided on the first scene and the four of us in my group are each going to write a version - it’ll be interesting to see how similar - or not - we are. I did end up using ‘Friends’ (you’d think amongst all the dvd’s we've got as a family there’d be something else, wouldn't you?) as the homework set the previous week - to appraise an episode of a sitcom ie. how many scenes, plot strands, characters etc. It’s a measure of how funny it is, that even after watching it three times, I was still laughing out loud at every line - and it was almost every line. But then, they did have up to sixteen scriptwriters!

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